Difference between Single Speed Bike and Multi Speed Bike

The single speed bikes have increased in number in the various big cities globally. They are greatly admired for several qualities but the feeling of refreshment they provide the ride with plus the hip to ride come first. The multi-speed bikes have come to be some time after the single speed bikes. However, one thing is for sure-both have been there for a while now and been a fun experience to the riders.

This article highlights the numerous differences between these two kinds of bikes-the single speed and the multi speed bike. They have numerous differences as the article will show but that is not to downplay the fact that there are also very many similarities between the two.


The first difference is pretty obvious as can be detected from the names. It is the speed of the two. The multi speed bike obviously has greater speed as compared to the single speed bike. That means that the rider to a multi speed bike is able to cover a longer distance than a rider using the single speed bike when given an equal riding duration.
The second difference definitely has to do with price.

The multi speed bike costs a little bit higher as compared to the single speed. This of course has to do with the associated speeds and the technical expertise required in coming up with the multi speed bike. The resources invested in coming up with the multi speed bike are also more thus eventually making its price a little bit higher.


The multi speed bikes are known to have more than one gear whereas the single speed bike is characterized by only one gear. The high maintenance components found in the multi speed bikes make them less reliable as compared to the single speed bikes which actually have low maintenance components.

The multi speed bikes are very good when it comes to traversing the hilly zones since you manage through the hills pretty easily because all you do is just shift the various gears. On the other hand, the single speed bikes have one gear which means you need to be extra cautious when doing the riding.

Statistics have shown that more people love the experience of cruising with the single speed bikes. May be it is because of the adrenaline rush they bring about. On the contrary, riding in the multi speed bikes is a lot much easier since all you do is manage the gears and you are good to go. However, that is not to say that it isn’t an exciting experience to ride on it.

Finally, it is crucial to pinpoint the necessity of all bike riders, regardless of the bikes they ride, to be very serious when it comes to bike maintenance. In as much as bikes may be great fun, poor maintenance and carelessness may lead to terrible accident with the bikes. Practicing caution and carrying out constant checks on the bikes will help you a great deal in avoiding terrible and costly accidents.

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