10 Best Mountain Bike Helmets Of 2019

Mountain biking is one of the most amazing challenges you should enjoy once. There are quite a lot of kinds of terrains, for examples, the terrain with roots, ruts, rocks or tight spaces. Although you definitely feel fun while experiencing, the accidents may happen if you lose your control with your bike. That is the reason you should prepare a mountain bike helmet for yourself. With the aid of this helmet, you will be safer and much more comfortable while riding your bike.

The mountain bike helmets will protect your head from some dangerous injuries which are able to make you die. Both adults and the children are encouraged to wear them when they take part in some activities, such as biking, water rafting, cycling or skateboarding.

Through this article, we will offer you 10 best mountain bike helmets which are good choices for you to consider. Now let’s start to go through it.

10 Best Mountain Bike Helmets Of 2019

1. 2016 Troy Lee Designs D2 Midnight 2 Bicycle Helmet

This kind of helmet includes the hence which is a full face so that it can protect your head totally. Its aerospace shell weighs very lightly. In addition, the care, as well as the maintenance, is very trustworthy. Especially, you can clean and remove the liners along with the cheek pads easily. The eye ports are also easy for you to set up by yourself.

Troy Lee D2 is created with the TLD style and is a good choice for most of the professional riders. D2 is considered as to be suitable for mountain biking, BMX, or some other sports, for example, snowboarding. D2 becomes more and more popular with a wide range of designs together with the great features.

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  • Releasing hot air by 4 exhaust vents
  • The cheek pads and comfort liner can be removable and cleaned
  • Orbit visor is set up to adjust the level of height
  • The eye port is large, suitable for all kinds of shapes as well as sizes of the goggle.


  • The chin bar is quite too close
  • Uncomfortable
  • The bulky is heavy

2. Bell Super 2 Helmet

An outstanding point of this kind is that it includes the GoPro cameras. That is so great if you want to save all your adventures you have experienced. Bell Super Helmet contains up to 25 vents which ensure the maximum ventilation. The static padding along with the silvering fibers is also included in order that the moisture or the odors can be relieved.

This kind of helmet brings a perfect value. so a great number of mountain bikers choose it as a good partner. Goggle tabs, GoPro Mountor the hard side protection can make the product heavier and cost more.

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  • Good and comfortable
  • The padding is comfortable as well
  • The retention can be adjustable
  • The product looks nice and is in the high quality


  • The visor is not reliable
  • The distance between the strap and your face is quite far

3. IXS Trail RS All Mountain Helmet Black

IXS is known as the helmet with a half shell. It is quite flexible and you are able to remove some parts of this helmet easily. You also can fasten these parts back. The strong, as well as smooth braces, are also attached to this product and they can protect your neck from the bruises.

This helmet protects you impressively and it weighs lightly as well. This kind of product is constructed with the double in-mould. The vents and the sculptured visor are connected together so that the air can go through and you will feel so cool. The motocross helps the visor stay in the certain position. This feature also protects you from the damage if you have an unexpected crash.

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  • An attractive, light as well as full coverage product
  • Be breathable, good coverage
  • Covered with full in-mould in order to take the best advantage of the absorption and its weight.
  • The bolt system is able to be adjustable.
  • The retention system is flexible and adjusted, ergo-fit ultra.
  • The dual-compound head ring is very good.
  • The dual-inmould is used to protect you from the damage.


  • The strap must be adjusted in order to be suitable for you.
  • The position of the helmet is quite low when compared to the brow and tilt forward slightly.

4. SixSixOne Recon Stealth Health

A lot of riders from all over the world have tried this kind of the helmet, SixSixOne products. They are made from the best materials as well as by the finest craftsmanship. People use the polycarbonate materials to make the shell of this helmet.

This kind of the material is very durable, lightweight and has the ability to resist to the damage along with saving the energy well. These products are designed in a lot of different sizes. The visor can be removed easily. You will feel very comfortable and relax while riding because the view is quite large. SixSixOne always stands on the top of this industry.

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  • The helmet is very lightweight and the vents reduce the weight.
  • The drop in the rear which is extended protects users excellently.
  • The retention system is customizable.
  • The great padding.


  • The pad which seems to be a sponge holds sweat.
  • The strap is easy to fall out.

5. Troy Lee Models A-1 Helmets

Whenever thinking about bike helmets, Troy Lee Designs may be not the first company you think of, but the A-1 helmets they produce is creating many serious inroads. The largest explanation is that these helmets have been famous for their wonderful fit.

The large secure and opening fit system is suitable for all various head shapes. It looks like your extension, rather than an appendage,  that is a genius boon within the long days riding on the pathways. In addition to, the system for ventilation perfectly combines with the Montaro.

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  • Carve away positions which allow the air to get through
  • Controllable system aims at maintaining the tight of helmet
  • The A-1 can totally receive a beating when polycarbonate remove the EPS foam
  • 16 similar vents support the air move over, out of or into the helmet
  • CoolMax mattresses together with the synthetic liner can assist the moisture management
  • Its retention system is high-quality
  • The visor definitely is removable and adjustable
  • Strap system can implement its function effectively.


  • The liner inside this helmet is thick enough to make you comfort, but it is likely extremely hot.

6. Bern Morrison Multi-season Helmet Including Black Sturdy Visor

Most people usually use the unlimited helmets while riding on dirt pathways. However, Bern Morrison is famous as the very first bikes for climbing owning a symbolic brand. This kind of helmet contains a unique construction which is popular for keeping all items low profile and supporting their durability.

The warm liner can be easily swappable and removable while fit is adjustable by applying a convenient dial. Although you can feel that this helmet is very heavy in weight, it is always a functional item for using every day. For all daily activities substituting to reaching a lot of jump lines in your workout spaces, the Morrison must be your most ideal choice.

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  • Zip mold liquid foam technology provides an absolutely thin profile
  • Helmet shape is small
  • The visor is brushable
  • It is both stylish and functional
  • The helmet’s back contains a dial called Crank Fit quickly loosens or secures the fit covering your head
  • Because of a changeable dial, this helmet is very easy to adjust


  • It can bring some unpleasant feelings
  • The Bern Morrison is heavier in weight than other brands

7. Smith Forefront Cycle Helmets for Climbing

Many bikers consider forefront as one of the lightest bike-specific helmets for climbing on this current market. It is also the most lightweight ones in this article. However, most small holes located on the head of these helmets cannot support the ventilation well. Also, the Forefront is the warmest choice in comparison to other products. In case you have to ride continually under the chili temperature, this may not be a useful deal breaker. However, even you are in the Northwest of Pacific, it is definitely crucial to have a mountain cycle helmet with durable ventilation.

This item is extremely luxurious and expensive, but commendable. Made of co-polymer, the extruded and tiny Koroyd tubes which absorb approximately 30% compact which is much more than the ordinary EPS foam. Because of the hollow nature, it can support the free flow of air following the way which foam cannot apply. Moreover, the microstructures also support the use of fewer materials in order to produce one helmet. It is also a stylish helmet which can effectively protect your safe.

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  • The system called AirEvac keeps the hot air out of your goggles or glasses to maintain their fog-free condition
  • The visor consists of dual positions aiming at moving the sunlight away from your eyes
  • It contains the adjustable visor
  • The click wheel has the round shape.
  • Top notch is the main materials
  • It is a light helmet in weight
  • It’s fit holds tightly and can be adjustable easily


  • The tiny space between the helmet and the head contains no air channels
  • It cannot bear the hot weather well
  • Eccentric system for adjustments falls short

8. Fox Flux Bike Helmet

Fox contains many waterproof items in the current helmet market. However, its Flux helmet becomes the favorite choice for so many cyclers. It was an early adopter of most temple coverage together with generous head back, whereas it vents could work very well.

On top of its lid, there is a strange spoiler-like attachment which is so glittering and flashy. Overall, with the system supporting the subpar retention, it is still one of the most popular items consumers seek for the discounts through Amazon.

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  • This helmet brings the cozy feelings
  • Deep backward items of eps profile helps support the additional coverage
  • 20 wide vents are in charge of controlling temperature and maximizing the airflow
  • Its subpar retention system aims at dialing in an absolute fit
  • Visor can be removable
  • This helmet passes CE: en 1078, CPSC, and AS/NZS 2073 which are some international test standards to check the safe level.


  • Its appearance is not very stylish
  • The visor is not high-quality, but it is useful and functional.

9. BELL Mountain Bike Helmet

If it is the first time you join in the mountain biking, or for some spontaneous riding, this Bell Traverse bike is definitely a great choice. This contains all fundamental features you require for your workout outside such as a changeable visor and fit, suitable head coverage and absorbent padding. Ventilation or large cutouts are not the half-bad problems of this helmet’s in-mold shell.

Its fit which offers one size completely fitting all designs looks like the mushroom. Also, it can bring the illusion of a lightweight helmet to your head in spite of the 11 ounces in total weight. Actually, you can buy dual Traverses with the exact price of the second cheapest one located in this list. It is an effectively affordable choice for getting the safety level.

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  • Perfect choice for spontaneous riding.
  • High-quality and functional Bike Helmet
  • MIPS contains some extra measurements of protection following the fixed impacts.
  • It is completely cool and cozy.
  • This bright and nice product can spot easily while riding


  • The Bell Traverses is very ungainly for some serious biking and bulky.

10. Giro Character Mountain Helmet for Cycling

The design of this mountain helmet for biking aims at eliminating heat rising when wearing the helmet within a long time. It is comprehensively lightweight and contemporary. Also, it includes some twist knobs which can control its one-handed system.

Like the evolvement of trail ride, helmets also require some progress. This character begins with the strange shape which links more coverage than other ordinary mountain helmets. This is great for jogging with a low pace. Then as soon as the pathway drops, the In-Form fit items offer stability adjustment and one-handed fit. Therefore, it is possible for you to dial-in many great feelings and concentrate on the pathway ahead.


  • The progress of performance and coverage for long-trip trail riding
  • The internal channeling together with 12 vents for supporting superior ventilation
  • The moto-style visor is changeable
  • This helmet’s fitting is very wonderful
  • Coziness


  • The attachment of chin strap
  • Ventilation may be unsuitable at the low paces under the high temperatures.
  • Inner Pads
  • Lack of flimsy straps and vents.

How to pick out the excellent mountain motorbike helmet?

When shopping for a brand new MTB helmet, you may need to remember a pair of things to choose the best one for you:


The motivation behind wearing a head protector is not simply to look amazing. Its primary capacity is to secure the head in case of an unexpected situation by reducing the effect of the crash. The design of a high-quality head protector is vital. Technological headways in the area of insurance have empowered producers to make helmets that are more solid and much lighter.

Helmet is regularly developed from the foam of extended polystyrene which is strongly protected with polycarbonate to spread the effect over the extended foam. The interior development of bike helmet comprises of delicate foam or gel for much more comfort.  Secure straps can be fastened under your chin.

A generally new security system for head protectors is called a MIPS which stands for Multi-directional Impact Protection System. This creative plan offers low-friction slip cage in the head protector which limits rotational powers brought by the effect.

Protective helmets sold in the United Kingdom ought to meet the standard of Britain, which will be labeled with the name of BS Kite Mark. You can see if the head protector meets the standards of Europe, it will have CE label.


You will lose a great deal of heat via your head, particularly when you conduct physical activities. So it’s imperative to enhance sufficient wind flow in order to let out the heat, and also to keep the head cool in the whole journey.

It doesn’t automatically imply that more is always better. Ventilation ought to be installed in both back and front of the head protector, spaced out effectively to permit air channels to function proficiently.


It is common knowledge that your protective helmet ought to fit perfectly – it should be snug and also must give adequate coverage to the discipline you are on.

A decent protective helmet will let you change the inner cage of boundary, and also the height in order to effectively support your head. Gel pads or foam lying inside the helmet ought to be evenly separated to spread the pressure and weight equally.

Head protector straps ought to be solid, sturdy and movable in order to fasten under your chin while looping around your ears.

Bonus features

Despite the fact that numerous MTB head protectors accompanying with flexible visors, these aren’t compulsory security standards. They won’t totally shield the eyes from sunlight, however, they do take out the glare, keep water from the rain out of rider’s eyes and they help remain the helmet much more aerodynamic.

Useful extra components consist of camera along with light mounts. They are considered as a basic standard for most protective helmets now.

Removable pads are extremely welcome. It is nothing but refreshing to remove and wash these sweaty pads in using them is the next ride.

One full face extra component is padding that is able to be embedded and removed in order to make the head protector fit all the sizes. Full face head protectors can’t be changed in boundary, height compared to trail head protectors, so extra padding can keep the full face snug.

Kinds of mountain bike helmets

Just as there are lots of kinds of mountain bicycles for various purposes, there are also many distinctive styles of protective helmets to suit. Which protective helmet you choose depends on what sort of riding you like.

  • XC

The cross country riding includes long time spending in the saddle, going up and down to the mountains along with across many vast distances.

Without handling super techy as well as soak segments, sometimes downhill tracks, XC head protectors have a tendency to be opened blankly and ventilated completely. Coverage can extend from a half to 3/4 lid, however, the primary point is the solid and super lightweight design.


The most generally MTB head protector has a 3/4 protection and a more flexible visor. These protectors are the most flexible as they are easily used for all kinds of cycling, even for commuting since they give sufficient protection, assurance, and the visor is easily removable.

These protective helmets are also perfect to use with goggles. This is normal for enduro riding, yet, goggles are to be fitted with the head protector, under visor when not being used.

  • Full-face

In case you’re prepared to attack the challenging trails of the routes, a full face protector is suitable for you. These are created to secure your face and head in case of a substantial and quick accidence

These generally accompany with two pad sizes in order to wedge in for more fit, support. An extra chin strap helps fasten the helmet for more security, and visor is also flexible for stashing the goggles under when they aren’t being used

Having an appropriate head protector that fits perfectly and give sufficient security is fundamental to a suitable and decent ride.

When should you replace your helmet?

Making decision for substituting your old helmet is usually vague, also there remain many debates today about what the right time is. To begin with, helmets contains the shelf life, so the idea grabbing your outdated lid, covered by lots of dust within a long time, without placing your vision into it at least once is definitely not good.

Instead, you should carefully check whether it contains any damages in its foam, together with all signs for deterioration on both the inner lining and outer shell or not. If the answer is pretty vague, you had better remove it and use the new one.

There contains a lot of tests implemented for pinning down its predictable lifespan. Also, whereas there does not have any fast and hard rules, most manufacturers likely stick between 3 and 8 years. In case you frequently ride a mountain bike, it must be a great chance for changing it. For all helmets which have been sitting for a short amount of time, you should check the change of safety and fit technology. Purchasing a new one can be likely an advance even when your old helmet still works well.

You have to replace your current helmet if a crash occurs. In case of the significant impact, the foam it contains will be compromised, which may reduce its protective ability for the upcoming accidents. Therefore, it is best to make a replacement. Actually, you should not make excuses for avoiding any substitution. As soon as your current helmet has some crashes or is outdated, it is worth buying a new item.

FAQ about mountain bike helmets

Q: Why purchase a mountain helmet for cycling?

Answer: Mountain helmet for cycling is an inevitable item for protecting your head from damages or impacts. This is so stylish, impede and durable that you can gain much fun when riding outside on biking pathways.

Q: Why is this item so important?

Answer: It’s crucial for you to put on the right protective equipment when cycling. The greatest bike helmet for biking is the one which is durable, contains high-quality ventilation and brings excellent protection to all riders. Today, producers use modern technologies to create this product. Therefore, it currently can give GPS singles to the very first receivers when needed and calculate how serious your crash is. Those modern technologies can totally create the greatest helmets.

Q: What size of my ideal bike helmet is?

Answer: When choosing the size of your helmet, it is also similar to the size of your current hat. You can take its measurements by gauging your hats’ size. For instance, in case you are wearing the hats 6 ⅝ in size, you will wear the helmets offering small size. All productions of helmets are suitable for all changes in the size of head from a kid to the adults owning a hat 8 ½ in size.

Q: How to tidy your bike helmet?


  1. Do not divide your helmet into separate parts, keep the padding inside in order to wash easily.
  2. Put it into the sink, then clean in cold water or apply the mild soap like dish detergent.
  3. Keep your helmet out of dampness. Avoid any possible heat to enter your helmet, this can weaken all bonding materials and the shell inside.

Q: How long does a mountain helmet for biking last?

Answer:  A mountain helmet for biking can last within a large amount of time, which totally depends on how many times you plan to wear it. In case you use your helmet frequently or has some accidents, most helmet producers advice that you had better buy a new one every triple year. Because of the constant sun sweat and exposure, this item can reduce the durability of all materials inside.

Q: Why does a mountain helmet for biking contain a visor?

Answer: Containing a visor is definitely great to avoid the sun to directly beam to your eyes. This can assist you to prevent mud and avoid rain.

Final thoughts

If you want to go away busy modern city and adventure nature, riding is a great thing to experience to ensure the safety, mountain bike helmet is an indispensable thing. It helps to protect your head from  serious crashes which can happen unpredictably. But there are thousands of helmets in the market, you don’t know which one you should choose and how to get the best one. Our 10 best mountain bike helmets will be the answer for you.

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