Best Cycling Gloves Reviews

If you want to do cycling activities as your daily routine, you can choose for yourself the best cycling gloves which fit you the most. Cycling gloves can not only protect the hands against extreme weather but give you great grip on the bike as well. They are very flexible and thin which allows you to cycle better than any regular gloves would do.

But the question is how to choose the most suitable gloves when there are countless brands available on the market? We, therefore, recommend 5 best cycling gloves reviews for you to look at and decide what you should have.

How to choose the best cycling gloves?

1. Style: Fingerless or Fingered?

You have to decide whether you need a pair of fingered gloves or fingerless ones. When riding in extreme weather such as pretty low temperature, a pair of fingered gloves would be recommended. Vice versa, if it is hot weather then the comfort that fingerless gloves bring to you would be great. And if it is something in between, then everything depends on your preferences.

Usually, mountain bikers love fingered gloves because of the superior grip as well as more protection. The fingerless gloves seem more popular in road riding as they can let you feel the shifters and the brakes more easily but you can use apps on phone or GPS as well.

2. Material

The material must bring you utmost comfort when riding. In most cases, the material used in the gloves is synthetic leather located on the palms for grip, spandex or polyester for more mobility and comfort. It is imperative to know that the material can help reduce sweat during the process. Sometimes a waterproof glove would be highly recommended if you ride in rough terrain.

3. Padding

Padding is recognized as the most important thing in choosing a good pair of gloves. It can function as some kinds of shock absorber that can protect the upper body joints, therefore boost your level of comfort when riding.

When you buy padded gloves, chances are that you must decide between a gel padding and a traditional one. This primarily depends on your personal preference. Many people love traditional padding as they seem to provide the true sense of riding while others favor gel only brings protection. This is extremely helpful in limiting negative issues such as CTS.

To cyclists, biking gloves have always been an important item to protect themselves against extreme conditions as well as to guarantee their safety. This article can help you choose the most suitable cycling gloves!

5 best cycling gloves

1. Zookki Cycling Gloves

Why must cyclists wear gloves? Because the thick pad can help absorb shock and then reduce numbness on your hand, and the Zookie Cycling Gloves can do it all.

Zookki Cycling Gloves uses the best materials along with a reflective strip so that you will have better visibility, and finger loops to take off the gloves much more easily, rubber grips, palm pads and more... They also come with a special fabric on the thumbs’ back side to wipe off the sweats effectively.

In the market, there are lots of popular color choices for you to choose. It also features touch recognition system, therefore you can use the mobile devices (tablets or mobile phones) easily when riding.

In short, the Zooki is always the best pair of gloves which can give you utmost comfort and the great sense of clothes.


  • Comfortable material
  • Reflective strip that can increase visibility
  • Finger loops/ drawstrings helps wearing or taking the gloves off more easily
  • The towel covering the side and back of the thumbs is helpful for absorbing sweats.
  • Affordable.


  • Designed specifically for comfort, not for durability.
  • Rigid rubber grip on palm
  • Minimal padding, the palm surface is not made of leather.

2. Louis Garneau Men's 12c Air Gel Cycling Gloves

This fingerless glove can offer utmost comfort along with high performance you always love to have when riding. It has multi-thickness Biogel padding for the palm which provides great comfort on the hand on your long-distance trip.

The gloves are designed in a way that is perfect for about 32 degrees weather. This waterproof glove can be very helpful when you ride in too hot or too cold weather or when your hands are sweaty.

The gloves are designed with special Ergo Air vent channels which provide high-quality ventilation. This glove can fit perfectly to your hands and your fingers can move around easily when you are on the riding trip.

Made of lycra material, the glove can be very long-lasting. This material can offer great comfort as it is soft and smooth. It also has decent flexion to increase your hands’ level of flexibility.

When these gloves are used properly, you can limit the hand fatigue along with the vibrations. This amazing glove can be easily found in several color options; therefore you can pick up the ones you like.


  • Better flexion leads to less pressure on the ulna
  • Breathable
  • Fits perfectly, snug perfectly, no loose leather
  • When you shift your hand positions, you do not feel the material moving
  • Pittards leather palm offers xlnt grip
  • Wicks or breathes effectively in cool weather


  • Finger ends can be eventually frayed.
  • Not quite useful in the cold season.

3. Giro Bravo Gloves

Many people are in love with these gloves right now. If you are seeking a good pair of gloves then this is not a bad choice. This glove is made with breathable mesh, which is why you do not have to worry about feeling tired when wearing these gloves for a long period of time.

This glove features low profile Velcro closure which can improve the gloves’ performance. Another special feature is the three-panel design which has sonic welded pull tab, therefore can be used easily.

They have lots of colors available, and the gloves are also made with a moisture-wicking fabric that can offer great breathability. You will definitely love it!


  • Breathable and light
  • Very warm and comfortable
  • They have a perfect fit for added comfort
  • Perfectly fit and comfortable.
  • Well-made and well-tailored
  • the padding is adequate to 20-minute commute


  • Ideal for those who love classic from a well-padded pair of gloves.
  • The gloves can use the extra padding.

4. Mountain Made Crestone Cycling Gloves with Touchscreen

The Mountain Made Crestone Cycling Gloves with Touchscreen has always been a great choice. They offer awesome durability and breathability that can bring you great comfort when riding. With non-slip palms, you can take advantages of the superior traction on your riding trip.

The cycling gloves can keep your hands very warm when you have to ride in extreme weather. And you do not have to worry about sweaty hands when wearing these amazing gloves as well.

Another noticeable point about these gloves is that they have a type of fabric on the thumbs and the index fingers to assist you to operate on your touchscreen. They also have a sticky printing on the palms to offer stability and grip.


  • Allow touchscreen operation
  • Provide warmness for hands
  • Highly functional along with an ideal grip
  • Durable


  • May lose the grip very fast
  • May lose the grip very fast
  • Less padding which means less comfort in long-distance trip

5. Vbiger Military Tactical Gloves Half Finger

From its name you can realize these gloves are inspired by the military. Indeed it is, the gloves can really live up to your expectation. First of all, they appear adjustable to fit the size of your wrist, which make them much more comfortable and flexible than many ordinary cycling gloves available.

They also have joints on the fingers that help increase protection for user. The microfiber, however, offers a better grip when the liners improve the ability to resist water of the glove.

Besides, the special liners on the palms can resist water with better ventilation.


  • Improved protection
  • Superior service
  • Flexible
  • Can double up just as shooting gloves


  • The small size gloves seems bigger than many other gloves

Final thoughts

Wearing a low-quality pair of gloves that can cause you sore and blisters on your hands is really a torturous ordeal. Cycling gloves are worn by many types of riders such as professional, mountain bikers, women, men, casual bikers, or even little kids. They are designed not just for the experienced but also for everyone. We have introduced to you a few names of good gloves that can help you enjoy your journey to the utmost.