The 5 Best Mountain Bike Pedals

It is such a hard task to do with the pedals because they are among 3 points that your bike and your body meet, therefore, they must offer an appropriate interface and controlling element as well. However, they are also an important part, which will transfer your legs’ power into the bicycle’s drivetrain in order to help you to go everywhere you love.

5 Best Clipless Mountain Bike Pedals

Here is a list of top 5 clipless pedals. Every model is such a high-quality and durable product; therefore, you need not be anxious about replacing them soon.

1. Shimano Unisex PD-M520 MTB SPD Pedal

Shimano Unisex PD-M520 MTB SPD Pedal

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For recent years, this model of clipless pedals has tried its best to efficient with its sleek designs and aluminum or chrome construction. This Shimano Unisex PD-M520 MTB SPD Pedal doesn’t make attempt to impress riders with appearance; alternatively, it opts for the rugged dependability.

This pedal is the champion of clipless bike pedal world. Although they are not so flashy, so sleek or so cool, they are mainly built to perform their important job well and take a beating in its process.

Whilst those pedals are quite bulky (their total weight is more than one pound), they can perfectly strap rider’s feet in and do a great performance all the time.

The Shimano Unisex PD-M520 MTB SPD Pedals are ranked as the sports pedals, therefore, they are manufactured to deal with punishment, which may cripple other kinds of pedals.

Those pedals are also built to resist to mud and water, which is much more effective than other types in its class. To conclude, if you are searching for a workhorse pedal, then the Shimano Unisex PD-M520 MTB SPD Pedal is an ideal option.

2. Diamondback Overdrive Mountain Clipless Pedals, Black/Silver

Being the 2nd one on the top list of best pedals, those “bad boys” are specially made for rough surfaces and extremely heavy-duty. Your first impression of the Diamondback Overdrive Mountain Clipless Pedals, Black/Silver may be its slick chrome construction.

After some harsh rides, they may not look as pretty as the first time you have seen them, the chrome material always helps to remain the pedals in their best shapes. That chrome material also helps those pedals extremely lightweight, of which total weight is just 295 grams.

The most important part of those pedals is that they offer the cleats; therefore, you need not find the suitable sneakers to lock into. Last but not least, the Diamondback Overdrive Mountain Clipless Pedals, Black/Silver is doubled-side, thus, before heading out, you do not to ensure whether you are on the true side or not.

3. Shimano PD-M530 MTB SPD Pedals

When seeking for the clipless bike pedals, there’s only a company, which is ideally synonymous with this equipment. Obviously, that famous company is the Shimano, and they are also the first one to have the idea of Shimano clipless pedals in the early nineties.

This model of bike pedal is the first product that Shimano has been developing for many decades; therefore, you surely know that any piece of equipment with Shimano in their names is high-quality. And the Shimano PD-M530 MTB SPD Pedals are also on this list.

Those black, sleek pedals are constructed to be durable, and sturdy with chrome-moly appearance. Their bearings are sealed, thus you need not worry about their coming off when cycling.

Just as the Diamondback pedals, those are double-sided and possess adjustable control; therefore, you can easily customize their release to meet your own need. They are 455 grams in weight, which is an average weight.

Although a little bit heavier than the Diamondback, the Shimano PD-M530 MTB SPD Pedals are much robust and worth a beating.

4. Shimano PD-M324 SPD Dual Platform Pedal

The next product in our list is this wonderful model of pedals. When talking about the clipless bike pedals, the Shimano PD-M324 SPD Dual Platform Pedal is such a high-quality product. There’re some significant differences between the M530 and those ones.

A certain fact is that the Shimano PD-M324 SPD Dual Platform Pedal is not double-sided. When it may seem like a drawback, this kind of pedal can professionally work as clipless or clipped pedal, which helps reduce the setback.

Another advantage of being a one-sided pedal is that rider can easily ride the bicycle comfortably without wearing cleats. In addition, the flat side of this pedal is also excellent for street shoes, in case you are planning on doing some casual riding.

Just as other pedals listed, the Shimano PD-M324 SPD Dual Platform Pedal offers the cleats, thus, you need not worry about searching for the suitable pair of sneakers. Lastly, the total weight of this model is 1.17 pounds. With this weight, it has become the heaviest set; however, it is not too cumbersome anyway.

5. Shimano clipless pedals SPD Pedal PD-T780

At last, we will have a look at the Shimano clipless pedals SPD Pedal PD-T780. In case you are seeking for a basic clipless bike pedal, which helps you stay safely on your bicycle during rough rides, then, this model is surely suitable for you.

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Being as simple as other clipless pedals, but because they come from the famous Shimano, the Shimano clipless pedals SPD Pedal PD-T780 are also extremely comfortable and durable. Just as the M324, those pedals are just one-sided, and thanks to this, they are perfect for street riding and mountain biking as well.

The model also comes with reflectors for extra visibility in low-lighted conditions. Unluckily, they don’t include cleats; however, I believe that they’re super versatile in comparison with other Shimano SPD style cleats.

5 best mountain bike flat pedals

We admitted that a flat pedal enjoys popularity among a vast number of people. More incredibly, it’s flat pedals that are designed for serious riders. This article will elaborate on top 5 flat pedals in the current market.

1. RockBros MTB Mountain Bike Pedals Flat Aluminum Alloy Platform Sealed Bearing Axle 9/16″ 93

The pedal is designed especially with a pair 39g in weight and a spindle diameter of 9/16 inch. It has a wear-resistant and strong body made from aluminum alloy. Hence, it has higher durability compared to other competitors. Owing to sealed bearing that is opened when repaired, it can be maintained easily

2. XLC Caged Alloy MTB Pedal Black / Silver 9/16″.

Its caged design has a variety of silver and black. The outstanding design makes it attractive and stunning. On top of that, it has a couple of reflectors that serves to increase visibility in the low light. The lightweight can make it appropriate for the long racing.

The design can be considered one-piece aluminum alloy, hence, it is in the position to put up with wear and the durability can be unmatched.

3. VP Components VP-Vice Pedals (Pack of 2)

The Vice is an intensively incredible about the trail flat.  It is thin, grippy and easy as well as durable.  12 pins in per side seem to be enough in order to bite into the shoe which is available as well as stick to pedals.

The broad, albeit low bodies can provide us with planted feel, however, it remains from the technique of origins plus stones.  VP Vice Pedals are completely rebuildable with the  Rebuild Kit and more importantly, you can drop another 70 grams out of the set with the Forged Titanium Axle kit.

4. Bonmixc Mountain Bike Pedals 9/16″ Cycling Four Pcs Sealed Bearing Pedals 204

The bike pedal can offer lots of solutions to the hassles. It does not depend on the terrain where you ride the bike, however, I can guarantee that Bonmix mountain bike pedals will not make you disappointed or unsatisfied. It has the pretty styling and a size of 1.01×4.00×4.60 inches and a light of 0.43lb on weight.

It is actually made of an aluminum alloy whose function is to ensure it will be as durable as possible as well as it can offer you lots of services in a long time.

We can name a few kinds such as track bike, dirty jumper, and folding bike. However, it can match well with a mountain bike. If you can not crack under high pressure, I recommend that you should pick up this product

5. Schwinn Universal Pedal (1/2 x 9/16-Inch)

The pedal has an important role around the world because it is actually universal naturally and the pedal adapter can fit well bike crank. CPSC reflectors serve to increase higher visibility in the low light, therefore, you are in the position to ride in safe conditions. It also has high durability because the composite body never rust.

Choosing the Best Mountain Bike Pedals

If you would like to have a couple of pedals that can hold up heavy use in the harsh terrains, you should take The Best Mountain Bike Pedals into consideration. Every single option has both merits and demerits. Therefore, you should take the features of each product into account so that you can buy a pedal that suits you the best. Hopefully, this article can help you have a better decision. Do not forget to share Best Mountain Bike Pedals in 2017 with  your family and friends!

Flat and clipless pedals for the mountain biking: which one is much better?

The first thing to think about is your riding background. In case you come to the mountain cycling from the roads, you are possibly familiar with the clipless pedals. Nevertheless, in case you are coming from an environment, in which the flats are popularly used, like BMX, or you have just begun cycling, then the flat pedals are an ideal option for you.

Flats – Pros:

  • You can easily bail in case you want to get off and away from your bicycle if something goes wrong.
  • Those pedals can help enhance your riding technique since you must ensure that they are correctly placed for some certain skills such as bunny hops.
  • Allow more feedbacks from your bicycle so that you can easily feel the surfaces and terrains that you are riding on.
  • You can even adjust the foot position when riding. For example, you can out them in a more comfortable position for the descending.
  • You also need not be anxious about clipping in whenever riding off.

Flats – Cons

  • You may slip off the bike’s pedals on bumpy or uphill terrains
  • In case you let your shin on pedals/pins, then you may possibly receive nasty grazes.

Good for

  • The first time you try the features.
  • Steep downhill

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Clipless – Pros

  • You will feel yourself more “attached” to your bicycle, which means smoother pedaling
  • It helps to pedal quite more effective (but still not much as some people claim)
  • You are likely ti possess a great technique pedal position when cornering,
  • It is much easier to lift or hop your bicycle over features along the trails.
  • You need not be anxious about slipping your feet off pedals.

Clipless – Cons

  • It may be much trickier to unclip in case you need more speed.
  • As consequence, you may not remember to unclip whenever stopping and this may cause you fall.

Good for

  • Undulating or relatively flat terrain
  • Cross-country biking

How to choose the best moutain bike pedals?

Those are some buying guides on how to decide which pedals are the most suitable and the best one for your biking style and for yourself.

Platform Pedals

The platform pedals, themselves, are often included with the bicycle and are almost possibly what you possess on your bike when you are a child: square, wide and flat. They offer stable and large surfaces so that you can easily put your feet on while cycling, however, because there is nothing else to hold your feet in a certain place, finally, you are likely to lose much power or even slip your feet off the pedals.

In case you usually ride a bike for the short distances, about 5 miles, etc. then, a bike with the platform pedals can work fine and save your money as well. however, if you love to begin biking for long distance, then you may need to think about a more effective pedaling method.

Toe Clips

The toe clips, which are also known as toe cages, can be attached to the platform pedals to enhance the pedaling efficiency. Thanks to this clips, you can easily hold your own feet in an appropriate position on pedals, while its straps make sure that your feet can stay in place during your rides. In case you are not ready to make a switch to the clipless pedals, you can purchase a pair of the toe clips, which serves as an inexpensive and easy alternative. However, they are quite awkward when being used at the first time, and they aren’t the most effective option for you.

For the most efficient pedaling power, the clipless pedal the greatest choice.

Clipless Pedals

The “clipless” definition may be quite confusing when coming to talk about the bicycle pedals, as you always clip your own feet into them when riding. Nevertheless, because those pedals don’t utilize the toe clips, thus, they are considered as clipless.

Those clipless pedals are ideal for cyclists who love logging for miles, some days each week. They will offer riders the most control and power by turning their legs and feet into extensions of the bicycle. With your whole shoes directly attached to the clipless pedals, you can pull up to push down. This means that you will lose less energy with the whole pedal stroke.

There’re many styles of the clipless pedals for you to choose, however, they are all divided into two categories: off-road pedals and road pedals

Road Pedals

The road pedals (which are also known as “Look-style” or “SPD-SL” pedals) use a big cleat in order to offer greater support and distribute pressure evenly across more areas. Those systems are commonly very lightweight, besides, they offer maximum efficiency and aerodynamics.

Because those cleats are so big, they can protrude from your shoe’s sole, and make your walking around off your bike awkward and difficult at first. However, riders do not usually intend to get off their bicycle and walk during their rides, so it does not really a big problem. In case the capacity to comfortably walk around in the bike shoe is essential to you, you may want to have a look at the off-road pedals instead.

Almost road pedals you will see look like this one, nevertheless, there is still another style, which is called Speedplay. This Speedplay has been famous for its design among riders in recent years. It is specially designed to maximize the efficiency and power but still function and look a little bit differently. (Unluckily, at this time, the Eastern Mountain Sports doesn’t carry the Speedplay pedals).

Off-Road Pedals

Compared to the cleats and road pedals, the off-road pedals, which is also known as “SPD” pedals (there is another style of off-road pedals considered an “eggbeater”), are smaller. In general, cleats are recessed into the shoe’s sole, which helps walking around easier.

Those pedal systems offer a lot of pedaling efficiency and power, however, with the extra benefit of having the ability to shed debris better when cycling on trails. The capacity to comfortably walk off the bicycle also turns out to be useful for some cases when you want to hike sections of trails that are un-rideable.

The off-road pedals are double-sided that you need not look down to get back into it. Some models even let you engage the cleat on a side whilst other side looks like a common platform pedal for an extra flexibility.

Thanks to the obvious advantages of using those pedal systems whilst mountain cycling, it is the place where you’ll most usually see them. Nevertheless, they can be used for casual road cycling or bicycle touring as the accompanying bicycle shoes are occasionally a little bit more easeful than those for road cycling.

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