Best Commuter Bikes 2017 Reviews

It is very long ago to use commuter bike as a mountain bike which had a mixture of parts coming with one rear wheel. That was just roughly true.

Nowadays commuter bikes are perhaps the most various and fastest developing segments in U.S. More and more riders jump on bikes when they care more about health as well as an economical way to improve health. However, there are countless bikes available on the market which may make it so hard for you to choose. We then would like to introduce some best commuter bikes for both men and women that can make you decide better.

10 Best Commuter Bikes

1. Schwinn Discover White 22’’ 700C Women's Hybrid Bike

Schwinn remains its reputation as the best bike on the market. Ranging from the bike for kids to bikes for professional riders, Schwinn always reaches the best.

This model which has a great style, lightweight performance along with much comfort can offer you fun rides when commuting in your neighborhood. Regardless of you are going to work or ride to have some fun on the hill or on the light bike trails, the Schwinn is really an amazing companion.

With much efficiency of one road bike, stability, and accuracy of a normal mountain bike as well as comfort from a typical hybrid bike, this bike is definitely a must-have for the casual riders to ride in their neighborhood, or sometimes to join the race to win medals.


  • The suntour suspension fork can offer great control and stability.
  • Tough and strong frame is able to endure many levels of weight
  • 700c tires make it easier to roll with high speed and smooth on the paved roads.
  • 21-speed drivetrain is another bonus point of this bike, especially with this cheap price. Smooth and easy for you to shift gears.
  • Designed with superior components make this bike durable
  • Easy and simple to assemble.
  • The light champagne color is favorable.
  • A very reasonable price with just less than $300.


  • No attachment holes to hold a water bottle and the rear racks. This makes the bike quite limiting.

2. Critical Cycles Shimano Dutch Style 7-Speed Step-Thru Hybrid Urban Commuter Bike

Providing a vintage sensation coupled with its lightweight performance, the comfort when riding and good construction, Dutch Style 7-speed bike is really a bike you should get – professional in maintaining fitness, leisure riding, or just commuting in your neighborhood.

Whether you need to run errands or bring groceries to your house or commute to work with a suit on, this curved, step-through and open frame can help you with that. This classic bike is suitable for most women who love to ride with even casual clothes such as skirts, rather than any kind of special clothes.

With this bike, you will have no excuse to stick to your car or sofa or just sit in your cubicle. In case you have yet to start riding any bike, then this is the perfect bike for you to try. Let’s maintain your fitness with our elegantly designed, durable and high-performance bike.


  • Nearly fully assembled. There is just a few parts need installing.
  • Necessary tool accompanied.
  • High-quality ride.
  • Impressive vintage look coming with the style which has received many compliments.
  • The solid, long-lasting functional rack is favorable. Solid allows you to bring heavy loads without any difficult. It also helps you save extra money on buying another rack.
  • Responsive and great and friendly customer service.
  • Cheap.


  • Lack of instructions to assemble the bike.
  • The bike’s brakes need tuning to work more effectively.
  • Long kickstand makes the bike unable to stand on. However, this can be easily fixed just by bending it with your foot.
  • The bell and light seems cheaply made.
  • Some users complained about the noise when changing gear.
  • The bike’s steel frame may rust easily, particularly rear rack and the bell; therefore, you should not ride in the rain or any kind of wet weather to keep the bike away from moisture.
  • Lack of suspension forks makes it hard to overcome bumps on the way or paved roads.

3. Schwinn Network White 3.0 700C Wheel 18' Frame size Men's Hybrid Bike

Schwinn is famous for quality and perfect performance. This bike is ideal for men who love to enjoy great comfort with a perfect upright riding position, stability like a mountain bike and efficiency like a road bike. All of these make it suitable for traveling around your neighborhood, riding for leisure or commuting to work.

Providing wide gearing range as well as a choice to take it on or off the roads, the models is definitely the best bike you have ever bought this season. The bike can offer all features that one casual rider may want in the hybrid bike. The price for this bike is quite affordable but its performance is absolutely stunning which is certainly worth the money you pay.


  • Initially partial assemble. The front wheel does not need any tool to install as it functions as a quick release.
  • Brakes work effectively and allow you to quickly stop the bike whenever you need.
  • Can run fast on the paved roads.
  • Comfortable upright position.
  • Easy to handle due to the lightweight frame.
  • The suspension shock can absorb vibrations and give smooth rides.
  • Designed with extra reflectors which make it clearer to be seen at night.
  • Include a rear pin to attach one more rear rack.


  • The rear derailleur cable tension needs some adjustment. In most cases, you had better take the bike to the shop and ask for adjustments.
  • Tires can lose air pressure sometimes. You may want to replace these tires to have a much smoother ride.
  • The white color seems quite feminine.

4. Diamondback Bikes Edgewood 2016 Complete Hybrid Bike

This bike has always remained its reputation for being the top bike for men. It is a mixture of the contact point presenting great comfort from a standard comfort bike and 700c wheels with less rolling resistance and more efficiency from a road bike. These special features have been compounded by the butted 6061-T6 Aluminum Sport hybrid geometry frame which makes it easier to maneuver. This bike is really an amazing possession for riders who love to ride on streets or commute to work or just ride for fun.

More effective than a normal comfort bike, more flexible than a standard road bike, even more exact than an ordinary mountain bike, this bike, the Diamondback Edgewood, is definitely a great choice for many casual riders.


  • The frame geometry provides ideal upright riding position which is extremely comfortable on long distances.
  • Simple to assemble; you only need to install the handlebars and front wheels.
  • Comfy and nice grips which quite simple to maneuver.
  • Amazing gear ratios, which is why you can easily climb hills, ride on light bike trails or go fast when riding on some paved roads.
  • Although quite strong and big and strong, this bike is very light and can glide seamlessly.
  • Brakes work effectively.
  • 700c wheels make it roll over much faster and more smoothly than expected.
  • Smooth and perfect gears shifting.


  • Do not have a kickstand; you can buy it in any store and install it
  • The bike does not come with assembly tools
  • The low-end tires can lose air pressure sometimes. You may want to replace these tires to have a much smoother ride.
  • The shocks help reduce small bumps when riding on many paved roads; however, they seem quite weak in rough roads. Therefore this bike is not so suitable for riding on off-roads.

5. Diamondback 2016 Vital 2 Women's Complete Hybrid Bicycle

If you somehow hesitate about the comfort from one mountain bike against the efficiency from one road bike then this hybrid bike is your match as it can provide both of your requirements. Costing about $300, this version of bike can provide all features that a high quality can provide, and also give you feelings of comfort and smooth when riding.

This is not just a bike for a man. It is particularly designed to fit women’s bodies while maintaining the comfort criteria. The Vital 2 Hybrid bike lies on the Diamondback’s Devine Designs bike ranges which especially favors women riders. If you want to try the feeling of freedom when riding in the forest or peace when commuting from work when it is dark or you just want to sip the sensation of riding downhill, this amazing bike is what you should look for.


  • Smooth and immaculate gears shifting
  • Brakes work effectively and allow you to quickly stop the bike whenever you need.
  • Nearly fully assembled; there are just a few things that need installing.
  • The seat post and front shock increase the smooth when riding on tough terrain.
  • Comfortable saddle
  • The light blue color is favorable by many users.


  • Lack of specific instruction manual makes it hard for you to set it up.
  • Gears and bikes need adjusting. Some users complained about the noise of clicking when they change gears.
  • Do not have a kickstand.

6. Northwoods Springdale 21-Speed Women's 700c Hybrid Bike

Northwoods Springdale 21 Speed Women’s 700c Hybrid Bike is the new super hybrid bike. The alloy rims allow the bike to look more attractive. Its framework also has upright and comfortable riding position. Be ready to enjoy the riding adventure on both smooth and bumpy roads. The bike’s color is really eye-catching. Further details include the linear brakes, fenders, alloy quick release seat clamp, and one rear rack.

The bike’s frame is very light and easy to set up or handle to somewhere. It's impressive 700C wheels are able to grip road very well and allow you to enjoy an interesting journey. With this bike, you can say good-bye to the old hectic routine. Just have some fun by taking a break from work or chores. The wonderful weather awaits you to enjoy. People on the road will certainly have to turn the attention to your unique bike.


  • Upright and comfortable position
  • Attractive
  • Great rack (on the back) – though without cords
  • An extra basket can be added and the bike still looks great.
  • Provide smooth shifts with the gears. Also, has trusted silent breaks.
  • The bike’s well-refined paint adds more to flexibility
  • Works efficiently with rough and flat roads.
  • Easily set up with simple tools.


  • Generic instructional manual. More personalized manual with more details for each bike will be appreciated.
  • Restricted Inner Tube Replacement
  • The kit does not go with Allen wrenches.
  • Not suitable for those whose height is 5’4” or below, this bike is for average and tall riders.
  • Seems quite heavy

7. Schwinn S4023D – Mint Wayfare Women's Hybrid Bike

Schwinn Wayfare Women's Hybrid Bike has an attractive and cool design for women to ride or to commute. This fast-running bike for women has a very easy system of gears shifting. The thick tires create a very effective road grip to make it much more stable when riding. Springs serving as the shock absorbers used in the seat make it very comfortable to sit on. Schwinn gives you the top bikes that are famous for their resilience and durability.

Wayfare bike has the special color of green which is much liked by many women. Getting a bike like this provides you a durable bike that can last for life as it has a lifetime warranty. This bike is from China.


  • Sturdy clamp installed on the bike’s rear to hold items
  • Simple to assemble
  • Rear and front brakes: Two effective and functional brakes are much better than just one rear brake, particularly when you ride in the unfavorable weather or tricky terrain.
  • 7-speed gear mechanism appears easy to get rid of any challenge in the road journey
  • Standard carriage specifically designed for overweight women.
  • Standard rear and front fenders


  • Only one color
  • A handlebar basket is not quite fit with the bike
  • The bike’s seat causes pain.

8. Schwinn Discover 700C Wheels Men's Black Hybrid Bike

This model is extremely lightweight due to having a unique framework. Aluminum is the material used in building its frame which has made it so much light. This perfect bike is suitable to ride for commuting or to haul stuff around you. Especially you need not exert the force when moving loads.

The bike has 700C wheels along with lots of extraordinary features which can make you surprised. You can have comfortable and interesting riding experience with this bike. The gears can be easily changed with 21-speed SRAM grip shifters which will add more to your comfort. The handlebar is able to be varied according to each demand.

If you want a reasonable priced bike but still look unique then you have looked for the right place. You will certainly decide to buy this bike once you see the price tag. This bike has been ranked as the best men’s hybrid bikes.


  • Lightweight
  • Very comfortable for you to ride.
  • Offer amazing padded seat that helps increase comfort.
  • The 21- speeds make it easier to control the speed when going downhill.
  • Classic look is favorable to many kinds of people and uses.
  • You can add an extra basket or a seat for your baby thanks to the rear carriage carrier.


  • Designed for tall men.
  • Flat tires made from factory.
  • Brakes and gears are not already adjusted.
  • The bike may have certain parts snapping off because of the poor manufacture.

9. Sonoma Chainless Drive Evolution Men's Urban Commuter Bike

Riding around town with a very cool and sporty design from the Sonoma, you will definitely be surprised with the bike’s high-quality performance. This bike also offers an easy and comfortable ride. Whether you use it to commute to work or just to ride for fun then this bike is absolutely a perfect choice. Moreover, this bike can also help you save gas and reduce carbon emissions.

Special features of this bike include the impressive chainless design – hot trend amongst cyclists nowadays. Apart from that, this bike can also provide a unique T-shock fork that can make sure you have a comfortable ride, high density, dual rubber hand grips. They are proved to be internal sturdy and external smooth.

With a flexible, ergonomically designed saddle, it makes the long ride much more comfortable, enjoyable and durable. 700c Commuting tires along with the tubes, a strong and light frame in order to park easier. It also processes the good quality rear and front alloy V-brakes.


  • D-Drive system limits derailleur and chain for any low-maintenance
  • The chainless system appears much smoother, quieter, and more long-lasting than the traditional version.
  • Cushioned satin seat make long ride more comfortable
  • Rear and front alloy V-brakes
  • Affordable
  • Simple to assemble
  • Suitable for those who love cruising about 12 to 15 mph


  • Annoying clicking noise
  • Quite hard to maintain or service.
  • Not really light, see more on the website.
  • The 3 speed isn’t so smooth (1- speed’s like turning 2-3 on the bike’s chain, so like a 7- speed with a skipping gear)

10. Sixthreezero EVRYjourney Women's 26-Inch 7-Speed Step-Through Touring Hybrid Bike

This typical hybrid cruiser EVRYjourney 7-speed bike with 26-inch wheels and matching full fenders from sixthreezero is ideal for cruise, commute riding and leisure. Special by the Shimano 7 Speed Internal Hub, this bike is perfect for street, long distance, trail, and even uphill riding. The outlook of the forward pedaling on EVRYjourney is created in a way that is low-center of gravity. It allows the back to maintain upright with suitable leg extension when riding. When you take a full stop, you can stand over your seat and then easily dismount and mount off and on of the bike.

The color of the frame mixes with its brown grips and seat to make the bike look more classic and cruiser. Rear and front handbrakes allow you to stop easier. You can ride along with the sixthreezero which will bring much joy to your daily life. Let’s ride and enjoy!


  • Versatile and flexible
  • Suitable for long trip
  • Targeted to ladies of various heights
  • Attractive design
  • Neighborhoods, parks, cities and even beaches are amazing places for you to pedal the sixthreezero.
  • The Sweeping handlebars relax your shoulders and back upright when riding


  • Quite hard to assemble
  • Not so affordable but it’s worth your money’s value
  • There is a few part missing

Best commuter bikes under 500$

1. Schwinn Capital Men's 700c Hybrid Bike, Grey and medium-sized

If you want a lightweight bike which will be simple to carry and fast to have speed, this bike is definitely suitable for you. With the 21 Shimano EZ-Fire shifters, one good suspension fork, as well as lots of noticeable features, this bike will perform excellently for the speed-riding and for a long commuting trip.

Rear and front alloy V Brakes make sure braking is safe and swift. The bike also comes with one comfortable seat which can absorb shocks on the road. The front wheel offers an easy-removal system and alloy wheels add more to the unique look of the bike.


  • Amazing bike, and worth the money’s value
  • High-quality handlebar grips
  • Added allen nuts located on the rear tire fork
  • Need 30 minutes for you to set up
  • Light and suitable for weekend trip


  • Uncomfortable seat
  • User manual is not so well detailed of how the gears function on derailer
  • Quite slow

2. Sixthreezero EVRYjourney Step-Through 26-Inch 7-Speed Women's Touring Hybrid Bike

Affordable performance with an attractive design is this sixthreezero method to bikes. Began in 2005 in some sorts of a garage, in CA, creators wanted to establish a company which can make people excited about the two-wheeled movement.

Built with comfort, style, and ease as the top priorities, this sixthreezero bike has been extremely suitable for various types of riders. Cities, neighborhoods, beaches, and parks are some of the amazing spots to pedal this sixthreezero. If you want to know more, just read about other some great features above.

3. Sixthreezero EVRYjourney Sport 26-Inch 7-Speed Men's Hybrid Cruiser Bike, Matte Black

In case you want to have a smooth ride from a hybrid bike, this Sixthreezero Men’s EVRYjourney is definitely ideal. Some awesome features of the bike are the frame’s step-through design that enables you to dismount and mount safely and easily.

Irrespective of the fact that you want to use the bike to cruise or to ride off-road, it can hold up very well, also stay very steady with the 26” wheels. It can also be installed with the matching full fenders in order to have more protection against splashes. All of these features make the bike one of the best hybrid bikes available on the market!


  • Comfortable synthetic leather seat
  • 7 gears and high-quality rear and front brakes increase comfort and safety
  • Specialized flexible grips
  • The design of this bike enable you to travel around easily
  • Suitable for riders whose height is from 5-6 feet, 4 inches tall due to the frame geometry
  • Very light


  • The bike has its weight limit of 300lbs

4. Giordano RS700 Hybrid Bike

This bike is designed to provide high performance with lots of amazing features. This version is the combination of the light aluminum 700c rims and the 21-speed shifter, strong riding position, light and flat handlebar –among many other features.

You can expect this bike to be ideal to maintain your shape or to commute to work. I can also provide a sensation of versatility which is the feature that many would look for in a hybrid bike under $500.


  • Real bargain for its price
  • Simple to set up
  • Simple and smooth to ride on road
  • Good shifting due to Shimano drive train


  • Some flaws in finishing touches and the extras.
  • Using basic saddle which users sometimes have to upgrade
  • Lack of the frame’s rattling or recognizable gear changes
  • Decals are able to be slapped carelessly on the bike’s frame with lots of air bubbles under

5. Schwinn Wayfarer Men's Hybrid Bike

This Schwinn Hybrid Bike has been classified as the top hybrid bike which costs less than 500$. It is also made by a reliable and long-established company in the market. This bike is very light despite looking sturdy. It features by Shimano 7speed rear derailleur with the SRAM twist shift shifters. An amazing retro looking fender which provides comfortable riding in every different kind of weather is another bonus point. Alloy brakes offer precise and complete stops.

This bike can be used occasionally or regularly as long as it is always kept active by strict maintenance. By riding this bike, you can exercise to keep fit in an economical way, instead of spending much money to the gyms.


  • Affordable and good quality.
  • Any accessories are easy to buy.
  • Made by the most reliable manufacturer in the world.
  • Sime to assemble with one cheap toolbox.
  • The instructions manual is very well-detailed


  • Thin tires make it hard to ride on the off-road conditions.

5 Best Commuter Bikes Under $1000

1. Schwinn Discover Hybrid Bike (700C Wheels)

The women’s and men’s versions of the Schwinn Discover Men’s Hybrid Bike (700C Wheels)/Schwinn Discover Women’s Hybrid Bike (700C Wheels) are good hybrid bike options of craftsmanship. It includes a suspension fork of Schwinn, a padded seat, and an aluminum frame.

As a part of the most famous manufacturers of America, you easily can’t have any mistake with your decision of purchasing for a Schwinn. Generally, for those who look for riding on trails and streets, as well as those who look for saving their money, then this will certainly an ideal hybrid bike for them.

2. Diamondback Bikes 2016 Edgewood Complete Hybrid Bike

The Diamondback Bikes 2016 Edgewood Complete Hybrid Bike is much more easeful than the young racing bike. However, it is much more effective than the comfort bike, making it the most wonderful bike with an amazing price! The bike, itself, and its components are all durable and reliable. Moreover, they are also built in order to last for certain long rides in various places.

3. Gama Bikes Women’s Metropole Hybrid

The Gama Bikes Women’s Metropole Hybrid with the alloy frame is certainly perfect for girls, even if she is riding on the trails, beaches or city streets, etc. The chic style and timeless design make this bike a wonderful option. Especially, when you are intending to spend some money, look no further. The Gama Bikes Women’s Metropole Hybrid’s weight can carry up your steps although it is quite light. It is also restricted to rust as well as a full pack with a bell, a basket, the rear rack, and fenders.

This bike also offers a contoured seat and a lightly padded so that the riders may enjoy the athletic cycling position without giving up too much versatility and speed. It also comes with rivets made of stainless steel for classic feel and fork. The 700c wheels help for the smoother ride on various kinds of terrains. To conclude, this wonderful bike is among the most high-quality hybrid bikes under 1000 USD for women.


  • The bike is very easy to lift up thanks to its lightweight.
  • Best for cycling in various terrains.
  • Fast paddling offers athlete riding whilst light paddling offers smooth riding.
  • Faster than basic 700c, wheel.
  • Consists rear rack and fenders.
  • Suspension saddle post and front suspension for smoother ride.
  • 8 speeds and the shifters from Shimano Altus are both fantastic.


  • ​Its paddle stand is quite difficult to adjust
  • Tires are thin than mountain and road bikes.
  • The time warranty is limited.

4. Montague Crosstown Folding Hybrid

The Montague Crosstown Folding Hybrid is an ideal option whenever you consider the benefits and specs, which included in it! Although its frame is a little bit typical to explain for its folding abilities, the bike itself doesn’t seem to be strange-looking or off-kilter due to the capacity to fold. The first step to fold the bike is to take off its front wheel by a rapid release. Secondly, another rapid release on the top of frame’s top tube is utilized in order to fold this bike in half.

Regarding the safety, this bike is considered as a part of top safest folding bikes available. On the other hand, it is also a part of top sturdiest bikes. Its frame is made from the alloy of 7005 aluminum that makes it not only light but also strong. Its brakes are the dual pivots from Tektro. Its handlebars are from the Octagon, which can be easily lowered and raised in seconds and its shifter is the RevoShift from Shimano. The Montague Crosstown Folding Hybrid is such a perfect option for any riders, especially a commuter needing save money and space.


  • Easy and quick saddle stem tube and handlebar tube adjustment that only takes about 1 minute.
  • Great speed for both off and on road.
  • Greatly attractive 700c wheels have the abilities to soak up the bumps.
  • Its tires have such a high-quality profile of configuration that simplifies the wheel removal.
  • Easy to store and carry.
  • Also available in readily assembled shape.
  • Quick and easy to release and fold.


  • This bike mightn’t fit in some cars’ trunks even when it is folded.

5. Tommaso La Forma Hybrid

The Tommaso La Forma Hybrid is an ideal bike for the commuters and those who intend to get fit as well as take enjoyable and pleasant rides on various kinds of terrains. The frame of this bike is made of 6061 aluminum, which offers it a lightweight and sturdiness design. Its alloy rims are from the Migda and the 32-milimeter-wide tires of it will offer you great stability and a smooth and enjoyable ride, regardless of road condition and the weather.

Moreover, the bike’s brake set from Tektro RX1 offers you safe and strong braking power. Besides, the customized triple cranks ensure that the whole power you put into your riding goes straight to the beneath surfaces of your tires. Thanks to its high-quality components and parts that the manufacturer stands behind completely, the Tommaso La Forma Hybrid will absolutely satisfy any riders, even the particular ones.


  • Especially appealing compact design along with the high-quality finish.
  • Very comfortable seat,
  • Above average tires.
  • Smooth gears shifting.
  • A well-constructed bike.
  • Its frame offers the shock absorption.
  • Effective mini V-brakes when being turned up.


  • Quite costly.

How to choose the best commuter bikes?

Generally, the decision relies on your own individual needs. You just need to visualize where and when you will use your new commuter bike most often.

In case you are planning of commuting to work, the, what time will you ride? In case you commute in early evenings or mornings, you may need the best commuter bikes for men, which have light install.

Then, think of the terrains that you will travel. In case you want to handle uneven terrains, which consist of hills, then, a bike with lots of gears is your ideal choice. In case the routes you ride on is quite even, then a bike with fewer gears will suit you.

You can also figure out what features are the most vital and carefully list them before starting to look for your best commuter bikes.

There are 4 main features to consider carefully when purchasing for a good commuter bike. They include the extras, the price, the gearing and the frame. Now, let’s have a detailed look at these main things:

The frame

Known as the soul and heart of any bikes, the frame is considered as an essential feature. You should pick a bike whose strong is strong and made of lightweight material. Most of the frames are usually made of aluminum alloys that perform great in any conditions. You also need to consider the frame size, which depends on your body size.

The online commuter bike reviews may be very helpful in your decision of the frame’s size. Some of the frames even come with the suspension system for a more enjoyable riding.

The gearing

The commuter bikes are now available with anywhere ranging between one and 27 different speeds or gears. As mentioned above, possessing a great deal pf speeds is often better, enabling yourself to look for the true combination relying on conditions. You need to keep in your minds that the more speeds your bike have, the more money you must pay for.

The extras

It’s always much better to purchase for a commuter bike, which includes all of the features that you already want on it.

Will you need the fenders in order to keep yourself dry even in the heavy rains? What will you think of lightening for cycling at night? How about the racks that help you with carrying the stuff? Then, make a detailed list of your desired features, and do not hesitate to stick to them.

The wheels

The wheels of commute bikes usually come with the 700c tires along with various widths. Therefore, you should select the width, which is the most suitable for your own demands.

The price

The price, actually, is the most influenced factors of our purchasing decisions. The most effective method is to consider your own budget as well as the money you may spend before shopping the best commuter bike. This can prevent you from spending too much and unexpected remorse.

Best Commuter Bikes

Which are the advantages of the commuter bikes?

The commuter bike has become popular nowadays; therefore, the manufacturers have tried their best to ensure that their products will satisfy the customer’s needs. These are the advantages of possessing a commuter bike:

  • Enable to go everywhere at any time with your own bike
  • A commuter bike can be flexibly used for both sporting activities and commuting.
  • Offer you a lot of cycling activities to join in, thus, make your experience much more exciting.
  • Much safer and more secure than other kinds of bikes due to the components and advanced features, which manufacturers have specially designed.
  • Appeal to everybody, regardless of gender and ages.
  • Offer more cycling enthusiast than other kinds of biking clubs.
  • Facilitate the social bonding.

Which consideration should commuter bike buyers have?

Commuter bikes are designed for going on various terrains, therefore, the main considerations of buyers should be: where the bike will g, which bikes will be the most suitable one with the terrains. Commuter bikes usually come with such a great deal of features although they may be quite confusing.

Firstly, you need to look at the bike’s comfort because it needs to be comfortable and easeful on the roads and even in the mountains. Your bike should have a good braking system, particularly, whenever you need to raze certain paths on the hill. Your brakes should have the ability to stop instantly.

Commuter bikes come with various designs, thus, you should search for the one that suits your own character. In case you are an adult, a commuter bike with conservative design will suit you, instead of a bike designed for teenagers.


Commuter bikes have become popular nowadays because they are very economical. They permit you to ride everywhere. You no need to own a separate road bike and a mountain bike. With only the commuter bike; you will have all of them in one bike only. The commuter bike for the woman may be somehow a little different from that for man when you compare the components and features of each together. Generally, a commuter bike for man has features, which comply with the man’s natural aggression cycling trends. On the other hands, a bike designed for the woman comes with more gentle excursions to the wild. Now, begin to look at the best commuter bikes reviews listed above and choose the best one for you!


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