Top 5 Best Cheap Single Speed Bikes

Are you looking for an amazing and the best cheap single speed bikes? Well, in that case, we have exactly what you need. For people who don’t know what a fixie is. well, fixie is short for fixed gear. This means that the rear wheel is fixed. If you paddle forward, the bike moves forward like it’s supposed to. And if you paddle backwards, the rear wheel also moves backward. And now, we show you:

Top 5 Best Cheap Single Speed Bikes

1. Framed Lifted Bike Fixie Style Single Speed Blue/White/Yellow 52cm

Framed came up with a very elegant bike that is available in blue, white and yellow colors, has tons of features and all this at a very reasonable cost. The bike has a TIG welded, hi ten frame that makes the bike very strong and durable. Alloy u brakes are used for front and rear brakes. The bike comes with 700Cx28C puncture free tires and uses a steel black chain ring and alloy blank cranks.

The technical details can take up more than a page if we start listing them down one by one, so we’ll leave it up to you to take a look at them. However, one thing to keep in mind is that the bike can be a little difficult to assemble. When you buy the bike, make sure you ask a qualified bike technician to assemble it for you.

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2. Nashbar Argyle Single-Speed Bike


Nashbar never stops to disappoint us when it comes to making one of the finest bikes in the market. This time, Nashbar is out with its Argyle Single Speed Bike which is one of its kind. The Hounder Argyle that has been used in the single speed bike makes the already no – frills, no – fuss bike a class apart. Nashbar Argyle Single Speed bike is perfect for commuters, riders, students and anyone who wants to know how it actually feels to ride a bike.

The 16T freewheel and a coaster brake used in the bike help in easy braking and an overall clean, simple look. The bike has a steel frame that will protect the bike from all the vicious evils lurking in the atmosphere. The riser handle bars used in the bike provide the riders with a comfortable, easy upright riding position which is perfect for riding in crowded areas.

The combination of 16T freewheel mentioned above with the 42T chain ring makes for easy pedaling and speeding. Last but not the least, the Alex Rims wheels provide a reliable, robust ride on rough terrains and urban roads. All in all, this bike comes with countless features and is a must have.

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3. Blue 700c Thruster Fixie Men’s Bike


Next bike on our list is Blue 700c Thruster Fixie Men’s Bike. As the name suggests, the bike is strong and robust and can withstand all seasons and rough terrains. The bike is perfect to ride with its sturdy, traditional steel frame, time honored handlebars with hooded brake levers that activate the front and rear alloy side pull brakes.

Aluminum rims keep the wheels straight and steady and gives the rider an overall smooth and comfort experience.The forged cranks of the bike are used to transfer the power to the rear wheel. The rear wheel has a flip flop hub which allows the rider to either ride the bike in single speed freewheel drive or in fixed gear mode.

A padded, height adjustable seat gives you the comfort of riding the bike at your own preferred height without having to use any tools. The quick release seat post clamp takes care of this for you. The maximum weight capacity of this bike is 250 lbs. It’s easy to assemble, but still we would advise you to take help from a qualified bike technician so you don’t get into trouble with your brand new 700c Thruster Fixie.

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4. 700c Kent Thruster Men’s Fixie Bike, Yellow/blue


Kent hasintroduced a 700c Kent bike that comes in two colors; yellow and blue. This bike is not only pretty to the eyes, but also gives its riders with a one – of – a – kind ride. In this bike, Kent has combined stunning looks with practical, operational design. The bike comes with a steel frame and fork that has a steel rise stem and 700c alloy rims. The overall combination gives the rider a bike that is not only durable, robust and lightweight, but is also sleek looking.

700c Kent Thruster is built for people that enjoy riding and are looking for bikes that are pretty simple and easy to maintain. The bike is easy to assemble and keep. The bicycle also has front and rear alloy brakes that let the rider have more control over the bike. It makes the overall ride very smooth and stable.

The features don’t end here. Like their other bikes, this bike also comes with a full protection chain guard that helps in keeping the bike chain on track and far from your legs for a secure ride. This bike is great if you’re a city dweller who wants to explore their city riding their bike.

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5. NEW 54cm Black Fixed Gear Bike Single Speed Riser Bar Fixie Road Bike Track Bicycle


Last but definitely not the least on our list is the new 54cm Black Fixed gear bike by ZeroGrav. To put it in a nutshell, if you’re looking for a great solid fixed gear road bike, then this bike is exactly what you need. This bike has received countless positive feedbacks since it’s been introduced in the market. For some of you, the bike might seem very similar to the Vilano bikes, but it’s not. It’s been made by ZeroGrav. So, make sure you know exactly what the brand is when you go out to buy it.

The technical details of the bike include an adjustable handlebar and seat post that adds to the comfort of the rider. The recommended height of the rider should be between 5’4” to 6’0”. The bike is very easy to assemble so you won’t have to worry about.

Even if you can’t figure it out yourself, you can always take help of a qualified bike technician. The bike only comes in one color; black. The steel frame and fork used in it makes up for its robustness and durable nature.

Alloy riser bars and handle stem have been used in the bike. 16T freewheel and 98 links chain makes the bike all the more desirable. Adjustable front and rear alloy caliper brakes with alloy, racing bike levers add more control and stability and makes it very easy for the biker to ride the bike

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