Exercise Benefits of Real Bikes

Exercise Benefits of Real Bikes

Bike riding is fun and beneficial at the same time. It’s like enjoying your hobby by getting a workout in the process. This healthy practice is one of the interesting ways of staying fit. However, a large number of people seem to avoid cycling as an exercise because they are unaware of the exercise benefits of the real bikes. No worries!!! You are about to find out the advantages of outdoor cycling.

The Difference Between Real & Stationary Bikes

The benefits of real and stationary bikes are different from each other. Many will keep stationary bikes ahead because they are better for grueling workouts, while others will still prioritize real bikes and consider it the best way of doing outdoor exercise. There is no straight up contest between these two categories as each one has its own advantages and disadvantages. However, personal preference is what matters and you should choose the one that is suitable for you.

The Benefits of Real Bikes

Real bikes associate with each and every part of your body in the ride. Legs play the biggest part during cycling. Even your entire core gets a good workout because you’ll be indulging your whole body to maintain balance and streamline yourself while riding. Additionally, you will be provided with some sort of mental workout that will help you increase your calories consumption.

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1. Removes Boredom

People get exhausted easily when cycling indoors, it is not about stamina, more like a mental case. Your body could go on for extended hours of paddling, but it will be hard to focus on the same task. The workout is the same when riding a real bike, but you can enjoy the beautiful sceneries outside which will be effective to remove your boredom.

2. An All-round Exercise

Bike riding or cycling is sort of an exercise that keeps your heart pumping and legs moving without even pounding the joints. Sometimes running takes a great toll on the body and biking can be a great alternative as it has lower impact and engages leg muscles without putting much force on the knees. You will appreciate this lower and smoother form of cardio especially when you are recovering from an injury.

3. Reduces Weight

It is one of the effective ways of reducing weight. The exercise raises metabolic rate, burns body fat and builds muscle. But don’t forget to combine it with a healthy diet plan for faster results. Researchers suggest it is necessary to burn at least 8,400 kilojoules per week through exercise. Bike riding can burn about 1,200 kilojoules per hour. According to British researchers, half an hour of bike riding everyday burns nearly 5 kg of fat over a year.

4. Great for Cardiovascular Diseases

Regular bike riding reduces risks of cardiovascular diseases and lowers blood fat levels and resting pulse. People cycling to work have 2-3 times less pollution exposure than other car commuters and this is quite important for lung function. According to a Danish study, people aged 20-93 years have found that regular cycling protected them from severe heart diseases.

5. A Great Pastime

Riding bike is one of the active ways of spending leisure times. A relaxed cycling burns more calories than a casual walk. If you are riding at less than 10 mph, you can burn 281 calories per hour. You can push yourself over 10 mph speed limit by powering your way up hills. Even a leisurely pace supplements active lifestyle.

6. More Adventure in Ride

It is like an adventure. People hoping on to their bikes and paddling furiously will feel a deep burn in their quads and they will love it for sure. There is a good chance a quick and exhilarating ride may reward you with some extraordinary experience. It also energizes you for other exercise plans. You can ride to your gym instead of driving and that will help you warm up a bit.

7. Other Health Benefits

During bike riding, your heart, lungs and blood vessels all get a workout. In addition, increase in body temperature, perspire and deep breaths are also experienced which is perfect for increasing overall fitness level.

The regular health benefits include-

  • Decreased stress levels
  • Bone strengthening
  • Reduction of anxiety and depression
  • Extra body fat removal
  • Increase in stability and muscle strengths
  • Posture improvement
  • Increased joint mobility
  • Cardiovascular fitness improvement

Cycling and Diabetes

Type II diabetes is a serious health concern nowadays. Insufficient physical activities lead to such problems and develop the worst conditions. People cycling more than 30 minutes per day has a lower chance of developing type II diabetes.

Injuries and Cycling

Cycling is a good exercise for maintaining balance, coordination and developing strength. Sometimes it helps to prevent fractures and falls. Patient having osteoarthritis are prescribed regular cycling because it puts little stress on joint with low-impact. But it is not a suggested exercise for osteoporosis patients because it is not exactly a weight-bearing workout.

Cycling and Cancer

There is surely some connection between exercise and cancer. Scientists have researched breast and colon cancer and they have found some relevancy. According to them, cycling reduces the possibilities of bowel cancer. Not only that, some evidences suggested that regular bike riding can lessen the risk of breast cancer.

Cycling and Mental illness

Cycling helps removing stress, depression and anxiety. You get the exercise benefits, enjoyment and peace of mind at the same time while riding a bike.

Safe Riding

Like many other outdoor sports, biking can be pretty risky. Riding in heavy traffic or super steep roads for beginners who are unsure of their skills is a dangerous business. It is better to start small and avoid challenging roads to remain safe. Beginners may start practicing bike riding from the basics. Learning to control is the most important thing for bike riding especially on down hills. You can vary your routes when you feel comfortable. Even you can use mobile apps or consult with local bike club members or any expert to suggest you while you ride. There is nothing else like bike riding and it is a wonderful practice to maintain in your daily routine.

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