The Best Hybrid Bikes Under 500 Dollars 2020

Are you struggling with finding a good but affordable hybrid bike? Are there too many options? We have the best hybrid bikes under 500 dollars right here!

Why the best hybrid bikes under 500?

There are many reasons to own a hybrid bike for yourself. We think of them as the most versatile type of bicycle at the moment. Therefore, there is no doubt that hybrid bikes are gaining popularity in the market nowadays.

However, in the situation that many models get released every year, customers are confused about what bike is the most suitable.

Some are too expensive with unnecessary features. Some cheap ones do not perform very well.

This topic is going to help you narrow down the winners among the best hybrid bikes under $500 .

Sixthreezero EVRYjourney

Schwinn Discover

Schwinn Wayfarer Hybrid Bicycle

sixthreezero EVRYjourney Hybrid Cruiser Bicycle
Schwinn Discover Hybrid Bikes
Schwinn Wayfarer Hybrid Bicycle

First comes in the best hybrid bikes under 500 dollars is a product made by sixthreezero. Will it be disappointing if you know this product is manufactured in China?

You shouldn’t because this bike works amazingly.

Super comfortable riding position

From the outlook, this EVRYjorney Women's Step-Through bicycle wins over customer's love completely. But riding on it makes you feel extremely pleased. The manufacturer built the bike with a lower seat,  raise handlebars, and pedals for foot forwarding movements.

Have you ever experienced backache because of riding on a road bike?

Bikes are supposed to give the best exercises for back and knee but actually, only ones designed with an upright position can. This posture lets you enjoy the ride for hours without feeling tired.

Besides, allowing the feet to stretch naturally also helps with spinal ache and tiring knees. It's the reason why we highly recommend this product from sixthreezero for women at middle ages and older.

True bike for women

This women bike is designed with the construction that helps even small girls with balancing effectively. The seat is set up low enough so women with a standard height ( from 5’’ to 6’’) can stand over with their whole feet placed on the ground.

Therefore, the bike is considered safe to all users provided they meet the height requirements.

Time-consuming assemble

However, with all those gears, the seat and extensive handlebars, the bike usually requires riders much time to assemble.

What we like:

  • Versatile vehicle

With the impressive gears provided by the producer: 3-speed, 7-speed, and 21-speed, the young have a 2in1 bike which they can use to commute around town and also take them on hills and off-road trips out of the city.

Depending on the gear version you choose, you can tackle unlimited terrains with just a bike.

  • Lightweight aluminum frame

The frame is made from lightweight metal which can be maneuver easily by women.

  • Shock absorptive with semi-slick tires

To support off-road riding, the bike comes with a semi-slick tires which absorb shock much better to provide you smooth ride.

  • Extra racks for basket

Girls now can carry some belongings on the ride. They have a spare room and rack so you can set up a basket to handle little haulage.

  • Great colors match

They made this vehicle for women so the colors respond to feminism. There are many options in color but all of them are to praise elegance and girliness.

What we don’t like:

Sixthreezero is known for bad customer service. It’s very hard to connect with the CS teams by emails or phones.

Our verdict:

We highly recommend this vehicle for middle-aged commuters, especially those who are suffering spinal and knee issues. It is supposed to be a perfect physical training vehicle.

#2: Schwinn Discover Hybrid Bikes

We bet Schwinn is no longer a strange name for riders all around the world. This brand showed up in 1895 and introduced to the bicycle market many famous models like Phantom and Stingray.

And this Discover Hybrid gave us a blast.

Shock absorptive gear

A selling point of Schwinn Discover bike is the Shimano rear derailleur- a popular name on bicycle gear. This rear derailleur lets riders speed up much faster than non-derailleur bicycles.

Besides, with the high-end Shimano, the bike is supposed to work very smoothly no matter what level you choose among 21-speed gear options.

Comfortable riding pose

To build a friendly hybrid and unisex vehicles, Schwinn creates the bike with an upright position. Therefore, we can commute around the city or take a cruise over the countryside without getting tired or having a backache.

Easy to customized

Has it ever crossed your mind that you want a bicycle for yourself?

With Schwinn, getting your bike customized is as easy as a piece of cake. Not mentioning universal parts like seat or basket, you can even change the rear wheel, the height of position to make the vehicle more suitable for you.

Tight brake

 However, there is an unpleasant feature, which is the tight brake. While regular bike's brake becomes so responsive with only a slight squeeze, this Schwinn’s needs extra force to handle.

What we like:

  • Lightweight aluminum frame

They chose aluminum to built the frame. So, we expect a lightweight bicycles that is easy to carry manually.

  • Handy backswept handlebars

The bike comes with handlebars that rise higher than regular bikes 2 inches. So, the whole riding posture is supposed to be comfortable.

  • Four brakes levers

Depend on your speed, you have 4 brake levers to stop the bike. This system can maintain the rim better than a fix brake.

  • Absorptive seat to prevent shock

The suspension seat is made for long ride. It feels soft and comfortable no matter how long you commute.

  • Sturdy and robust bike for hauling
 In comparison with standard bikes, this Schwinn possesses a more robust frame which allows easier haulage. So, it's not only a commuting or recreational vehicle but also a heavy-duty carrier.

What we don’t like:

  • Quite tricky assemble

You must follow the instruction carefully or you will have the bike malfunction afterward. You should have the bike checked in LBS.

  • Cheap plastic fenders
It’s very well built bike except the plastic fenders. The fenders cannot stand the weather for too long.

Our verdict:

This bike is quite bulky in size, so we recommend it for tall men (about 5''9). Besides, it can show off maximum capacities with haulage and commuting, which ask for durability and sturdiness.

#3: sixthreezero EVRYjourney Men's Hybrid Cruiser Bicycle

This product is one of the best hybrid bikes under $500 on the market.

Comfortable seat

If the version of EVRYjourney Women does not please you with the hard seat, this men version save your butt from screaming in pain.

But, here comes this bike as a savior. The chair is made to be comfortable and softer with an extra layer of suspension. The new edition makes riders feel better while sitting on the bike all day long.

Absorptive tires

But not only the seat but also absorptive tires contribute to producing a smooth ride.

If you have experienced riding bikes before, you are likely to differentiate the feelings between a heavy steel bike and a small thin one. Almost all of the products from the brand sixthreezero include aluminum in their production because of low production cost and light weight.

Weird brake

However, the maneuvering is weird because you have to twist your wrist on holding the handlebars instead of a squeeze. This function may not be familiar with regular riders.

What we like:

  • Comfortable riding position

In the EVRYjourney Men’s Hybrid Cruiser, we found the combination of the signature design by Standard and comfortable design by sixthreezero - the upright position and foot-forwarding. So, men with spinal and knee issues, you have been saved!.

  • Convenient 3-speed option

The have the 3-speed gear which help to bike approach more terrains such as flat roads to uphill.

  • Lightweight frame
The producer enhanced the speed of the bike by using a lightweight frame. That construction minimizes the maneuvering job and creates a force on the pedal to move the bike.
  • Easy stop with the front brake

What we don’t like:

Sizthreezero does not excel at providing responsive and helpful customer service. So, it might annoy you if you cannot reach them to seek help on missing tools, weird function, or instruction.

Our verdict:

The bike is designed for people with 5’’4 to 6’’4 of height. However, if you don't mind standing over on the toe, you will be fine with under 5''4 heights. This model is for men but the design of sizthreezero focuses much on the middle-aged and long-distance commuters.

#4: Schwinn Wayfarer Hybrid Bicycle

The Schwinn Wayfrayer is a very comfortable and speedy bike that you can find in any Schwinn stores.

Slim tires

The first thing to add in the speed of this bike is the narrow tires. They help the bicycle to get over off-roads and obstacles much faster. For commuting, skinny tires can move quicker and more smoothly because they reduce drag when you move forward.

The aluminum frame also makes this bike lighter to maneuver and ride forward.

All of these features- frame, tires and doubled rims combined create a speedy vehicle.

The Wayfarer offers both front and rear brake, but after our test, we conclude that the more effective one is the rear one. It is so responsive that you can stop your ride halfway , unlike other bikes which often take a while to slide before coming to a complete stop.

Protective fender for chainring

One more thing we love about this Schwinn is the full fenders.

All bikes have got fenders to protect the tires, brakes and so on. However, this Wayfarer gets equipped with fenders for the chainring, too.

Hard seat

 The Wayfarer, at a price under 500 dollars, still bears some flaws. One of the considerable disadvantages of this bike is the uncomfortable seat.

What we like:

  • Retro style

The bike reminds vehicles in the old time with both structure and color remade in correspondence to the past.

  • Comfortable sweptback handlebars

Combined with the upright position, the bike comes with very comfortable handlebars which swept back.

  • Responsive brake

They have both rear and front brake and the system can help you with stopping the bike anytime you want immediately.

  • Adjustable seat
 You can adjust to height by raising or lowering it down for the most suitable riding position

What we don’t like:

  • Hard seat
 It’s quite disappointing seat. you cannot take it for long hours of riding.

Our verdict:

The Wayfarer is made for commuters. It can tackle moderate terrain like hills or off-road. And more than that, it can handle light haulage. We think of it as a versatile vehicle that can do more than providing cruises.

Gentlemen! This Schwinn is the bike for you, and we believe that you don't want to miss it. We mention it as the optimal choice for men because of the substantial 700C wheels. Therefore, if you have ever felt uncomfortable with a small average bike, this one will be a perfect replacement.

But, it’s not the deciding point to buy this Network 3.0. There are more appealing features to consider.

Comfortable seat

The last Schwinn came with a tough seat, but in this version, they made a suspension seat. Riding on it is much more comfortable, for sure. Getting a good seat in the first place can save you a great deal of money in the long run. And no one wants to sit on a brick for several hours, especially commuters who ride every day.

More stable

 However, the bike comes with extra grips in the saddle part. This feature can help with building up smooth rides and providing more control during the ride. Men tend to fancy fast and adventurous cruises, so we think that having the bike under control will guarantee their safety. This Schwinn Network can meet that need perfectly.

What we like:

  • Shimano gear for 21 speed

This gear support to produce smooth acceleration and responsive shock absorption.

  • Strong brake

To support men in managing a great bike, the vehicle itself provides heavy-duty brake made of alloy- a durable, flexible but also sturdy metal. The new brake system adds extra power in stopping.

  • Lightweight but stable frame

The frame support riding faster and also, it make the whole bike is easier to maneuver.

  • Easy to assemble
 Producers provide quite comprehensive instruction to help owners to assemble the bike.

What we don’t like:

  • The down kickstand

Not many people are familiar with the down kickstand. This design is handy and easy to use. However, stopping your bike with a down kickstand also means putting it in a falling-prone position.

Our verdict:

This Schwinn is something between a mountain bike and a road bike. You can commute or cruise around the places, but you cannot race. It offers comfortable riding time with soft seat and supportive speed gear.

In GTX, Schwinn is producing a more comfortable bike in terms of riding pose and uses. Let's take a closer look.

Relaxing position

First of all, we can see that the upright position is the one that Schwinn improved in the GTX design. They built the seat lower while handlebars were swept back and risen.

This structure allows riders to stretch up their back and keep the spine straight no matter how far they ride. this structure is also ideal for middle-aged people who need treatment for spinal issues.

Effective disc brake

The disc brake is one of those. Disc brake, due to its immediate effect, causes fast wearing out on the rim, but we cannot deny how excellent it works.

Many bike manufacturers refuses to apply disc brake, but in GTX, this feature becomes a spotlight. It does affect the rims but compensate by the responsiveness. Riding down the hills or on  off-road terrain will no longer be scary with this brake. 

Fixed seat

However, the seat is a big disappointment.  Generally, the bike is not a really excellent vehicle for extended riding. And because users cannot adjust it, the bike becomes less flexible.

What we like:

  • Lifetime warranty

Once you purchase the bike, manufacturer provides free service for all malfunctions of the bike relating to production.

  • Lightweight

The aluminum frame is a feature to tell how lightwieght it is.

  • 21 speed options of Shimano Drivetrain

The Shimano gear promises very smooth ride, including acceleration and general changes in speed.

  • Heavy-duty and big wheels
 Besides commuting around quite fast, you can carry some belongings on the ride because the bike comes with big wheels for that.

What we don’t like:

Not so comfortable seat

 The seat is not really hard but it’s not so suspension either.

Our verdict:

GTX is a totally new wind from Schwinn. While all hybrid bikes are doing in between, this GTX appears to be a stable bike to cope with a harder job like rougher terrains or heavier hauling. This bike will be so helpful if you need a real recreational vehicle instead of a regular commuting bike.

All of its features and warranty made it to our list of best hybrid bikes under 500 dollars.

Moving on with another product from Schwinn, the next one on the list is a model for women with a smaller frame.

Comfortable ride

Like a good hybrid bike for commuting, the bicycle comes with responsive brake and comfortable upright position. The brake is made of aluminum, so it adds up flexibility and durability.

They use the Shimano shifter so you can change the 21-speed gear feature very fast and smoothly.

Flexible seat

It's not the only advantage of the Capital hybrid bike. The seat appears adjustable.

This bike targets at women users; therefore, a changeable size is of great help so that riders with different height can fit in. But this feature has limited the size options.

 You should know that with 21-speed gear, there are many terrains you can enjoy with the Capital bike. However, the quick shifter causes unexpected issues such as stuck chainring on the gear hub.

What we like:

  • Smooth shifter with 21 Shimano speed option

The gear makes riding smoother. you will feel safe to try all speed levers that the bike offers.

  • Powerful front and rear alloy brake

The brake is made of aluminum so it’s sustainable and strong. Besides, it’s lightweight to handle

  • Sturdy rims

The rims are built for biking activities, form commuting to haulage or cruises.

  • Good wheels
 This Capital is built with sturdy 700c wheels, and with this size, the wheels promise fast and smooth rides.

What we don’t like:

Easily coming off chain

 Too many speed options and responsive gear hub sometimes cause the chain to come off.

Our verdict:

If you are new to riding, this bike is an excellent choice to begin the journey. It’s medium, easy to use with responsive brake. You can ride for hours without hurting your back.

Have you considered a sixthreezero product even though they manufactured it in China? We are still voting for this brand because of certain benefits it brings with affordable price.

Flexible bars

In the edition of Your Range Women’s Hybrid bike, the producer continues with the signature upright position which seems suitable for every rider.  furthermore, we can find adjustable handlebars included in this bike.

Possibility of changing the position can save you from discomfort during a long ride.

Comfortable seat

To support long hours of commuting, the brand also equips their bikes with a synthetic leather seat. This material can breathe and absorb shock. That well-padded seat promises a future of long ride without a backache or hurting butt.

 The rear brake works fantastically, but the front doesn't. The brand still needs further enhancement on the whole brake system.

What we like:

  • Easy assemble

Even riders at entry level can assemble this bike without difficulties. The instruction is comprehensive and details.

  • Versatile Shimano 7-speed ride

This smooth gear can make the bike becomes usable in all terrains.

  • Smooth double-walled rims

The rims appear with doubled built steel so they can endure long ride and daily commuting.

  • Good frame and comfortable ride and stop
 But the responsive brake and the sturdy frame are deciding features on making this bike awesome.  You can not only ride smoothly and comfortably but also stop immediately.

What we don’t like:

Loose front brake

While rear brake seems very responsive, the front brake doesn’t. It works only for low speed ride.

Our verdict:

This bike is made for women from 5'' to 6''2 of height. But it's terrific with shorter or taller women. Because the gear is not designed for tough terrain, we recommend using the bike for daily commuting and on short trips over the moderate grounds.

Retrospect Beaumont is a symbolic bike brand with a vintage look. Not only professional gears but also vintage looks are what they work on. For example, here comes this Lady's urban city commuter bike.

Retro inspired look

Inherited from the brand’s image, this bike contains a look of retro-inspired by 1960s nostalgia.

It is very gentle and fancy, exceptionally the lower top-notch to support all girls wearing dresses or skirts to ride comfortably and  gracefully.

The low top-notch also fits children who have problems with standard high notches.

Smooth Revoshift

Apart from the look, this Beaumont catches up with the trend of the hybrid bike by the establishment of innovative Revoshift.

This Revoshift is signature for these vintage bikes and helps with controlling the bike more efficiently, especially with speeding up.

The control of Revoshift is placed on handlebars where you can press while riding. With that, you can accelerate speed very smoothly.

Common bike for commuting

 It has a rack at the back where you can carry some necessary stuff for road trips. However, the tires is no quite heavy duty so riders cannot haul too much.

What we like:

  • Heavy duty steel frame

Unlike the vintage look, the wheels of this Retrospec Beamount seems very sturdy for roads and slight hills. The robust and narrow wheel provides better grips to save users from unexpected fall-over.

  • Comfortable upright position

It’s very comfortable to ride the bike with lower seat and raised handlebars.

  • Fast assemble with 85%  built at arrival

You need to do  very little of assembling job. The bike is 85% completed at delivery so you are supposed to in charge the accessories.

  • Protective fenders for chainring
The have a shield for chain so that riders can ride under all weather condition.

What we don’t like:

Narrow tire for heavy duty

The tires are too little to do heavy haulage. It’s just ideal for normal commuting.

Our verdict:

the bike looks elegant with full fenders, like a complete shield from top to toe. This one is a small bike for short girls under 6’’, but children can comfortably use it too.

 Ladies! There are no reasons to refuse such a good-looking bike.

Kent Springdale finishes the list of the best hybrid bikes under 500 dollars by an exceptional offer. The hybrid bike that is chosen for the list today is an ordinary bike with extra focus on speed and convenience.

Effective rims

They come with impressive rims. The wheels are big but thin.  The fact that they are made of the alloy makes the bike feel lightweight.

But what is the benefit?

These rims can go through obstacles, minimize drag, and make the way to move on without much force needed. So, riding uphill is no longer a problem.

Shock absorption tires

To support cruises, manufacturers equip their bike with great tires that can tackle front shock very well. The seat also helps with keeping riders safe from vibrations. And with long hours of commuting on this bike, you would no longer feel pain or tiredness. If we compare the seat, this bike is the winner.

It can absorb bumps and save the bike from jumping over when running on rough roads. Extra bells and whistles are added, so you don't need to spend extra money on.

Tight brake

 The bike is quite sturdy, and therefore, generating brake asks for more power. You must hold on with extra grip to get the brake work. Sometimes, it becomes quite dull and slow to respond.

What we like:

  • Lightweight aluminum frame

Almost all the bikes in this list are produced with aluminum, but only a few can show off outstanding speed. the light weight bike with wind-shred wheels keep the whole thing move faster.

  • Versatile with 21 speed

You have a gear that support different speed lever to tackle different terrains.

  • Cushioned seat
The seat is so comfortable that you can sit on all day ride.

What we don’t like:

  • Not really responsive brake

The brake seems very tight so you need to give it extra grips. Especially if you want it to work during high speed ride.

  • Confused instruction
Be careful with the assemble construction. you should have the bike checked after all in the LBS to make sure everything goes right.

Our verdict:

Kent is a standard hybrid bike with aluminum frame and 21-speed gear. It's supposed to be an enormous mountain bike than a commuting vehicle. But because of the unresponsive brakes, we would recommend the bike for entry cruiser. But for commuting, we highly recommend it because of the cushioned seat.

How to Choose Hybrid bikes under $500

Hybrid bikes consist of distinct characteristics that differ from other types of bikes. Below are some of the features:-

Best Hybrid Bikes under 500 dollars

Handlebar Shape

Most hybrid bikes are created in the way that the seats are higher than the handlebars. This lets the rider to cycle in a more sleek posture and bid for supplementary power to the pedals.

Basically, there are 5 cardinal modes of handlebars on bikes available:

Drop bar:

Mostly, they found on road bikes. Drop-bar handlebars are at times present on hybrid bikes. They are light in weight and sleek, making them the most elevated alternatives for fast cycling. They also provide a number of cycling and hand positions.

Aslo read:

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Flat bar

These bars are exceptionally regular on hybrid bikes. They are cumbersome than drop-bar handlebars, but they allow the rider  sit up in a more slacken position. This upright position minimizes toil on the rider's  hands, wrists and shoulders.

Riser bar

Also common on hybrid bikes, riser bars stretch out somewhat upward and back toward the rider. They let the rider sit more upright and farther back for marvellous sight of the tracks ahead and an awesome dominance while steering the bike.

Moustache bar

These bars look alike to drop bars, merely with exceptionally little drop. They give the rider diversity of hand positions while enabling him/her  to sit more  bolt upright than with drop bars.

Cruiser bars

They are too well known as North Road or Upright handlebars. Due to its maximal hurtle, these kind of bars enables the rider to dominate the bike while sitting wholly upright.

Braking system

There are two kinds of brakes:-

Rim Brakes

Most hybrid bikes come furnished with rim brakes. Rim brakes trademark pads that grasp onto the wheel rims.

Disc Brakes

These type consists of brake pads that clench onto a brake rotor acsended to the wheel hub. Disc brakes come in two varieties:

  • Hydraulic disc brakes

They proffers extra escalating and durable braking with less force, and they self-calibrate for brake pad wear.

  • Mechanical disc brakes

These brakes require blue-collar adjusting as the pads erodes.

Bike Suspension

  • No Suspension

Numerous hybrid bikes do not encompass any suspension at all. Suspension forks compute poundage and can make pedaling less effective so majority riders who cycle on cobblestone  paths and even  terrain will relinquish it.

  • Front Suspension

A few hybrid bikes encompass front suspension forks that aid subsume footprints on the front wheel to even out the ride on knobby terrain.

Wheel Size

The standard size wheel common on majority hybrid bikes is 700c.

Also, some hybrid bikes are furnished with 26 inch wheels

A hybrid’s horizontal bars provide a supplementary upright cycling posture. Most standard hybrids are contoured for racks and mudguards, making it a well liked choice for commuters. If you are pristine to riding, and not certain precisely what you want from a bike, a hybrid can help you resolve. For the most part they are moderate choices to full-on mountain or road bikes and they give you the recourse of trying out both types.

Conclusion on best hybrid bikes under 500

We recommend the Sixthreezero Women’s Step-through as the best choice that everyone should consider. It is not a high-end bicycle but seems to work at the best for general commuting and also basic cruises. all parts are made in balance and the whole bike is sustainable, too.

There are many hybrid bikes released to the market every day as this type of bike goes viral for its versatile usages. However, not all new arrivals are innovative. Thus, you must choose carefully. Choosing a bike requires attention to numerous features, including price.

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The best hybrid bikes under 500 dollars list above is only recent recommendations based on our market research based on lightweight frame, responsive seat, and comfortable position.

We welcome any of you who has more to introduce. We will keep the list updated and extend the topic to reach as many riders as possible.

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