10 Best Hardtail Mountain Bikes in 2019

Hardtail mountain bike is known as one of the best ways for beginners to step in the journey of riding off-road, however, they also bring great fun to any rider. Our hardtail mountain bike nowadays uses one suspension fork in the front in order to offer cushioning from the bumps, at the same time, to improve handling and grip. Because hardtails do not have any of the rear suspension which makes it generally cheaper and simpler for you to maintain, also, our bikes are much lighter than other complex full suspension bikes from other manufacturers. This would mean they’re a perfect choice for most of the beginners.

Hardtails, in addition, can have another bonus point in term of pedaling. The full suspension bikes are able to move up or down when you ride, which is known as the ‘pedal bob’ causing you to wastes energy. Rigid rear at the end of the hardtail will change your effort into motion to move forward.

So what is the most suitable hardtail mountain bike for beginners like you? Our guide may help you to pick the most impressive style of hardtail according to your needs.

The hardtail mountain bikes can be seen in two classification

1.  Trail bikes

Here are the hardtail mountain bikes which are decided to consign much more elongated round position with the suspension forks, furthermore, headtubes located in precipitous intersections at the vertical. Our bikes are the most modern hardtail mountain bikes since they can offer slacken angles.

2. Cross-country bikes

Similar to the mentioned trail bikes, cross-country bikes are very efficient in trails, besides, they can ensure the last rendition edge. Cross-country bikes feature in its coherence. Whether it is the full suspension or the hardtail, about 100 mm of traveling and extremely light frames offer expeditious speed when sustaining adhesion and control on tough terrain.

This type of mountain bikes can disembark in a spectrum of stratum according to the gearing, drivetrain, brakes, forks, frame material with other physiognomy which makes them the most modern bikes.

10 Best Hardtail Mountain Bikes 2019

1. Diamondback Bicycles Complete Sorrento Hardtail Mountain Bike

It is amongst an array of famous Sorrento bikes as it can offer innovative features which make it very easy for beginners to use that can make riding extremely interesting.  The bicycles of Diamondback hardtail mountain bike brings a durable aluminum frame including the front suspension forks which can give a sensation of comfort when you ride. This aluminum frame has been made very strong in order to accommodate the minimum of weight up to 300 pounds, which make this bike perfect for any types of body weight. This, moreover, try to affirm the bike’s sturdiness.

Apart from that, the flexible saddle including firm handlebars can blend to offer healthy riding posture that is essential for health. The front suspensions appear perfect in offering comfortable rides through rough and bumpy surfaces. This bike has also been the simplest bikes available nowadays. The light frame was designed for the cross-country riders who usually travel long trip through challenging terrains.

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  • Cheap
  • Responsive gear shifting
  • 5 frame size choices for more comfort
  • Durable
  • Long-lasting tires
  • Install chainstay protector
  • Water bottle mounts added


  • Lack of kickstand
  • Require tuning

2. Diamondback Bicycle Overdrive 2016 Hardtail Mountain Bike

Definitely, a perfect Mountain Bike which costs you under $500 can be bought from Amazon. Its properties:  The 6061-T6 aluminum alloy appeared to be reliable frame material for its lightness, also the custom formed with butted tubes help create a frame that is extremely strong. Head tube allows you to steer with more precision and forged rear dropouts with a changeable rear derailleur hanger, which means you do not have to always worry about having something breaking. You just need to get out to ride, enjoy!

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  • High quality
  • Nice 29″ wheels and disc brakes newly installed.
  • Brakes can creak on first rides.
  • Front suspension added.


  • Require technical knowledge to assemble.
  • Heavy because of the aluminum frame.

3. Diamondback Bicycles Complete Laurito Hardtail 2016 Mountain Bike

Features of this mountain bike for women consist of 27.5-inch wheels which can ride well on various terrains, Shimano 7-speed derailleurs, also, one suspension fork made to withstand many bumps as well as jolts from trail riding. This bike, which has 21 gears, is noticeable by its step-through frame which lets riders ride more comfortable. The frame has been constructed with heat-resistant aluminum for more durability.

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  • Heat-resistant aluminum frame
  • 5-inch sized wheels
  • Extra Shimano components


  • Quite tricky assembly
  • Cheap tires
  • Not suitable for tough trail rides

4.    Navi RS100 Hardtail Mountain Bike

The Navi RS100 Hardtail Mountain Bike offers exemplary components which are authentic in order to apply. Furthermore, the mountain bike’s parts are made to satisfy users’ serenity, especially the beginners in mountain cycling. The frame of Navi RS100 Hardtail Mountain Bike is much light because it is created from aluminum. This bike has rapid release hubs allows the rider to take off the wheel details without having used any special tools. Therefore, you can save so much time. In addition, disc-braking mechanical provides a much quicker and more flexible stopping techniques compared to rim brakes. This makes mountain rider feel much more comfortable using the mountain bike.

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  • The bike’s parts are very lightweight, which are made very tough.
  • The disc brakes are very quick and responsive.
  • The fork suspension appears reliable and provides a quite stable ride.
  • Suitable for beginners in this sport.
  • Great price.


  • 85% of the bike are unassembled on purchased.

5. Kawasaki Fat Tire Hardtail Mountain Bike

The particular model has been the best fat tire mountain bikes available for a couple of reasons. This bike has an alloy riser handlebar, also big composite platform pedals. The bike also has an 18″ frame that seems a little limiting, however, long seat post makes sure you have extra room to adjust.

The aluminum frame makes the bike lighter than when using steel, and vibrations are reduced by huge tires. This bike’s drivetrain appears very simple yet effective: you are able to use 21 speeds, with EZ-Fire shifters and Shimano Altus derailleurs. It can stop with many mechanical disc brakes. Again, simple, but suitable to mud or sand. Furthermore, this bike can handle itself very well in snow, sand, and muck.

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  • Beautiful frame
  • Planted and upright geometry
  • Suitable for many types of riding
  • Big tires
  • Reasonable price


  • Quite heavy because of fat tire

6. BEIOU Hardtail Carbon Fiber Mountain Bike

This Carbon Fiber Bike from the BEIOU is really a wake-up call which has originated from a biking manufacturer that is now predicting the path to join the market. The mountain bike displays high-ranking label and is alluring and utilitarian.

These bikes offer a hydraulic mechanical with non-segregated Shimano blocks that can guarantee rapid and powerful drawing upon every terrain. Another bonus point of this bike is the BEIOU has accompanied with an exorbitant and rigid carbon-fiber frame that is lightweight in nature but also strong in the blueprint. Plus, this bike also has one 27-speed system that takes advantage of Shimano Alivio gearing in order to escalate the ascendency of rider.

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  • Attractive outlook
  • High end gears and brakes
  • Reasonable price
  • Comfortable
  • Has three 3 sizes available; 19 inches, 17 inches and 15 inches.


  • Fork seems average

8. Diamondback Bicycles Women’s Lux Hardtail 2016 Complete Mountain Bike

The 2015 Diamondback Bicycles women’s Lux bike has been the greatest bikes made by Diamondback. With the small-sized wheel, the bike has feminine design which blends to make sure it provides more feminine sensations for women. This bike also has the simple frame which seems slightly lower in order to increase comfort for women when riding.

Apart from that, low installed handlebars and saddle also conspire for much more comfortable posture from the frame and shape when women are riding. The mechanical disk brakes that are located at the front wheel make sure the bike can remain safety record. In terms of comfort on tough roads, this bike is a hardtail version which comes with the front suspensions that can absorb shock when riding on challenging surfaces.

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  • Small size which is comfortable
  • Specific for women
  • Tube top is low
  • Shimano brakes


  • A little heavy
  • Cheap plastic components
  • Seat can make riders uncomfortable on long distance rides

9. Men’s Iron Horse Phoenix

Iron horse helps increase confidence, destroys perceptions and defies compromise. This bike focuses on the important things, the control system to be much more outstanding and also drive to conquer mountain cycling.  This Iron horse bike gives you approbation in order to put off the tie and head and shoes to experience an expedition. Free time with friends is all you may need.

The 1.3 phoenix is bottom line and protean. It alteration smoothly from one mountain ride fighter of hardtail bike into a normal straphanger. Out Iron phoenix ranges features 27.5 inches sized wheel. The frames are constructed of aluminum. The Shimano 21-speed and suspension forks create drivetrain. The 1.3 Iron phoenix has used Pro-max mechanical disc brakes.

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  • Excellent frame in terms of price
  • Added dual disk brakes
  • Reliable Shimano components.


  • Uncomfortable grips need upgrading.

9. WOOM BIKES USA 5 Supra Mountain Bicycle

The WOOM BIKES USA 5 Supra Mountain Bicycle is a different brand of bicycle. Defined for the pinnacle performances, this bike includes everything that a beginner or a young rider needs to know about. It has a light weight with a geometry of gravity’s low center, and eight speed along with the lumpy tires of Kenda Small Block, which is about 24″x1.75″, trigger shifters, pinned pedals, and a seat post made of carbon fiber, as well as a built on the lagniappe. This WOOM5 is a great mountain bicycle for the edification of youngsters.

The headset and stem are made from the alloy to reduce the bicycle’s weight as well as enable the gravity’s low center of the bicycle. The high-quality rear, the SRAM shifter, and v-brake make the WOOM BIKES USA 5 Supra Mountain Bicycle an ideal bike for you.

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  • Lightweight.
  • Worth your money.
  • Well-built and light.


  • It is the best if you can learn with rear and front brakes.

10. The Polygon Bikes Siskiu29 7 Hardtail Mountain Bicycles

Let’s take notice of all features, which help the Polygon Bikes Siskiu29 7 Hardtail Mountain Bicycles become an ideal bicycle, and you will find out the complete 20-speed-set of Shimano Deore being a wonderful inclusion to your bicycle, effective gear staging and exact delivering every kind of terrains.

Combined with the big rotors, the hydraulic discs brakes of Shimano are able to curb all the excessively pushy slope. In order to remain your high conviction, this bike also offers the 32-milimeter-bolsters-suspension fork of Suntour XCR, a dwindled steered tube for preventing the front wheel from pointing in the wrong route, and a convenient remote control located on the bike’s handlebars. In addition, its remote lockout, which is among available crisps, just constitutes a little consignment of the real estate on its handlebars.

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  • Worth your money
  • Quick delivery
  • Good online feedback
  • Quite easy assembly
  • Stiff wheels and frame
  • Progressive and positive brakes
  • Faultless and fast gear changes.


  • This bike does not have any cons

Way to brake appropriately

It seems quite simple to brake: you just need to squeeze the bike’s levers and then, it will slow down. However, knowing how to make a perfect braking will help you feel more secure and comfortable on your bicycle.

How do you brake your bike?

Your braking needs to be controlled and consistent. Almost of the braking power originates from the front brake. However, taking hold of the front brake may end up sending you over your handlebars. On the other hand, you just need to apply your brakes lightly and evenly on both back and front brakes. In order to prevent unexpected skidding, you should avoid fast and sudden squeezes.

During your braking, you had better support yourself by means of dropping the heels down, move the hips back as well as remaining a quite bend in the elbows and knees. This position of your body will help you keep control and prevent yourself from getting onward on your bicycle.

In case your mountain bicycle has the disc brakes, you can keep both of your index finger on your bike’s brake levers as well as put other 3 fingers its handlebar grips. Your braking power, as well as your rising control, will be sufficient by means of this simple way. In case you possess the rim brakes, you can try keeping 2 fingers on your bike’s brake levers because they generally require a lot of force in order to engage your brakes.

When should you brake?

Whenever you approach the turn, you should brake before hitting it, then, let the momentum carry you. This will allow you to pay attention to your own technique through that turn as well as exit it with appropriate speed.

The momentum can be your dear friend whenever getting over obstacles on your route. The beginner riders usually slow down whenever approaching the hindrances. In that case, you just need to keep calm and control your momentum so that you can get through those tricky sections easily.

How to choose a best hardtail mountain bicycle?

Now, you are ready to purchase the first mountain bicycle for yourself. Unlike purchasing a car, the countless types, models and prices of Hardtail Mountain bicycles available on the marketplace make your process much more difficult. Don’t worry, we will provide you the needed information of what you will afford and what will you need.

Firstly, build a budget.

A super cool modern mountain bicycle is usually at a price of 12000 USD. You need not pay that much in order to get a bicycle, which let you have a fun and safe ride on your route.

  • The penny pincher: 500 USD or less

Whilst you may have some certain strict limitations with this range price, a good news for you is that with less than 500 USD, you may find a certain hardtail mountain bicycle. With this class, you may love looking for a suitable entry level of hardtail from a certain brand. You can search for a used mountain bike at mid-level or the previous model of a few years ago.

  • The budget-minded: from 500 USD to 1000 USD

With this price range, you can purchase for a quite beautiful hardtail mountain bicycle, maybe even a 29-er, or begin to look at other full entry-level suspension bicycles. Look for used Craigslist deals or rentals in order to get a suitable bike with your money.

  • The mid-range: from 1500 USD to 3500 USD

With a few shopping, you can also purchase for a mountain bicycle in this class, which will certainly last for years. Almost local stores have race-ready mountain bikes with this range price. You can even start seeing other carbon fiber bike models.

Secondly, decide your type of riding

Now, we will divide hardtail mountain bicycles into 2 different categories:

  • Downhill
  • Trail

You should be realistic with your demand. In case you just spend your time making one to three trips for lifting serviced trail terrain or riding local routes ever year, then, purchasing for a downhill bicycle cannot be an ideal idea. In this case, buying a decent trail bicycle as well as renting a downhill bicycle is the best solution. You should not be worried if you do not have much money. With most marked-trail-riding, any high-quality hardtail mountain bicycles can help you go there and return safely. Do not forget that a lot of riders used to hit numerous trails before the advent of the full suspension. On the other hand, in case all of your ridings is lift serviced or shuttled, a downhill bike or a freeride one will make sense, presuming you have enough budget for your future bike.

An important note of fat bicycles.

Nowadays, fat bicycles have been much more dominant than the hardtail mountain bicycles. In those days, numerous budget-minded cyclists, who just afford to possess and remain one bicycle, are deciding to choose a fat bike.

It is the truth that fat bicycles are much more capable of hard-packed single-track, or dry riding, as well as groomed-snowy-trail riding on cold winter. Besides, their tires are more forgiving than that of other standard hardtail mountain bicycle, which means that they require less finesse for beginner cyclists to ride much more difficult routes. In case your living area is usually covered by a thick layer of snow, a fat bicycle is a perfect selection for you.

Get ready to buy

Now that you find a suitable bike for yourself, there is no reason to not bring it to your house. Before purchasing and getting giddy, you just need to do one more research.

If you buy a new one:

You should ensure to get all the needed warranty, which your bike offers. In case it is a year-hold-over model, just ensure all the warranty begins by the time you buy this bike, instead of letting the store put the bike in inventory. Besides, you had better ask about the follow-up tune-ups. Almost shops provide the free tune-ups between 30 and 90 days after your purchasing date so that they can help you with the unexpected problem in your break-in process. A few stores even provide the lifetime tune-ups.

If you buy a used one:

You need to be extremely careful when purchase for a used bike, even you buy it from your friend. Carefully inspects if there were any cracks on the frame or any weather cracks located on the bike’s tires. Ensure all the wheels are acceptable. Carefully check for stretched or frayed cables. Ensure the bike’s suspension is still smooth and does not leak, squeak or creak. Check every suspension, bearings and liftings linkages for unsuitable ones. It is a good idea, if possible, to get a local shop to look over the used bike that you decided to purchase. A vital thing is that you should not spend all of your money for your bike only to realize that you must pay some hundred dollars just to repair it.

Now, choosing the best hardtail bicycle is not a complex business anymore. We hope that our 10 Best Hardtail Mountain Bicycles Review will help you get useful information about the prices and the tips when purchasing for an ideal bike. We highlighted important key features that you should search for as well as introduce numerous rice range so that you can choose an affordable mountain bike. Now, you get the first mountain bicycle for yourself, get out and begin your ride!

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