Diamondback Mountain Bike 2016 reviews

Diamondback has been well known for manufacturing durable bikes but often considerably cheaper in comparison with other brands. It builds almost every type of bike. And today, I would like to mention the mountain model of this brand. Diamondback mountain bike is always standout among durable and cheap mountain bikes. And here is some noticeable information about this great product.

Diamondback Mountain Bike reviews


Most Diamondback models are sold online and can be assembled at home, so you don’t have to worry about the more expensive prices at the local stores. The bike came almost completely assembled (The DB website has great step by step instructions for assembly if you need them).

I just had to install the front wheel, handle pedals, bars and adjust brakes with ordinary tools for a better fit for my hands to be ready for working. Make sure the wheels are able to spin without grinding against the breaks.

The brake cables will take a lot of error and trial before being perfect. Self-assembly makes me love the disc brake. The front disc brake was mounted on the fork out of adjustment, which is very easy to fix.

If you don’t like bike assembly or don’t want the hassle of tuning it you can pay a dealer to do it for you. You will need to buy a kickstand, which can be found at Amazon.com.


Generally, when you choose the correct size, this mountain bike will provide you with the optimum comfort. The only issue I have with this bike is the seat. It’s ok for an hour or so, but any longer than that the seat will make your backside ache. There is very little padding, somewhat strange for a mountain bike that’s designed for bumps. But I ordered the Planet Bikes Anatomic Relief Bicycle Saddle and quickly changed that out.


It works fine and can handle my little jumps off the gutter.  This bike is so far the fastest I have ever owned. The wheels were straight, and after assembly the gears seem to shift well without any adjustments to the derailleurs. The shifters are magical. They feel more like triggers than shifters and are precisely quick.

The first ride was very smooth, even over bumpy bits and I immediately noticed the differences and improvements over my last mountain bike. I’ve logged around 50 miles since purchase and it’s meeting my expectations perfectly. In short, this bike will be certainly a good and reliable friend of you on the way to mountain.


Most bike manufacturers only produce the frame of the bike. Other components like wheels, tires, and shifters are produced by some overseas factories. Diamondback is no exception. The frame of this mountain bike is much stronger and rigid than road bikes’ frames.

Additionally, this company often uses components from well-known companies such as SRAM and Shimano.

I’m a heavy guy and was worried that it might not hold my weight, but it is very sturdy with the double wall rims, which have good quality. The rear derailleur is Shimano Acera which is considered to be very good for this level of bike while the front derailleur is Shimano Tourney and just a little bit cheap in my opinion, but still acceptable. The handlebars are good as well as the seat-post.

When you purchase a bike at local store, you quickly realize the real difference between bikes. But I am sure that mountain bikes of Diamondback sold online are said to be as durable as the ones you buy at your local bike store. Don’t think that having cheaper prices means Diamondback bikes are designed with poor quality components. Diamondback mountain bikes often receive good feedbacks about good quality components.

I had a Trek rigid bike before which had higher end components. Overall this maybe a better bike and made in the USA, but it was old and worn and really expensive to replace everything. Thus, an economical solution and I am happy with my decision.


Diamondback has a quite good warranty system.  Generally, most products of Diamondback get a lifetime warranty on the frame while Full-suspension mountain bikes have a 5-year warranty.

Local dealers often do warranty situations and then they will send the bill to manufacturer. But it is better for you to talk with Diamondback about how to have something repaired if it goes wrong. However, warranty issues on bikes are very few.


At my first ride, I could not believe the responses I got from my coworkers. Everyone looked, touched it and said the same thing, “this is a beast that looks so awesome; you must have spent a lot!” I was so happy with that. It is really impressive. I love the red and black, which always pop to my eye.


I really like this bike. It is much lighter than my old Trek 4300, despite the bigger tires. I can carry it over the shoulder to and from my apartment with no trouble. But lightweight doesn’t mean weak construction. Although it is light, it can hold heavy weight guys like me.

Diamondback Mountain Bike – Pros and Cons


  • The price is very affordable.
  • It is built with high quality components from famous companies.
  • The lightweight is very good when you drive up mountains.


  • I got scratches on the frame and a damaged wheel from shipping.
  • It comes with resin pedals, not metal ones so look into buying new pedals.

See price at Amazon.com

You possibly expect to pay $200-$500 less for a Diamondback Bike than what you have to spend for others in similar quality. And most products of Diamond are online. In my opinion, buying one online can help save a lot of money, as long as you choose the correct size and spend extra for a professional setup.

Similar models to Diamondback Mountain Bike

Giant Mountain Bike

Giant Mountain Bike is the most similar to the Diamondback model. Like Diamondback, their bikes are one of the most comfortable, well-built and well-configured products. However, for the same price, the value and bike packages that you get from the Diamondback greatly exceeded compared to the Giant bikes.

Haro Mountain Bike

Haro Mountain Bike is another similar to Diamondback mountain bike. This bike has the design that often reminds me of Diamondback. In terms of quality, Diamondback mountain bike seems to be a little better while the price is a bit cheaper.

GT Mountain Bike

GT Mountain Bike used to be better than Diamondback several years ago. They used to provide the best mountain bike packages everywhere. But now, in comparison with Diamondback mountain bike, they are heavier, clunky, and have more mismatched components.

Mongoose Mountain Bike

Lastly, Mongoose Mountain Bike is also considered as the most popular mountain bikes on the market. However, even the nicest Mongoose bike is not as durable, or has good warranty system as Diamondback bike. Moreover, this bike often has sizing issues and doesn’t really fit comfortably.

In short, if you want to buy a mountain bike online, Diamondback is one of the best brands that are going to impress others with its looks and feel. There is no brand can beat the quality of a Diamondback with its cheap price.