Best Single Speed Mountain Bikes – Top 4 Quick Reviews

A single speed mountain bike is a typical single speed bike that just rides on a single gear. Unlike the other type of a bike with gears, this bike is designed with only one gear. It is mostly used by mountain bikers for sporting activities and also used by random individual for hiking, expeditions and other fun activities.

Armed with strong and massive suspensions together with large knobby and durable tires, this bike is able to maneuver along steep terrains up to the top without much worry. It has the most powerful brakes of all bikes in the market and this explains why many mountain climbers are still alive to date.

Top Rated single speed mountain bike

There are quite a number of single speed mountain bikes in the market today. Challenge is finding the best bike in this category. A comparison is made in the table below giving you every detail that you need to know so that the next time you go for bike shopping you don’t go gambling and making uniformed decisions. You will know exactly what type of a bike to pick for mountain climbing. Please have this details everywhere in your tablet, on your phone and in your mind too. You will need to make comparisons and pick a bike that satisfies your desires.

We will show you top 4 best single speed mountain bikes in this article. Every bike has its own benefits and down sides. Below is detail about them. You can find useful information before decide making a purchase.

Swobo Mutineer Single Speed Mountain Bike is perfect for people who like to have small bike frames that perfectly fit to their needs. It’s a Taiwan made, elegant bike with a 6061 aluminum frame that has suspension corrected segmented steel fork. Swobo designed this Mutineer Single Speed Mountain Bike with the vision that the bike would not be a “city bike”. This bike is not meant for your streets. It’s built keeping difficult track and bumpy trails in mind. So, if you’re one of people who enjoy outdoor cycling every now and then, this bike is definitely for you.

Swobo Mutineer Single Speed Mountain Bike has a belt compatible dropout and an urban single speed gearing on a freehub. Furthermore, this sophisticated piece of art comes with high performance avid BB7 disc brakes which make the bike all the more safe to use. The wheels that Swobo has used in this bike’s making are 650 b (27.5”) in measurement.

It comes in two beautiful colors; black and pink for you to choose from. The bike has a 5 star rating on different platforms, especially Amazon. Every user that has bought the bike so far has been happy and contented and no complaints have been received so far. The bike manufacturers promise to give you memorable experiences at a very cheap, affordable cost.

More and more people are switching to single speed bikes because these bikes don’t come with gears. Single speed bikes are built with the notion that people should enjoy the ride, instead of wasting time figuring out what gear to choose. If you are also one of those people who have had enough of gears, then there is no better time to join the single speed party than now. And what better bike to choose than the Nashbar Single Speed 29er Mountain Bike!

Nashbar is built using 6061 aluminum frame that is resistant to weather changes, lighter than steel and is strong and robust. The biker can easily ride in rain and wet weather because the TektroNovela mechanical disc brakes used in the bike are super reliable. The firm chromoly fork used in the front end lessens the vibrations and is used to handle spirited riding. The bike comes with really big 29” hoops and a set of WTB Nano Sport tires that not only provide plenty of traction when cornering but are also super smooth on hard pack. This bike is an ideal ride because it’s powerful and strong, easy to maintain, fun to ride and you don’t even have to deal with shifters, derailleurs and gears throughout this.

If you want a simple, single speed mountain bike, then there is nothing better than G29 Mountain bike. People who have already bought it, will vouch for it. The bike uses a frame constructed from 6061 aluminum tubing and comes in orange, black and white color for you to choose from. If this is your first time buying G29, it will take some time for you before you finally adjust to riding a rigid bike, but once it does, you’ll thank the heavens for this. The reason is, the bike has a stout frame and together with the chromoly fork up front, the bike keeps on track and never feels like wimpy or frail.

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The bike comes with Tektro mechanical disk brakes and these happen to be adequate in dry weather conditions. The WTB parts of the bike provide two very important contact points of the bike: the grips and the saddle. You’ll enjoy the couch like feel of the saddle. It balances out the overall rigidness of the bike.The WTB Prowler SL tires used in the bikes are very dandy and provide plenty of traction on all sorts of surfaces. The list doesn’t stop here, the bike also has some impressive speed disc rims. This means no need for truing now despite riding on imperfect landings. Last but not the least, the bike comes with a stout 1/8” KMC chain. This will help you ride with more ease and confidence.

In a nutshell, this bike is great for riding hard, bumpy surfaces and is cheap too. You get tons of benefits at a very affordable price. So, what are you waiting for!

4. Nashbar Bee's Knees Single-Speed 650B/27.5" Mountain Bike

Do you know what is the next big thing? The new 650 B (27.5”) is the next big thing. Do you want to know why? We’ll tell you why!

Nashbar Bee’s Knees Single Speed has all the benefits that you would get of a 29er minus the draw backs. This means this it’s a solution that doesn’t come with any side effects. The bigger wheel size of 27.5” means that you can easily roll over things that would normally stop most of the 26” MTBs, but unlike the big 29er, it is smaller and easier to handle. All in all, it’s a package that comes with all the powerful specs at a price everyone can afford.Nashbar Bee’s Knees is an elegant, simple, fully rigid single speed bike with Alex XD-Lite rims, FSA Hammer headset and KendaNevega 27.5 tires that are ready to handle whatever trip you throw their way.

The 650b chromoly fork that is used in the bike is lightweight and very strong. The chromoly frame is ultra-durable, stiff, robust and lightweight. The Avid BB5 mechanical disk brakes provide plenty of stopping power.

Before choosing a single speed mountain bike, one should know what exactly you are looking for in the bike! Do you like a bike that can be used for your daily use or are you the adventurous type who wants a mountain bike? Do you like single speed bikes or are you a gear changing fanatic? One must jot down all the specs you are looking for in their bike and then set out for the perfect bike hunt!

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Why use a single speed mountain bike

There are a million reasons why you should consider owning single speed mountain bikes not just for mountain climbing but also as a road bike. This bike comes with the most desirable features that will amaze you on your trip uphill. Some of these advantages include:


This bike is fitted with broad and ribbed tires. Without any doubt, your speed is expected to be at its optimum. Theshock absorbers and the suspension fitted in this bike are amazingly perfect. You will have the best time going uphill and just what about when dropping? I don’t want imagine. I should be on that bike right now.


From the chaining to the sprocket directly runs a strong, durablechain. Compared to the geared bikes where the chain meanders through two jockey pulleys, this bike is able to utilize the input power from the rider 100 %.You can easily feel the difference when you test the efficiency of the two types of bikes. The brakes of this bike are at the best condition. You can never be at any risk of brake failure with any single speed mountain bike. You have my word on that.


This single speed mountain bike is the cheapest bike to buy and maintain. With no derailleurs to adjust or repair, no heavy cranks to lubricate, no cables to change every other time, this bike becomes the best gift for you who want to buy a cheap ride that doesn’t require much of your time.


This is the best bike for cutting calories. By utilizing mountain bicycle preparing for wellness you are making utilization of the biggest muscles in your body, thus it is decent for individuals who would want to shed off some unnecessary weight. Mountain biking is especially useful for this, superior to the other kind of biking, as you ordinarily ride slower, and practicing at low force is better for individuals who need to get more fit without picking up a considerable measure of muscle.

The list is endless. This single speed mountain bike gives you an experience like no other. Riding becomes the best hobby with this kind of bike. A bike that gives you the best services and cheap at the same time is a priceless commodity.

How to Choosing the Best Single Speed Mountain Bikes

Choosing the best single speed mountain bikes could be such a big problem owing to the fact that there are a number of single speed mountain bikes in the market. The best one is a bike that sufficiently satisfies your needs as a rider. There are however standard things that a mountain bike must look like or have to serve the purpose effectively.


Your body size in terms of your height and weight are the determining factors of the kind of riding experience that you will have uphill. They go hand in hand up to determining the size of bike that you will buy. You will need to buy a bike that fits you height well and also supports your weight as well. If you are a tall rider then please don’t go for a bike with an extremely shot bike frame. You will struggle to pedal as youride. For the vertically challenged riders, a bike with a long bike frame is the worst idea that will ever cross your mind. You will hurt every now and then in the process of trying to keep up with the riding challenge.

Design and the features

Among other things to put into consideration when looking for a single speed mountain bike is the design and the features that different bikes will have. The bottom line is having the bike that serves the purpose without fail. By this I mean a bike that comes with super powerful brakes, a bike with a more upright posture; this will help increase your stamina, a bike that has strong shock absorbers and suspensions. Moreover you would need a strong bike, preferably made of strong materials like steel, this will serve you best. A well gripped handle bars will be your best friend. You will have an unimaginable momentum when cycling downhill and for this you will need to have full control of you front wheel.

The bike that you are going to pick at the store should have the best saddle for you. This demands that you must know your size as I mentioned earlier. Preferably I would advise that you pick a bike with a carbon made material and not a spongy saddle that most people would pick. This normally ends up being the worst nightmare of your life.

A good saddle needs to be flat at its surface all the time and not forming shapes assuming the pressure points exerted by your body. In addition you got to take a bike that offers the ultimate simplicity. A mountain bike doesn’t need to be bulky. Simplicity is a key attribute that you should look for as well.