10 Best Mountain Bike Saddle

If you are the one who loves mountain biking like many other cyclists and you are seeking for one comfortable saddle then you have been at the exact place. You are likely to spend little time on the seat if you’re a kind of aggressive cyclist, but owning a seat which allows the muscles to stretch out and relax to release stress is certainly make your ride experience much more joyful.

We are going to introduce to you our 10 Best Mountain Bike Saddle which is believed to make you choose better and wiser.

Design Type

Various people have various needs. That will explain why many manufacturers make thousands of bike models to satisfy the needs of many different kinds of cyclists

  • Anatomical/Comfort. If you pay attention, not every saddle has a perfect and comfortable look. The best are much softer in the area which the weight pressure seat. The anatomical or comfort seats are made to help support the body and also to equally distribute weight on the saddle. Comfort saddles can offer cyclist extraordinary comfort and enable riders to cycle in a long period of time without any suffering while riding or after.
  • Performance/Race. This kind of seat can serve two purposes, be present when riders want and weight very little. They are made to help concentrate on hotspots. Assisting the areas in which the weight is distributed. The race or Performance seats are really standing out from other ordinary seats. They often have an eye-catching and attractive appearance.

Regardless of what kind of seat you choose, durability and long-lasting are two most important criteria so that your money is worth its value.

10 Best Mountain Bike Saddle

1. WTB Pure Black V Race Bicycle Saddle

Made to help riders climb to the peak of the hill or down to the toughest road, this WTB Pure Black V Race has been a perfect model that can give you much comfort. It’s absolutely well-made and long-lasting that you may not remember when you bought it. The adequate padding can absorb shocks easily on any hardtail mountain bike.

It’s a little wider in the back of the bike that can provide you much more space to maneuver when you ride. Long rides are not a problem with this saddle. Even heavy cyclists find this bike very flexible and comfortable.


  • The saddle makes riding any hardtail mountain bike much easier
  • Padded shorts upon long rides, road rides, trail rides make riding comfortable
  • Synthetic cover avoids soaking up raining or sweat
  • Relatively cheap with a comfortable seat.


  • The gel gets hot sometimes
  • Synthetic cover is not able to breathe well
  • A bit heavy

2. Z ZTDM Outdoor VD-104 Black Men's Anatomic Relief Bicycle Mountain Bike Saddle

Although this saddle is for those who want to experience riding to the utmost, it can offer comfort for any rider that most other ordinary ones cannot. The VD-104 can give you buttock protection in order to reduce unnecessary pain. Thin front detail of this saddle enables you to paddle comfortable without any hardship from the saddle. Another bonus point is that the price is affordable. If you plan to use it for a while and then ditch it, you may be sorry as it is a tough nut for you to crack. The saddle can be maintained in initial condition during a long period of time!


  • Great quality
  • Using of seat fabrics together with gel-point to make sure seat will not slip after being installed
  • New wear proof and buttock protection
  • Suitable for long-distance trip, comfortable, durable and wear-resistant
  • Affordable price
  • Durable and light


  • Cheap seat as it is China product

Although being tagged as saddle for women, this seat is not just that. It can serve men the same as serving women, totally! It can also be used for road riding, too. But you can ride well if it is used in mountain biking. It can offer great comfort due to ergonomic design.

This Serfas RX-992L is designed with one cut out to eliminate the numbness when riding in the long-distance trip. Manufactured from Lycra, this bike is waterproof which means mud and rain are not a problem anymore. For the very affordable price, this saddle is really awesome that will look stunning on any kind of bike.


  • Comfortable
  • Injury-free ride
  • Dual Density base technology
  • ICS Technology for more comfort
  • RX Cut out reduce numbness along with long-distance cycling
  • More support for buttocks with one long hollow
  • Flex design eliminates bumps
  • Gel


  • A little heavy

The Avenir 100 Series Men’s Mountain Saddle has always been among the list of favorite bike seat for men’s mountain bike. Designed with the gel foam padding that especially molds according to your shape, this saddle is made to release pressure points towards your body.

This version of mountain saddle also has very durable, sturdy, steel rails. On these accounts, you should not worry much about the durability. The saddle is well designed with a two layer vinyl cover to increase weather-proof and versatility qualities.


  • Cushions the backside in order to enjoy much more.
  • Suitable for small rides in the neighborhood.
  • Strong and nice
  • Worth your money
  • High quality and comfortable


  • Thick padding seems unsuitable for long ride

The Planet Bike A.R.S has been made with a complete full-length center recess that can offer ventilation and anatomic relief. The saddle is equipped with super-soft padding that accompanies with sit-bone gel pads and flexible base, both of which appears effective in releasing pressure.

The saddle can be easily installed into the bikes which are strong enough for large people. This saddle is even used by older people due to its perfect performance and comfort. We also love the feature reducing numbness when on long rides.


  • Relieving saddle
  • Comfortable and high quality
  • Easy to install
  • Absolutely comfortable for long trips.
  • There are no bruises on the tail bone.


  • Too many logos on the saddle.

6. Selle TRK SMP Lady Saddle

This Selle saddle is one special design which offers a larger dip in the middle of the saddle in order to help you position on the right part together with one dropped nose that can reduce pressure from some sensitive areas. This saddle also has a wide cut out located in the middle of the saddle which can seem uncomfortable, but really comfortable indeed.


  • Add comfort to riding
  • Great quality with reasonable price
  • Attractive and comfortable seat
  • None-pressure soreness
  • Cheap


  • In some cases, hooks loose shorts
  • no sizing in packaging or site
  • Heavier than the regular saddle

The Brooks Imperial B17 has a hole in the saddle’s center that can function to release perineal pressure. Despite some people may reckon that this saddle is just another new trend on the market, Brooks really was the first one to use this approach at the end of the 19th century – which is very long ago. If you ride occasionally then the saddle is not for you. One of the first things you may notice in this Brooks seat is rock hard. Riders who do not usually ride find it very hard to sit on, and also have much discomfort when having a long ride.

Although having rigid texture, roads bumps will be flexed and absorbed by the Imperial saddle. And if the saddle somehow gets broken in — perhaps less than haft a thousand miles, leather will conform to the butt, then it becomes a sort of custom saddle which has individualized with every variation during the rear end. That explains why a lot of long trip cyclists always use Brooks saddles.


  • Comfortable seat
  • Nice design
  • Comfy cutout.
  • Brooks uses imperial cut in order to release perennial pressure.
  • Brooks just uses the best European vegetable and tanned leather in their saddles
  • High-quality materials with long-lasting traditional techniques.


  • Easy to get stolen for pricing very highly

This pillow top contains many layers of special soft and memory foam to increase comfort in the bikes. Deep channel outlook; an impressively shaped channel which runs through the saddle’s length, improves superb relief and superior comfort in sensitive areas.

Dual-zone relief; two density base with underlying hole advances, increase support and comfort. Elastomer spring; light spring with high-end vibration damping offers supple and smooth ride.


  • Many layers of memory and soft foam
  • Uniquely shaped channel in order to release pressure in sensitive areas
  • Double density base along with underlying hole technology
  • Light elastomer spring to serve a supple and smooth ride
  • Specifically designed for women’s shape for much comfort


  • Quite heavy

The Planet Bike ARS has always been a comfort-oriented seat which is suitable for a normal bike or a cruiser. A complete anatomical cut out along with thick padding improve comfort for riders who want upright stance and leave out padded cycling shorts.

The Lycra cover is prone to abrasion, however, the shell and the rails held up very well in the experiment. Try the ARS in case you are seeking for an affordable saddle for cruiser duty or commuter.


  • There is one anatomical groove running over the saddle, changing to a complete cut out in the nose.
  • Durable plastic shell with steel rails


  • Thick padding
  • Not performance-oriented
  • Lack of versatile.

This B67s seat is designed specifically for women. It is a little bit shorter in term of length and wider to fit perfectly to female body. This women’s saddle is very comfortable to ride on long trips. It is amongst Brooks big saddles which are great option for those who love sitting upright on the bikes, along with handlebars higher than saddle as well as rider’s weight when on their saddle.

This B67s is very wide to make riding much more comfortable, and also provide a complete collection of springs in order to take the sting away from bumps. Because leather is raw material, it really needs care. It is highly recommended you cover it in case you may ride in rainy or snowy weather.


  • Suitable for elderly riders
  • Reasonable price
  • Durable
  • Breaks in for ‘custom’ fit the body


  • Firm leather
  • Quite expensive

How to choose the best mountain bike saddle?

There are countless models of saddles available for you to pick up. Getting the fittest saddle choose from and getting the right one mean the disparity between relaxation and pain. We are going to suggest some of the ways to choose the most suitable saddle.

1. What kind of cycling do you have?

You are able to get all the saddles made for all kinds of cycling ranging from road riding to leisure riding, mountain biking and time trialing.

Saddles made for a typical kind of cycling has always developed to increase comfort and support when being installed in the bike in which is usual for the kind of riding. For instance, road cyclists have a tendency to lean towards over bars that helps apply much more pressure to the crotch’s front.

2. What is the budget?

It depends on your intention to use or how often you may ride that decide how much money you spend on the saddle. If you plan to ride a lot such as commuting or racing then a little extra money on the saddle is worth its value in order to have the light and comfortable saddle. In short, the higher you pay, the lighter the saddle is.

3. What size you may want?

Saddles available on the market have many different sizes choices and it is determined by the sit bones’ width, and that is irrelevant to the bum’s width.

Most shops have a small equipment to measure this that often have foam pad or for you to sit on. Two primary dots or depressions leaving on the saddle when you sit on will show where the sit bones are which the measurement has come from.

4. Are you able to test it?

You may need a short period of time to decide whether the saddle is suitable for you and able to work out for you or not. You should not feel much pressure on the soft tissue any more than you should not feel any detail in the saddle rubbing on the bum or sometimes at your leg’s tops when pedaling. A slight feeling of discomfort will feel greatly awful during one-hour riding. Therefore, there is anything making you feel uneasy then it is definite not your choice.

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You should try the saddle for a few hour which will help you decide it is your perfect fit or not. Picking the right saddle may be a tough challenge, however, it is worth your effort, and the most important criteria when choosing is comfort – you will be able to ride longer and faster if you feel much more comfortable.

It is safe to say that choosing saddles is one of the hardest even for experienced riders. Regardless of the kind of your bike, it is important to make sure that the saddle is long lasting and durable which can suit your needs in order to be worth the money’s value. With the suggested 10 best mountain bike saddle, we want you to be able to find the most suitable saddles to your needs. Please share this post if it is helpful and useful to you.



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