10 Best Entry Level Mountain Bikes to Buy

In recent years, mountain biking has been among the list of enjoyable and excited exercises for beginners. It certainly can help you enhance your endurance along with your strength, and because mountain biking normally happens far away the urban areas, you can also enjoy the very fresh air and the view of landscape. However, because mountain bikes may cost you more than a thousand bucks, many people feel hesitated to try.

Luckily, nowadays there are many mountain bikes for beginners which can satisfactorily meet your requirement. Things like style, kinds of terrain, personal standard and also budget are what determine the best mountain bike you should get. Check out your suitable size as well as its type with our list of 10 best entry level mountain bikes.

10 Best Entry Level Mountain Bikes to Buy

1. Mongoose Full Suspension Impasse Dual Mountain Bicycle

As its name suggests, this is one full suspension version of a mountain bike. Although it may not suitable for you to conduct suspension bikes in the mountain, this Mongoose Full Suspension Impasse Dual Mountain Bicycle stands out with its fluke which has been amongst the list of exemplary bikes for beginners. So why this model is so popular?

A suspension frame made of aluminum can guarantee the standard performance and the comfort it can bring, especially when you have to ride on tough terrain. This mountain bike also offers the Element suspension fork that can assist you in controlling when you try to keep jostles and bumps to the least extent.

Its 21-speed Shimano is also one of the bonus points due to its rear derailleur. This has been included the SRAM twist shifters and will not hesitate to change the gears. This Mongoose bike seems quite outfitted with the alloy front along with the rear disc brakes, also with the alloy wheels, a rapid release front for more convenience.

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Pros: Frame made of Aluminum. Rear derailleur is 100% Shimano. Added Element of suspension fork

Cons: Quite short kickstand, the shocks can be improved, uncomfortable seat

2. Diamondback Hard Tail Bicycles Sorrento Complete of Mountain Bike

This model of bicycle is recognized as having the highest quality in the 1st stage mountain biking. It is for men and women and even youngsters because of having the tiny frame which can be pertinent.

It has just been improved with well-crafted details which can function effectively in order to extend the invulnerability and novice contentment. This bike is added with strong linear pull brakes which are very strong. They also have superior knee-jerk catbird seats. With the superior technique, they can riven to be able to corroborate the rims hit efficiently. The part of brake arms can function according to brake pads. Then the bike’s brake pads approach rims with extra exertion in order to grasp sublime adhesion.

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  • The shifting is designed to be very smooth; the brakes give quick stopping when needed.
  • It’s quite light but highly durable
  • Thumb shifters of Shimano, front suspension of Spinner, adjustable witch
  • Nice of quick release brakes with wheels.


  • Pedals are made of plastic
  • Lack of disc brake pedals
  • Uncomfortable stock seat

3. Diamondback Women’s Lux Bicycles 2016 Hard Tail of Mountain Bike

Judging from the bike’s style and design, this is women’s mountain bike. It can really be fast with copper-bottomed.

This version of bike is the perfect option for any newbie in sport. The frame which is made of aluminum is so light and durable. It also installs one lower tube for suitable stand over clearance which makes everything much easier. Apart from its frame, grips, bike’s saddle, and also handlebars are typically created for women. Shimano components consist of the nine-speed derailleur, even hydraulic disc brakes. You will certainly appreciate this bike’s robust tires along with the puncture-resistant Kevlar guard.

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  • Specifically created for women
  • Lower tube top
  • The Shimano disc brakes


  • A little bit heavy
  • Cheap plastic components
  • Uncomfortable for long trips.

4. Schwinn Protocol Dual-Suspension for Men Bike

This men’s mountain bike brings one special dual suspension as well as 26-inch wheels. Many noticeable features of this bike is the newly installed handlebars to be able to shift faster and also to enhance comfort, accompanying with the high quality alloy rims that have black bladed spokes. This bike offers 24 speeds with trigger shifters from Shimano. Its front brakes make it easier for quick stops when needed.

You should bear in mind that dexterity has its limitation at a level. This has also provided with upgraded front disc brakes from Proax. Just like other mechanical brakes, these new brakes function as proffers to stop power. All of them are well-contoured to its wheel.

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  • Size of 26-inch wheels
  • Brand new frame of dual suspension
  • Newly designed handlebars


  • Lack of holder for water bottle
  • Most suitable for casual riding
  • Quite useless of setup instructions

5. Nashbar 29er Single-Speed Mountain Bike

Many people are changing to the single speed mountain bikes on the grounds that these bikes do not come with many gears. Single speed ones are created with the concept that people usually enjoy their ride, rather than wasting time and figuring out which gear you should choose. If you have been in the majority of people who tired of gears then this is your perfect choice: our Nashbar 29er Single-Speed Mountain Bike!

Nashbar is created using 6061- the frame made of aluminum that is highly resistant to many kinds of weather, and also much lighter than frame made of steel and is very strong, robust. This bike allows you to ride in the rain and wet since our TektroNovela mechanical brakes installed on this bike are greatly reliable. The firm fork added in the bike’s front end reduces the vibrations which are being used to tackle spirited riding. This bike has big 29” of hoops and also a collection of WTB Sport tires which can not only offer lots of traction but are extremely smooth as well on the hard pack.

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  • 29-inch wheels make it easy for you to roll and ride.
  • The nano tires make this bike a perfect choice.
  • Its chromoly forks not only reduce vibrations but also add power which makes it much easier for you to ride on tough roads.
  • 5’3” has been proved to be a good number of height to ride on this version of bike
  • Decent appeal is what makes it a perfect choice for starters.


  • Cheap components installed in the moment of the assembly.
  • Brakes are not of high-quality.

6. Schwinn Men’s 18 High Timber Mountain Bike

This multi-functional mountain bike is perfect to ride on complex surfaces. You may ride it on the local path or trails or just use it to run errands around your neighborhood. Its Schwinn bike has Shimano components, for example, 21-speed shifters and also rear derailleurs for fast speed along with efficient gear switching. It also provides a brand new frame for more stability.

A Schwinn suspension fork offers optimal riding on various kinds of surfaces. Other features consist of alloy brakes and alloy wheels in order to make it easier for you to stop immediately when needed. One three-piece alloy crank makes sure a flexible gear switching.

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  • Multi-functional bike
  • Shimano features
  • Brand new frame


  • Assembly seems to be tricky
  • Handlebars are quite close for people with height higher than normal.
  • Not so of the lightest bike frame

7. BEIOU® 650B Carbon Fiber Mountain Bike T800 27.5-Inch Ultralight Frame

You’ll realize that your money is worth its value when choosing this version of mountain bike if you are willing to pay a little more. Of many its noticeable features, the carbon fiber frame is what makes this bike outstanding. Although it may seem a much more expensive than other bikes that is made of aluminum or steel and offering a cheaper price, the carbon fiber frame is a bonus point that makes up the initial cost with a very lightweight construction along with the superior durability.

The frame is created from T800 carbon fiber which holds up very well on the toughest trails. It also provides Shimano components, for example, fast-responding hydraulic of disc brakes together with speed controlling system. Its carbon frame, seat post, handle bar, also seat post in order to absorbs shocks, makes sure you have a smooth ride.

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  • Very light
  • Perfect for professional mountain biking
  • Strong carbon frame


  • Expensive
  • There is no torque specs
  • Quite hard seat

8. Alton Mammoth Fat-Tire Mountain Bike

With the 26-inch frame and large tires, the model of bike is created for professional trail use. This 26-inch alloy frame has been reviewed as being durable to support riders. The Shimano components, made of rear and front derailleurs, guarantee the smooth performance with shifting.

This 27-speed of bike helps power via many types of surfaces in nearly any outside conditions. Wide tires and deep knobs make sure you can control whether you are riding on snow, or any kinds of surfaces. Disc brakes assist you control stop when needed.


  • Added Alloy frame
  • Perfect for any type of terrain
  • Wide tires to enhance traction


  • Framer is quite small for tall riders
  • Hard seat
  • Some people feel the frame quite heavy

9. Diamondback Bicycles Hardtail 2016 Laurito Mountain Bike.

Special feature of Diamondback Bicycles is 27.5-inch wheels which can ride smoothly in many conditions. Shimano 7-speed derailleurs and suspension fork are designed to withstand bumps, jolts from trail riding. This bike, with more 21 gears, brings the step-through frame letting riders use this bike more easily. Its frame is made with heat-resilient aluminum for more durability.

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  • Heat-resilient aluminum frame
  • New 27.5-inch wheels
  • Using Shimano components


  • Tricky assembly
  • Cheap tires
  • Not quite suitable for much more tough trail rides

10. Merax Finiss 21 Speed Aluminum Mountain Bike

This bike is very suitable for beginners who seek for smart specifications and basic features. Shifters and Derailleurs provide reliable switching solutions. A surprising control together with better braking due to its mechanical brakes also provides 80mm of suspension fork to have smoother rides on tough roads.

This 21-speed structure for riding the ultimate bike enable rider to enjoy complete fun on divergent Mountainair locations. Also, you must follow instructions of the manual because it has 80% assembled with rest 20% require manual assistance.

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  • Light Aluminum frames are so strong and help control speed easily.
  • Quite easy for riders to assemble.
  • White-red design easily catches the eyes of the buyer.
  • Overall quality is acceptable.


  • Not suitable for riders who are taller than 5’10”.
  • Brakes have some troubles sometimes.

How to pick up the most suitable mountain bike for beginners?

There are a few things you need to remember when choosing for yourself one brand new mountain bike; therefore, you may want to carefully consider these factors before making any purchase decision.

Bicycle frame

Definitely, you should buy the frame that has high quality. A good, strong, solid frame which can be durable and suitable for your size is what you should always choose. Even if you need to upgrade your bicycle frame at a time, you may want to start with the one which is comfortable. Your original frame can last for a period of time that is enough for you to learn how much you can sink yourself in mountain biking sport.


Choose the superior derailleurs. Avoid some produced from plastic – they seem not really worth aggravation.

Brakes vs shifters

Again, choose the best one, and also, if possible, try not get the plastic materials. One thing you should remember is its weight. A Mountain bike basically uses the disk brakes that surely are much heavier than its alternative, the rim brakes.

To sum up, disk brakes are much more suitable with mountain biking, however, if you seek for one lightweight bike, then the rim brakes is your perfect option.

If you must choose between interior disk brakes and superior rim brakes, then do not hesitate to choose the perfect rim brake.


Suitable assembly is necessary for you to maximize your bicycle usage. If you cannot be certain about how to this right, then you should hire someone who is professional in this field to help you. Or you can just find any Youtube video to learn how to set it up in the right way.

Brand name

You should ensure you have already had a perfect bicycle by choosing a famous brand name of your future mountain bike. Usually, a famous brand name will offer you a high level of its durability along with satisfactory customer service.

On these accounts, there are many versions of bike that may seem not fit well with the customer’s expectation; you should also check reviews from the Internet.

The Top 7 Mountain Bike Maintenance Tips

#1: Clean the bike.

Want your bike to last long? Keeping it completely clean is a sure way of doing this.

What you should do: Use a common biodegradable cleaner, for example, Simple Green, a towel, a sponge, and also one old toothbrush in order to clean up every dust in your bike: chain, the frame, chain rings, pedals, brakes cassette, seats, and derailleur. You may need not resort to lots of water or sometimes, strong jets; a normal spray, or you can also use mist will certainly be helpful to rinse away the soap residue. Furthermore, you should remove seat post to have a thorough clean, and remember to add a little bike grease before you try to reinstall it.

#2: Inspect the brakes.

Brakes are one of the most important part of the bike, making sure they are in perfect condition and can be perfectly adjusted is what you should do to maintain your bike in good conditions, as well as to avoid unexpected injurie. Keep your bike running smoothly so they can pay you back.

What you should do: carefully check brake pads, also the small rectangular of metallic with the rubberized surface which actually rubs up with the disk (or sometimes wheel rim). These can wear down gradually and may need replacing. You should use some flashlights to figure out whether your pads need replacing if they have any signs of excessive wear.

#3: Watch the wheels.

Wheels (rims) keep the tires in its place and offer stability as well as smoothness when riding. Well-tuned with trued wheels (which do not wobble, rub against your brakes) mean constant contact of tires with dirt.

What you should do: assess your bike by spinning the wheels; this should move very smoothly, without having any sign of wobbling. Some wobbly rim is easily able to be adjusted by just a small spoke wrench – simple step of bike mechanic ought to be taken on if you cannot know exactly what to do. Replace the wheels if there are any signs of denting or excessive damage.

#4: Inspect bike’s drivetrain.

Your bike’s drivetrain consists of the pedals, chainring, chain, derailleur and also rear-wheel cassette. It is important to learn the importance of the drivetrain because it helps transfer power created by the legs to bike’s rear wheel that helps move the bike.

What you should do: You’ll most likely to need one partner or a bike stand in order to help with the tune-up. Raise your bike’s rear wheel together with the spin when you check for the wheels. You should always shift all of the gears. The shifting process should be made smooth as well as easy to manage. Inspect chain, derailleur, chainrings, as well as cassette for excessive damage (wear, dents, missing teeth, scrapes, etc.).

Remember that small chainrings would wear out much sooner than the large chainrings. Your bike’s chain is most replaced every 2000 or 3000 miles. The cost of replacement is usually ranging from $20 to $50. If it takes too long for you to replace the chain will gradually wear down. If the shifting process is not so smooth, it is highly recommended to have your bike repaired by someone with an expertise in this field.

#5: Check the two tires.

Many mountain bike offer the traction with ground, enable travel over many kinds of surfaces such as mud, roots, rocks, as well as ladder bridges. Additionally, they create flexible cushions which help smooth out the bumps with thumps, making easier for you to ride.

What you should do:

  • First of all, check the tire pressure. Ideal pressure may vary accordingly, but as an unwritten rule, you may want to remain the tire pressure in somewhere from 30 to 45.
  • Second, you should check the tires for any splits, tears or cracks, particularly along its side-walls. You’ll need to check tread for any uneven and excessive wear when you have to replace it. The damaged tires tend to burst, leading to the state that is hard to control.   Changing the tubes and its tires has been a simple step to fix.

#6: Check your cables.

Cables seem either made from tightly metal wire, sometimes oil caged with plastic housing. The cables can connect many shifters with brakes located on handlebars, derailleur and also brake pads. Those things connect many shifters that help with moving chain from each gear through the derailleur, whereas those connected with the brakes help in stopping our bike.

What you should do: you should always inspect your cable as well as its rubber housing to check for any cracks, rust, dirt, crimps and also looseness. New cables with the oil contribute to the shifting with braking smooth increasing your bike performance.

In case braking/shifting seems not so optimal, you should replace cables or the oil. Unless you’re having much experience, this task can seem complicated and tricky. You should replace it every two years of constant use. If you use your bike very often then you should replace it every year.

#7: Add lubricant.

Oil lubricant covers the chain as well as other components in the drivetrain, making it durable and run more smoothly. Lube also helps reduce accumulation in dirt with grime that can increase performance in many moving parts of the bikes.

What you should do: you should apply lubricant in an even way to its chain when slowly rotating its pedals in counter-clockwise way. Also, remember to clean any excess of oil. An effective lubricated bike has shifting as well as braking smooth, therefore can increasing performance. It is also recommended to wear the gloves to avoid any injuries to your skin. Some people may find it hard to clean the rust from some components that usually should be just replaced.


Although choosing the best bicycle for beginners may seem not so hard but you can be easily confused by the lack of experience in this field. We really hope this piece of information can guide you to avoid any mistake and realize which is important to consider when purchasing a bike. Either you are seeking to ride on the normal surfaces or complex ones; these 10 best entry level mountain bikes for beginners can provide you with many helpful choices. So, do not hesitate to pick up your dream bike and start riding.

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