Best Road Bike Saddles 2018

The last time you purchased your road bicycle, what drew your attention most. Maybe all of you have a tendency to choose a good-looking bike, a fast bike or even a light one; however, it is considered to be a good decision to own a comfortable bicycle. And a comfortable saddle is what your bicycle must have so you can enjoy riding.

Yet, it sometimes comes to a little bit difficult to be able to know which kind of saddle is suitable for you. In reality, there is a wide range of various materials, designs, shapes, and sizes. There is, of course, no a size that can suit all options; thus, it requires you to have a bit of trial or even error to find out what is the most suitable saddle for you.

 Don’t worry, thanks to our buying guide and list below; you will find it easy to choose the best road bike saddles for yourselves.

1. Planet Bike Men's A.R.S. Anatomic Relief Bicycle Saddle

This is an ideal saddle for pro-mountain or road racing biking. With its large and deep recess, you will find it more comfortable to sit forward. Also, its special shape of groove supports your anatomy as well as well ventilates while riding.

One of the great features of this saddle is that it will ensure to support your backside in a completely healthy way as it is designed to avoid any discomfort or injury. It is the latest advancement of this type of saddle.

Moreover, it also has a design of sit-bone gel pads. They will help to reduce the pressure putting on you. Particularly, it can perform well no matter which kind of clothes you are wearing.

The most favorable feature is that it uses one of the highest quality materials to cover everything tightly in the saddle. It can bear the weight and pressure from the riders well and give them a comfortable feeling.

Besides, this product is also equipped with gel cushions which are put under your sit bones. They will protect the bones as well as reduce the pressure putting on your soft tissue without causing any discomfort. You can rest assured to ride your bike comfortably, even for a long time.

About its dimensions, there are a wide variety of sizes for you to choose. You will not need to worry about that it does not have the sizes you want as this saddle can surely satisfy you.

Above all, the center recess of this saddle is very great with a full-length area which is sure to protect the crotch area and provide a wonderful ventilation.


  • The flexible base of foam padding for maximum support and comfort
  • Full-length center recess support the anatomy
  • Wonderful cover with great-resistance-side material
  • Steel rails
  • Equipped with gel cushions under the sitting.
  • Providing comfort, durability, shock absorption
  • Great water proof
  • Considerably affordable price


  •  It may be only for Man.

2. Planet Bike 5020 Men's ARS Standard Anatomic Relief Saddle

The advancement of this saddle compared to the one mentioned above is its different anatomic relief recess. In this new version, it has a cutaway under the deep groove which boost better ventilation as well as protect the rider’s sitting area when they lean forward. And compared to Planet standard ARS, its recess is slighter larger which is really ideal for larger riders who want to enjoy the same comfort. Besides, it also offers super soft padding and cushions which are optimized for a road bike.

Its cover is made of a high-quality material which can keep the saddle and every inside it in place. Therefore, there is no need for the riders to worry about the instability of the saddle.

The durability of this saddle is considerable as it can last for a long time and can withstand well on many types of roads.

The design of this product can fit well with most of the bikes easily. Although it might take a considerable time to fit the saddle on your bike, it is not a big problem.


  • Full-length center recess supports a healthy anatomy
  • Gel cushions are put under the sit bones
  • Extremely soft padding
  • Clamp style adjustment and installation
  • Water proof ability and durable cover


  •  The quite firm gel paddingon the rear.

3. ISM Adamo Road Saddle

This saddle is made to support you no matter how much weight you are. It will be ensured not to compromise your blood flow when you intend to ride forward, especially when you do at high speed.

With this feature, you need not worry that your riding will be interrupted due to your reducing comfort. It has a minimum length of 240mm, 7-9cm wings, and 5cm-behind-the-bottom-bracket-position rails.

According to many independent researchs, most of the traditional cannot fully support your bones which may lead to a blood-flow reduction and cause much pain. However, The Adamo saddle can solve this by equipping a nose-less design which has a cutaway in the front area. It will help to reduce the pressure putting on your sit bones and give you more comfort. A recent test has shown that the ISM saddle can help to reduce the chance to get injured to less than 5%.

On the whole, this is really a great saddle for you if you are looking for one which is good for your health while not compromising the rest parts of your body (compared to the traditional ones).

The dimension of this saddle is 245x135mm, and it is rather lightweight. The rails are of 75mm which is really easy to adjust for and after of the saddle. Besides, it is also equipped with a hook on the back of the shell helping to rack the bike easily and quickly if you are a triathlete.


  • Patented design helps to reduce numbness and provide full blood flow
  • The design is suitable for both men and women.
  • UCI legal which is suitable to use in all time trials and road races, especially triathlon


  •  Its width might be not large enough for someone.

4. WTB Speed Comp Saddle

This saddle can satisfy anyone with their requirements. With the support of the soft-shell, the rear sides of the riders will be protected from the impact of bumps while riding. Moreover, the equipment of full cushion paddings helps to reduce pressure as well as extend the time riding.

We really enjoyed when testing this Speed saddle. It provides you an anatomical groove and generous padding which help to reduce the pressure to the least. However, its width is only 140mm which is narrower than the others in the same line.

It has relatively flat shape and rounded edges around the outside to reduce the contact while riding to the least. Just like the other ones, this saddle also has a non-full cutout in the shell near the saddle’s nose. You can remove the shell under the padding easily to decline it which will help to reduce the pressure on your sensitive areas. You can see its effect when you slide forward after making a hard effort.

It also offers you comfort while riding on rough terrain with its great flex which is also an effect of the extensive cutout in its shell material.

Above all, this saddle is relatively durable with its tough synthetic cover together with durable steel rails and a rubberized plastic scuff guard. There is a small drawback is its exposed stitching between the cover and the junction of the scuff guard. It has an intention of abrasion over the time. It should also be known that the saddles having thick padding will gradually lose their support over a long time of use because the padding will break down and compress.


  • The design of soft shell will reduce the impacts on the rails to the least and provide a rigid platform for great pedaling.
  • Having the great durability thanks to the synthetic cover.
  • Love channel central depression helps to reduce the pressure putting on the soft tissue
  • The wonderful padding for cushioning and comfort


  • It is rather heavy so road biking might be a challenge
  •  Exposed stitching.

5. Allnice Gel Bicycle Bike Cycling Universal Seat Saddle

The Allnice Universal Cycling Seat is highly recommended by almost customers and out of their expectation. Sleek lines and slim design are particularly equipped to feature the saddle. In spite of the fact that these two components look unsuitable for heavyweight riders at first, you will be amazed by its outstanding parts.

On the one hand, the paddles are comparatively thin; it exceptionally creates comfort for users. On the other hand, the saddle’s weight is rarely light in weight, ergonomic and so relaxing.

Another feature of this kind of saddle that you will absolutely love is that it has a rational length that allows you to seat longer but still comfortable. Furthermore, with its lightweight, it helps you to pedal effortlessly, save your energy. In comparison to other saddles, this saddle decreases up to 40% of crotch’s pressure. So if you would like to ride a long distance, look no further!


  • Aggressive look is accompanied with a black finish and smooth lines.
  • Good quality for heavy using.
  • Available in black and white, black and yellow and black and red
  • Rails of steel are endurable and highly shock-supporting.
  • Worth the money.


  •  Sometimes, the users are uncomfortable with the padding. One reason is that the padding is sticky in some way.

6. Deruicent Thicken Bike Seat

Bikers will find Deruicent Soft Comfortable MTB Bike Seat Mat not only comfortable but also in good physical shape owing to its thick and large cushion. Producers use high-quality materials to manufacture this kind of saddle in order to lower the limiting friction of the inner thigh line.

Producers use sponge, PU leather and premium steel that are little affected by abrasion. They also manufacture this seat with shock absorption and high elasticity characteristics which help reduce hip pressure. Moreover, there is a raised rear that is especially designed with an inner groove to create elegance for users.

In addition to amazing features above, users can also feel their buttocks comfortably supported with a smooth stretch provided by the rounded raised rear seat. This support plays a major role in decreasing the pressure of the ischial parts and prostate.

Another great feature of this seat is the comfort it produces owing to the deep center cutout as well as the hollow core. Thanks to this feature, your prostate will not feel any pressure, even in your sensitive time, it will not be influenced. Take a ride and enjoy the most comfortable saddle.

Installation hassle-free is a target of the producers. Users will find the seat simple to mount and difficult to slip since the material on its underside is an anti-slip gripping one. Pressure on your ischial parts and prostate is decreased thanks to the rear seat’s ergonomic design. Once you see this seat, you will love it at first sight.


  • PU leather material creates high elasticity.
  • Installation requires limited tools.
  • Longer rides are now not worries for bikers thanks to the ergonomic design.
  • High quality but affordable price
  • Fantastic strong materials are used to manufacture the seat.


  •  Uncomfortable feeling arrives after a long ride because cushions are relatively soft.

7. Fabric Cell Elite Saddle

Fabric stated that it is the world’s first air-sprung saddle. Even though the Fabric Cell is manufactured with only one shape and size, it has six colors.

The Fabric is covered by a layer of rubbery TPU, which creates comfortable feeling yet sticky as well. This cover sometimes forms squeaking or rubbing; however, when getting wet, it is not too slippery. Furthermore, this product has fewer crannies and nooks than others I have ridden, which is the reason why it is much more simple to wipe grit and mud out.

Another fascinating characteristic of this bike seat is the bright colors of Hex-air upper that makes the Fabric Cell distinguishing. This color highlights the unusual elements of the saddles. Manufacturers also replace foam padding that usually appears at other saddles with hexagonally-shaped air pockets that are especially equipped to distribute the support across the entire saddle. When you use your thumb to push down the saddle, at each point you will get different feeling because each cell squeezes separately. Plus, you can also feel the saddle’s base.

Furthermore, flexible nylon and cro-mo rails are used by manufacturers to turn this seat from ordinary to extraordinary. You also benefit from its considerably dropped nose, which is such an ideal option for girls since it does not snag on the girls’ shorts; its supportive shape and its wide rear offering extreme support.

Compared to Scoop saddle, the Cell is wider with 155mm in width, attracting a wider audience. It is such a great suggestion for traveling; urban or every terrain cyclists. The Cell is definitely not the lightest saddle on the market with just under 370 grams (the Scoop cro-mo is only 250 grams in weight). Nevertheless, it meets the demand of bikers who are seeking for craving comfort instead of weight saving.

Different from other saddles of similar types, the Radius shape along with Chromoly rails accompanied with a nylon base only exist at the Cell. The saddle has three attaching pieces that elevate its look by eliminating stitching as well as staples. Besides, there is a clean design underside, thanks to this part, cleaning curd and mud is much easier.


  • Exclusive air-sprung saddle to deliver weight
  • Supreme comfort
  • Variety of outstanding colors
  • An ideal option for vertical positions


  • Moderately heavy
  •  You do not find the air pocket exceptionally effective when you try the first time

8. OUTERDO Bike Saddle

OUTERDO Bike Saddle is absoluately what bikers who demand high-quality goods are seeking. This product is specially designed for men. However, it is appropriate for women as well. The OUTERDO mountain bike seat has a modernized design that offers an amazing shockproof and extreme firmness. The high creative of producers presents in the variety of colors in the saddle, which makes its look more fashionable.

Additionally, its great substantiality brings you a comfortable experience; even you are riding for a long journey. You can take advantages of its flexibility; it can be installed into any kinds of bicycle easily. You should take the features above into consideration; the seat may be a great choice for you.

With the purpose of maintaining the comfortable longer, the manufacturers create a human shape form along with a long focus recess to confirm an appropriate ventilation, resulting in a cooler feeling and keeping your delicate parts safe.

The endurable leather material being used to produce this seat leads to some of its astonishing features including anti-tear, water-proof and sweat-resistant. Another great point about OUTERDO is its skid-resistant feature that forms relaxing feeling. There is also a high-density foam padding. No matter what kind of bikers, men, women or even children, OUTERDO Bike Saddle with its endurable and lightweight design is an ideal choice for all.


  • The stress on the perineum is decreased, a satisfactory airflow is provided by the recess, comfort is maintained and increased throughout riding.
  • Foam padding offers relaxing feeling, less substantial in the middle of the saddle is used owing to hollow-out design that is resulting in its breathable and lighter saddle.
  • Lightweight padding and shell
  • Install easily and  appropriate for every kind of bicycle
  • The shape of your body is supported by gel cushioning that creates the most comfortable feeling along the rides.


  •  There are five dissimilar colors, yet all of them are rubbing off moderately easily.

9. Brooks England B17 Standard Black Steel Saddle

A perch for a racer is not really the B17 ’s purpose. Its shape is bigger, and its nose is small and slim. All of these are absolutely suitable for upright roads, particularly bikes for trips. With a classic but unlimited style and excellent workmanship, it becomes different from other commuting pillions and touring.

Like Brooks – a kind of horse pillions, the B17 is designed as a hammock and made of stretched leather which is very durable.  If you maintain it properly, you can keep the leader good for many years.

The B17 has the combination of long-lasting convenience and style, plus a reasonable price.  It is a little bit heavier than other saddles and needs more time to install but after that, you will absolutely satisfy due to its comfortable feature.

The Brooks have always been made by hand in Birmingham. Their rivets are brass and hammered by hand, which helps to keep the leather firm to the base made of steel. 

The thing I love most is its unique and characteristic patina.  The quality remains good despite being used for a lot of miles.  Based on the Brooks’s famous specifications, it can be assured that this paddle is durable for professional riders.  Besides, you can give it to your descendants in the future.  You can also expect that they will take advantage of it in many different ways.


  • 100% leather
  • Leather is easy to flex and stretch naturally, it is seen as the best choice in a warm climate as you don’t need to paddle it.
  • Aging and break in along with time.
  • There is a hook in the after part of saddles for typical English bags for trips.


  • Heavier than other saddles.
  • Need to maintain carefully
  •  Take times to break in

10. Fabric Scoop Elite Road Bike Saddle

The Fabric Scoop is unique with carbon rails, the distinctive vacuum in the microfiber cover and an adjustable nylon shell. It has a low weight, high comfort and is easy for you to produce the watts.  With the high-qualified structure,  wonderful comfort and lightness, it makes the Fabric Scoop more popular for most riders.

With the excellent comfort, The Scoop could be on the list of great products.  With the suitable proportion of padding covered by the flexible shell, you can easily settle your seat quickly.  If you want to own saddles padded with the thick layer and expensive materials, you should not choose it.  Its padding is thin and small. It aims to spread out your weight and cut down the strain on the sitting bones.

The Scoop can be suitable for aggressive racers. It has a high-qualified saddle, the best energy transfer when running on the flat road and climbing. Furthermore, if you want to find the long lasting friend for your racing and training career,  this product is seen as the best choice. Moreover, cyclocross rider can find the Scoop great to use thanks to its comfortable saddle.


  • Many shapes such as  radius, flat, shallow
  • Adjustable shell made of nylon could provide you the  high comfort during all day
  • Chromoly rails make high durability
  •  Microfiber cover can be against weather for many years.
  • Dimension: 142mm x 282


  •  Insufficient versatility

Road bike saddle Buying guide

Following are some factors that you need to take into consideration when choosing a saddle.

#What type of riding are you using?

You may think this is such a silly question in a purchasing guide about how to select a right saddle for your road bike. However, road riding isn’t as cut-and-dry as it used to be. Thus, the style of your riding will definitely affect the shape of the saddle you choose.

If you are tending to join a bike racing or you are rider who rides “on the rivet” and slides forward during efforts, you might need a saddle that has a flat and wide nose and a flat profile. If you sit a little bit more upright and don’t move around too much, this kind of saddle might give more comfort.

#Are you men or women?

It’s obvious that men and women are markedly different like their own bodies. And these differences are of a very important role in decision making. In fact, some kinds of saddle are just made for female riders whilst other types of saddles are made to suit male riders.

Most importantly, there is a difference in the width of the pelvis between women and men; therefore, the distance between the sit bones is different between women and men. Hence, there are bike saddles for men and also bike saddles for women. The most suitable men’s bike saddle might be the worst one for women. 

Keeping all these tips in mind when you are planning on buying a saddle is crucial. Selecting a women’s saddle for men would become the most horrible thing you have to face.

#Which saddle’s shape and size do you have to consider?

The most suitable saddle will match with the body proportions perfectly like you wear a glove, so the first and most important thing as looking for a saddle is to determine your contact point.

There are two areas in your body that contact directly your saddle, which are  "sit bones," situated underneath your buttocks. If you want to know where your sit bones are, you can easily check by sitting on a flat surface or a table. The most durable parts of your buttocks are your sit bones.

In addition, a professional bicycle fitter can also help you to measure the exact distance of your sit bones. Thanks to that, your saddle can distribute your weight properly and will not affect adversely the fragile tissues amid your legs. These parts are prone to injury by vibration and pressure.

#Take a test

When purchasing a bike from a bike shop, especially from a famous one, you should test before considering buying it or not. In fact, a prestigious shop may take several simple measurements to find the best one for you. Additionally, they also give you a chance to take a trial riding until you are happy with your buying decision.

There are not any recommendations for choosing the best saddle; however, choosing a saddle without testing first is like closing your eyes while throwing darts. As a result, you don’t realize what you will receive.

#The weight of the saddle

If you would like to climb the hills, then a bike with light weight is a wise decision as you don’t have to make an effort to move your bicycle.

Carbon fiber rails, as well as seatposts, are far lighter than alloys one and it is regarded as the best material for saddles and brings you the best performance.

#Position type

The riding style you are going to do can affect remarkably the proper kind of saddle you are searching for. Those who are seeking for the perfect road bike seat should consider this element. The reason for this is that it helps the rider feel more comfortable in a long distance. You should choose the saddle that you can lean forward when you feel tired.

It should be narrower than traditional saddles, but it helps with a quicker cycling cadence – this means that it enables you to be easier to ride faster as being elevated slightly during riding.

#Support and Cushioning

The most crucial feature is that your “sit bones” should be offered comfortable support. So, what are sit bones? They are known as the 2 bones leaving an indentation in the sand as sitting on the beach. They are the 2 bones which rest on the saddle, hopefully in the correct place.

When thinking of support as well as cushioning, the best road bicycle seats seem to be downright masochistic. Professional riders prefer the saddles which look thin but rarely comfortable. Nevertheless, with a correctly sized seat, it is not necessary to be equipped with extra protection or padding. You don’t need a thick saddle to comfort you for a long riding, what you need is a saddle with a thin layer of high-density foam. It is enough for a long day. A channel down in the saddle’s center is designed to decrease pressure on the buttock, and it also helps mitigate weight. To ensure you feel comfortable, there are three necessary things that you need in a road bicycle: a lightweight saddle-must have, a padded chamois and a pair of shorts.

#Durable materials 

Apart from traditional saddle made of high-density foam, there also have different materials. A leather saddle with hammock- style is very popular with long distance riders due to its distinct features. Even if the saddle has been broken in, the leather saddle still makes you feel comfortable surprising, but it is very expensive and is far heavier than the saddle made of foam. However, when it comes to comfort, it is always the best choice.

For short-distance cyclists, they prefer the carbon fiber saddle cause this type of saddle helps reduce weight substantially and very affordable.

 Cheaper saddles are often made of solid steel. When the price goes up, the rails choose hollow carbon, titanium, and steel to make saddles. The benefits of the more advanced materials are that they are much lighter. For instance, carbon fiber can be a little more flexible, which gives more comfort. It’s important to check your seat post clamp before buying a new saddle. Not all seat posts and saddles are compatible.

Bottom line

Unlike other parts of the bikes, you cannot easily to buy saddles at any time. As they are of crucial importance, you need to consider carefully all the factors mentioned in the buying guide. Ten saddles mentioned in this article here have all been tested carefully, and the result is that there are some saddles seen as the best choice for road riders.

 Have a look through the ten and choose the one which has the best value to you!

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