10 Best Road Bikes under 1000 dollars

Finding the best road bikes under $1000 is not really an easy task. There are certain aspect to consider: the quality, design, material, and also the price.

As it name suggests, these road bicycles are designed for a specific terrain - the road. They are the king and queen on smooth pavement, provide riders with the fastest, most comfortable, and reliable experience.

Our favorites feature in a road bikes is that it’s usually lighter than other types of bicycles. With the modest, skinny frame, tires, and drop handlebars, they always rules the road racing!

Road bike comes in many range of products, and we all want to get a high-quality. But we know that those high-end products have a sky-high price!

There should be a way to find the best road bikes under $1000 only, right?
Tommaso Imola Endurance Aluminum road bike

Highlighted features:

  • All gears are 100% the new 2018 Shimano Claris
  • Lightweight wheels and high-quality aluminum frame for the best riding experience
  • Compact frame geometry provides a more relaxed riding position
  • Comfortable  shallow handlebar drop
  • Wide 25mm, 700c road bike tires
  • Lifetime frame warranty and great customer service team

The first road bike under one thousand bucks that we want to show you is a classic Tommaso Imola. What’s special about this black and white guy is its  100% Shimano Claris gears and components.

The bike frame material is well-chosen - some sort of super lightweight aluminum. Along with its lightweight wheels, this Tommaso Endurance has surprisingly amazing speed and value!

So, who should get this bike?

Most people say that this Imola model is an entry-level road bike made for newcomers. But we think that this guy also suits riders who have their bike untouched for a long time.

For riders who already have some riding experience, a beginner-level bike might not be good enough for you. But you know what? Though this Tommaso’s price is really affordable, its performance is superior in this range!

Their groupset is all from Shimano, a famous bike’s components manufacturer. It’s a well-made bike - you can tell that when looking at the Imola’s specifications!

However, apart from the components that are made by Shimano, the rest are rather poor-made. We recommend you find some alternatives piece at the bike’s shop to replace if the parts were too weak to hold on.

Back to our main point, well, this Aluminum piece comes in compact frame geometry and shallow handlebar drop, which will offer riders a more relaxed riding position.

As long as we know, Tommaso has one of the best customer service teams out there! They also provide customers with a lifetime frame warranty if there are manufacturing mistakes.

But even if we don’t have that we still think that this bike is pretty sturdy and strong. It is reliable and built to last for thousands of miles route.

Pricing:  Tommaso Imola Endurance costs around 700 to 800 dollars, not too much for anyone who’s ready to involve seriously into riding!

  • Features Shimano Claris components
  • Pre-assembly
  • Great fit
  • Well-made entry-level road bike
  • Lightweight
  • Basic black & white color theme
  • Uncomfortable saddle
  •  Unresponsive sometimes

#2: SAVADECK Warwinds 3.0 Carbon - Best High-quality and Lightweight Road Bike under 1000

SAVADECK Warwinds 3.0 Road Bike

Highlighted features:

  • Lightweight yet sturdy bike with Toray carbon-fiber frame, fork, and seat post
  • Shimano Sora 2x9 speed control with shifter lever, front, and rear derailleur for smooth and reliable shifting
  • Features 6061 alloys, 40mm wheelset
  • MICHELIN Pro 700Cx25C road tire for even faster race
  • Is the black and white Tommaso bike too simple for you?

There’s a fancier choice right here: the SAVADECK Warwinds 3.0 carbon road bike. With this electric blue Warwinds, you will be able to find your bike on the lot from a distance!

The SAVADECK Warwinds use Toray T800 carbon-fiber to make the bike frame, fork, and seat post. This material ensures that your bike will be solid and stiff enough while still can reduce unnecessary weight.

The frame tube is designed in the Wind Tunnel, which is aerodynamically contoured with internal cable routing for enhanced airflow over the bike. The head of the tube is tapered to reinforce the torsion rigidity, thus better handling for riders.

The speed control system must be the most impressive feature in Warwinds bikes. It is the Shimano Sora 2x9 speeds control, coming with a shifter lever and dual derailleur to give you the best operation on your own bike.

The 6061 alloys 40mm wheelset and 700x25C tire duo run pretty smooth with the durable continental ultra sport II wire. We find that this 700x25C MICHELIN Pro road tire is super tough, hard-wearing, and has low rolling resistance, which is super suitable for a long ride!

Pricing: SAVADECK Warwinds series are pretty expensive for beginner riders. Their price is approximately one thousand bucks. But trust me, it definitely worth the money! If you have a comfortable budget, don’t hesitate to go for it!

  • Lightweight
  • Great for long rides
  • Value for the price
  • Smooth shifters
  • Reliable brakes
  • Fancy design
  •  Expensive

#3: Schwinn Phocus 1600 Road Bicycle - Best For Tall Riders

Schwinn Phocus 1600 Road Bicycle

Highlighted features:

  • Features aluminum road frame and carbon-fiber road fork for extra flexibility
  • 16-speed derailleur from Shimano Claris with micro shift integrated shift/brake lever
  • Alloy double-wall rims with strong and lightweight spokes
  • Alloy dual-pivot caliper road brakes from Promax for an improved braking ability

This Schwinn road bike series has two models: the Phocus 1400 and the Phocus 1600. They are pretty much the same but the drivetrain. Here, the 1400 model features the 14-speed while model 1600 has 16-speed, which means a 2-speed crank side 8-speed cassette.

Since its price is not too expensive, only about haft a thousand, we can easily know that its frame is made of an affordable yet good-quality: aluminum. The road fork is made of carbon fiber, though, for added flexibility and life-time!

The Schwinn Phocus series features 14 or 16-speed derailleur from Shimano Claris and integrated shift and brake lever. The Shimano’s accessories are super reliable, turn super smooth, so you have to worry about nothing around the derailleur.

So, do you notice any different features in this bike compared to other road bikes?

Hint: Look at the wheel.

If you are thinking about the spokes, then you are right!

Both the special design in Phocus’s high-quality double-wall rims and paired spokes have given this bike a lightweight yet strong performance!

The brakes system works pretty well, too. The dual-pivot caliper road brakes are from Promax, which are dependable and solid enough, and also give off a great stopping power. The cranks are also made of alloy, and it provides a vast gear range.

Another notable thing is the Phocus’s high saddle. Unfortunately, this bike only comes in one size, so it’s not for everyone, especially short people. Riders whose height is more than 5’10” will find it comfortable riding this bike, but not the 5’6’’ or 5’8’’!

Pricing: As we said, this is a reasonable choice for any rider, as long as you have appropriate height, this haft-a-thousand will be a good purchase.

  • Good-quality
  • Light frame
  • Comfortable riding experience
  • Great for beginner
  •  Affordable price
  • One size only

#4: Eurobike EURXC550 - Best Affordable Road Bike


Highlighted features:

  • 85% assembled out of the box with all tools included in the package
  • Well-designed aluminum rims
  • 21-speed shifting system extra speed control and safety
  • Dual-disc brake enhances stopping power
  • Features Shimano products for long-lasting and trustworthy performance

If you only want a road bike to get started to cycling, you might look for a more affordable choice.

The Eurobike EURXC550 is one good bike that we found with great features offered at a relatively low price. Why so?

First, the bike frame is made of strong, rigid, and durable steel material. This material certainly has saved us a lot on the money! However, they are pretty heavy, and the bike won’t be received fully-assemble, so you should take a close look at the instruction.

The rims, though, are aluminum. Those rims have a thin, fashionable, and somewhat durable designs anyway.

Keep in mind!

There is an important thing that you should take into account when you choose a bike, especially this Eurobike, is your height!

This EURXC550 model has a 54cm-frame version, which should be compatible with riders in 5’8” and 6’1” range. Eurobike also offers a smaller 49cm-frame version for shorter people about five feet!

One more surprise:

Though this XC550 might seem low-price, it still uses a 21-speed shifting system from Shimano to take out the most power from the bike design! The Shimano TX-30 shifters and derailleur are extremely worth expecting.

Some people also find it difficult to ride in their most comfortable position. For you guys, a road bike that places you in the right position will be the best deal.

This EURXC550 comes with an iron racing top handlebar to help you with that. It works alongside with the ergonomic adjustable seat to ensure you can have the best posture! Also, we kinda love this bike dual-disc brake system - it is much more reliable and stronger than the traditional V-brake systems.

 Pricing: This is such a good-quality guy coming at a cheap price for any tight-budget buyer! Its price is only around three hundred dollars, even cheaper if you are looking for a second-hand, but we might not recommend that.
  • Super low price!
  • Reliable brakes
  • Big alloy rims
  • Lots of grips
  •  Strong steel frame
  • Heavy bike
  • Hard to read assemble instructions
  •  Not for people taller than 6 feet

#5: Outroad Commuter Road Bike - Best for Beginners

Outroad Commuter Road Bike

Highlighted features:

  • Features a 14-speed drivetrain for quick gear switching with your fingertips
  • Shimano TZ 50 three-spoke fashion rims offer light and easy driving
  • Shimano aluminum rear derailleur and front derailleur
  • Durable Roller Sport 700X28c tires

Most novice riders do not want to spend too much money on a new purchase since they do not know if they’d want to ride for long.

For that reason, they often look for a cheaper option. Some bike like the Eurobike above, or something as cheap but easier to use and assemble, like this Outroad Commuter!

This might not be the main point, but we really like the solid color in this Outroad: three main shade, black, white, and red. It does look fierce! They also work perfectly for daily commuting or light trail riding, indeed helpful for entry-level riders.

Out of the box, the Outroad Commuter is easier to assemble and adjust than the Eurobike above. Its weight support is quite the same, but this bike is built for taller people since its seat is some inches higher. What we are trying to say here is even a person with a height of 6ft3’’ or 6ft4’’ can ride this bike!

But we must say that the seat is somewhat stiff and uncomfortable. But when you’ve been riding for a while, it will be fine since you get used to it.

Though we got a really surprising price here, the Outroad Commuter still features high-quality components on their products: the Shimano FD-328F rear derailleur and TZ-50 front derailleur! The 26cm 3-spoke rims distinguish it from other road bikes.

Moreover, this bike features a 14-speed drivetrain that allows you to select the gears super quickly with your fingertips for the fastest ride on the road!

 Pricing: Just like the Eurobike, this guy is only around three hundred dollars, super cheap, super reliable, helps you save your budget for bigger plans!
  • Super cheap
  • Great for starters
  • Sharp-looking bike
  • Shift smoothly
  • Easy to assemble
  • Somewhat stiff and uncomfortable seat

#6: Diamondback Century 2 Endurance - Best High-quality and Expensive Road Bike

Diamondback Century 2 Endurance

Highlighted features:

  • Lightweight yet durable butted and formed tubing aluminum frame
  • High-quality 2x9 wide-range Shimano Sora drivetrain
  • DBR Podium air-formed disc fork and tapered steerer to reinforce handling performance
  • Tektro Lyra disc brakes system for extra braking power and control

The Century series from Diamondback has a lot of bikes, Century 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, to 6, and even more! We don’t have enough time to go through all of them, and not all of them are under $1000 bucks either.

Some people think that Diamondback bikes are overpriced.

Well, most bikes in the mid or higher range are, but it depends on the retailers! And despite the fact that you can be overcharged, you still should not take a too-good-to-be-real purchase! Better be careful when choosing a brand bike when there are so many fake products out there.

The Century Sport and Century 1 might cost under 1000 if you find the right trader. Century 2 is not really under $1000, though. But we still want to talk about it and its superior quality and performance!

We can probably say that the road is this Century 2’s home. It is designed and built for all-day rides in almost every environment. Super robust, super stable, and super speedy!

Once you get your hands on the bike, you will realize that it is unbelievably light! Nevertheless, this lightweight aluminum frame is definitely crafted for life-time using.

And if you’re wondering what the DBR Podium disc fork can do, then it absorbs almost all the vibrations generated, leave you with a smooth and comfortable ride.

To sum up, Century 2  is slightly more advanced than other Diamondback models. You can also consider it an upper entry-level road bike.

 Pricing: Though it’d be hard to find a Diamondback Century under $1000, you can still find it if you spend time looking for a discount or second-hand purchase.
  • Suit all rider levels
  • High-quality bike
  • Lightweight
  • Smooth and comfortable performance
  • Really fast
  •  Durable
  • Well, it is indeed expensive for those who looking for an affordable road bike

#7: Raleigh AMELIA 1 Adventure Road Bike - Best Bike for All-Weather Riding

Raleigh AMELIA 1 Adventure Road Bike

Highlighted features:

  • Lightweight and strong bike, thanks to the 6061 aluminum gravel frame and fork
  • Offers riders with 16 gears from the Shimano Claris 8-speed shifters
  • Great braking power in all environment by Tektro Lyra mechanical disc brakes
  • Clement X’Plor USH 700x35c tires
  • Extra rack and fender mounts for rainy days riding

So, we’ve been through some high-seat bike for 6ft or 6ft1’’ guys. But what about adventure road bikes for women?

This all-road adventure Raleigh Amelia 1 is specifically made for women or men with a medium height. The size range is designed to suit women: four options from XXS, XS, SM, to MD. It also means that bigger and taller guys will not suit this bike so well!

Amelia 1 is female-friendly built with a narrower handlebar, women-size bike seat, and size-specific bike frame. The frame geometry is a bit smaller than regular road bikes, which seems to fit female’s proportions perfectly and comfortably.

Besides, this bike frame uses 6061 aluminum alloy gravel to reduce most of its weight while still maintains the durability for us.

From what we see, this versatile bike for all-road, all-weather riding does allow you to go wherever you want, even where most road bikes can’t. It also offers great flexibility and comfort in any paved road rides.

Well, how can it?

First, its Clement tires are wider, in order to provide more confidence in loose conditions over rough and rugged roads.

Second, this guy can handle well in wet weather thanks to its bonus rack and fender mounts. They allow us to even carry more gear and ride in heavy rainy conditions. The mechanical disc brakes also work well in the rain with great stopping power.

Once received, this Raleigh 1 is about 95% assembled, required only a little simple adjustment to be ready for the road.

 Pricing: With the price in the range $600 to $800, we think that Raleigh Amelia 1 is suitable for any female riders who either a novice or a riding enthusiast.
  • Lightweight
  • Almost fully-assembled out of the box
  • Reliable stopping power
  •  Features rack and fender mounts for rainy ride
  • Not for bigger and taller guys

#8: Head Accel XR Road Bike - Best Powerful Road Bike under $1000

Head Accel road bike

Highlighted features:

  • Four size aluminum frame to choose from, which are 49, 53, 56 and 59 cm, features a carbon fork
  • Double-wall aluminum sturdy rims with lightweight Kenda K191 700x23C tires
  • Shimano 2400 front and rear derailleurs feature 3x8 SL-2400 STI shifters and a KMC Z72 chain for smooth shifting performance
  • Promax RC462 aluminum brake set and Shimano integrated brake levers for enhanced safety on the road

Head Accel introduced their new products series with 4 models: the NXL, X, NXM, and XR - which is the one we want to talk about here.

In general, these four road bikes are mostly siblings in both designs and performance. However, they still have certain different features.

For example, this XR is the only model that features the carbon fork with an aluminum frame. The wheel and tire are pretty the same, though. They have the double-wall aluminum rims to offer you extra strength and support, while the 700C K191 road tire from Kenda will take you to everywhere you want!

Their drivetrain, include the derailleurs, shifters, and chain, are all from Shimano. This Accel XR uses the 2400 front and rear derailleurs in a 3x8 24-speed gear set, which is absolutely perfect for mountain riding!

Is that convincing enough for you to take this bike on a mountain trip?

If it’s not, then you should also take a look at its weight and reliable brake system!

This Accel XR requires little adjustment on receiving, and with full assembly, it only weighs 24lbs. The Promax RC462 brake set works perfectly with the help of the Shimano integrated brake levers

Although it is not a bike specifically made for sloppy terrains, one-in-a-while mountain trips are sustainable to this Accel XR.

 Pricing: This product can cost you around $500 to $900 depending on size and retailers.
  • Good-quality piece
  • Four frame size option
  • Good customer service
  •  Strong gear set for all terrains
  • Not so helpful manual but it is not difficult to put together so it’s fine

#9: Mongoose Selous Sport Gravel - Best All-road Bike under 1000

Mongoose Selous Sport Gravel road bike

Highlighted features:

 Pricing: We usually find this Mongoose Selous around $800 to $900 bucks on online shops. You can try it at the local bike shop to see if it’s can be any cheaper!
  • Strong gravel grinder double-butted aluminum frame and fork
  • Features 18-speed drivetrain from Shimano including Sora STI shifters for superior gearing performance
  • Disc brakes with 160mm rotors from Promax offer great all-trails stopping power
  • Lightweight tubeless alloy rims with durable 40C tires ensure the best grinding even on gravel roads
  • Strong double-butted drop handlebars for complete control of the bike even of sloppy surface

Mongoose bikes have been around on the market since the 70s. They’d never failed to satisfy all the road lovers with their products.

The Mongoose Selous is one model in Mongoose’s sports gravel road bike category. As the name suggests, this guy comes with added features for more adventurous riding rather than just commuting!

This Selous is a grinder bike designed and built to ride on the most gravel road without losing speed. Its double-butted aluminum frame and fork are sturdy but not too heavy to get around.

As we see, Mongoose uses indeed high-quality material to make the tire: the Nano wire-beaded for superb stability and traction. The tubeless alloy rims are pretty light and strong, too.

Add again, we have the Shimano Sora STI 18-speed shifters to ensure the bike gearing performance on any ride. The Promax road disc brakes, to our surprise, works extraordinarily well even in wet and dirty conditions! Along with the double-butted drop handlebars, you can have complete control of this bike on any kind of weather.

To conclude, this shiny silver-ish versatile bike can be used for many purposes: from morning commutes, fitness riding, or even off-road riding.

  • Ensure high-quality ride
  • Strong aluminum frame
  • Sharp color
  •  Good tires

#10: Cyrusher XC700 - Best Speedy Road Bike under 1000

Cyrusher XC700 road bike

Highlighted features:

  • Specially built and manufactured for road touring and racing
  • Unique and fashionable designs
  • Comes with Shimano 2300 14-speeds drivetrain with shift levers
  • Assured safety with double disc brake
  • 70mm wide wheel for speedy performance

What do you see first in this Cyrusher?

Its unusual wheels, right?

Actually, this wheel design is not uncommon. It is used to help increase the bike speed for road touring or racing. If you often shop online, like us, you will have it 90% complete on arrival with some minor adjustments needed.

Mostly all this Cyrusher XC700 frame is made of aluminum: from the mainframe to the fork, handlebar, and the pedals.  The manufacturer seems to try its best to reduce the bike’s weight, but it still a bit heavy than regular commuting road bikes.

The XC700 is designed for racing, from its solid, fierce blocks of colors to the drop-down handlebars. They all help promote riders to the racing position in the most natural and comfortable way when accelerating.

From our point of view, the savage classic red color is the best suit for this racing road bike. There are two more options: mystic black and passion green for you to choose from.

One last important thing:

If you don’t know how much this road bike weight, here’s the answer: 35 pounds not include box.

 Pricing: The Cyrusher XC700 costs the same amount of money as the Mongoose above. For a good-quality speedy bike, we consider this a reasonable price.
  • High-speed bike
  • Unique look and design
  •  Separately sold components
  • A bit heavy

And that’s ten best choices we have if you’re looking for a road bike under $1000!

So, what’s your favorite?

If you couldn’t decide which bike is a good option for you, then you might need a handy buying guide! For an affordable road bike, which features are the most important?

What to Look for When Buying A Road Bike under $1000

Walking into a road bike shop, you will be overwhelmed by the variety of shapes and materials they have if you didn’t do any research!

Road bikes are a branch of bicycles, but they also have a lot of smaller types and concepts underneath them.

For instance, some road bikes are specifically made for racing, while some others are more like daily commuting bikes. To find a suitable road bike, you need to take a look at certain factors:

Frame Geometry

The most significant feature for buyers to tell those road bike models apart are their frame design.

Most road bikes are designed with a sport geometry, which has a more upright riding position and more relaxed steering. If you’re planning on riding in average distance, several times a week but not every day, these are the ones for you.

For a more competitive option with enhanced aerodynamic, road bikes with a performance geometry will be the ideal choice. These bikes are made for racing riders!

You’ll need to be flexible and stretched out to be in a position that is more responsive to steering input. We can distinguish them by their stiff frame, high-quality components, and light wheels. Besides, they’re also more expensive.

If you’re not a racer or athlete, it’s best to choose a bike with sport geometry. Good for both you and your wallet!

Frame Materials

Although there are a lot of material choices out there such as steel, titanium, magnesium, even hardwood - your primary options are aluminum alloy or carbon fiber.

A lot of road bikes are made from aluminum alloy. It’s light, tough, and strong, which can give a solid and smooth ride quick handling in all situations.

Besides, many aluminum-frame bikes feature a bit of composite material on them to reduce vibration and enhanced their performance.

On the other hand, a carbon-fiber frame offers us a smoother, more comfortable riding experience than any other materials!

Quick question:

So why don’t we just take a carbon-fiber frame bike?

Well, because it is expensive!

Almost all the road bikes whose price is over $2000 out there are made of carbon fiber! If your budget is comfortable and you’re also looking for the best performance, this will be ideal for you.

However, the bike’s quality also varies widely depending on the design and how the bike is used, so don’t buy into any myths or assumptions! Try and feel it.


Now we need to talk about some key components that make a bike.

First, we have the drivetrains:

The number and size of a bike’s chainrings is referred to as its crankset. There are three types of crankset: the double, the triple, and the compact type.

For example, a bike with a 3x9 drivetrain has a crank with three chainrings and 9 rear cogs. It is called a triple crankset, a common entry-level one.

2x drivetrain can have either double or compact cranksets, which is paired with a 10-speed to provide a total of 20 gears. A double crankset generally has bigger chainrings and more teeth than a compact for a higher range of gears.

In case you are planning on a steeper ride, we recommend you get a triple or compact crankset instead of a double.

And if you don’t know, most road bikes’ manufacturers use drivetrains from Shimano, simply because their products’ quality is super great!


The wheels are what make the difference when it comes to enhancing the quality of your ride. They have a major impact on the bike’s weight, its rotational weight, and the aerodynamics and handling of the bike!

But also, high-quality wheels really drives the bike’s price up! Most non-custom built bikes are sold with wheels made by the same manufacturer, which is apparently rarely as good as the wheels from specialized companies.

The tip here is if you want to both upgrade your bike and not use too much money, you can upgrade only the wheelset. It’s a common and easy way to improve your bike’s performance and responsiveness with a smaller budget.

Bike Fit

You can never know whether a bike truly fits you or not unless you take a test ride on it. Spend time testing out a few different bikes, each for at least 30 minutes on your regular log to evaluate the comfort and efficiency.

You can also try tougher routes like a long trip or steep hills, uneven path while looking at your criteria.

Road Bikes under 1000 dollars FAQs

How much does a good road bike cost?

A good, high-quality road bike will cost you around $4000 and $5000 range or higher. You can also call them the high-end bikes, which got the love of most professional riders.

But to a riding newcomer, this is not a reasonable amount. Somewhere around $1000 and $2000 is much more affordable. With this budget, you can look for a good brand new bike, or more preferred, a pre-owned in good condition!

Which bike brand is best?

Well, there are a lot of great bike manufacturers out there. They’re all famous in their field with different product series. Names like Yeti Cycles, Cannondale, Specialized, Diamondback, GT Bikes, Giant, etc. are really familiar if you’ve been riding for a while.

All the bikes from these manufacturers are trusted and verified as a worthy purchase by millions of users around the world. So the question here is not to find the best brand, but find an authentic and suitable bike for yourself.

What makes a road bike fast?

Here are the four most important factor to decide whether your bike can ride fast or not: its tire, aerodynamics, gears, and weight.

The most optimum bike you can get is the one with aero framed race bike, with narrow tires, lubed and clean chain, and made out of carbon fiber to reduce weight!

Read more: Best road bike tires

How do I know if a bike fits me?

Take a ride!

You might want to reach your leg to the lowest point parallel on the ground while sitting on the bike. Make sure that your leg is almost straightened and comfortable.

The easiest way is to go out and ride. If it feels good, take it. If not, adjust it, or just simply look for another bike!


Before purchasing a road bike as your riding fellow, we highly recommend you to read the buying guide carefully.

It’s best if you can choose one road bike from our best road bikes under $1000 recommendation. But there are only ten bikes and there thousand more out there, so don’t be frustrated if it takes time!

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