Best Single Speed Bikes – Top 10 Recommended of 2020

Fixie or single speed bike? Why do speed bikes win the love of  customers? How to choose the best speed bikes? This article is for you if those questions are bothering you right now!.

Need the best single speed bike?

Wait! Let us tell some words before bringing you the greatest options!

You know, for busy people who don’t have much time to spend on exercising, riding seems to be the best choice. Road bikes, besides being a commuting vehicle, are sports which promote our heart’s health, train muscles, and strength.

Due to the increase in demand, bicycle brands have launched different bikes for a variety of uses. All road bikes mainly include fixed gear and single speed. They are the two popular products that bikers often look for.

Because of specific benefits to user’s safety and health, speed bikes gain more customers. And therefore, manufacturers continue releasing new models.

Among those, how could you find a good single speed bike for yourself? What are the factors to consider?

 Let's join us on the way, checking every single detail and narrowing down the best ten options as below.

Top Rated Single Speed Bikes

#1. Pure Fix Original Fixed Gear Single Speed Fixie Bike

Pure Fix is a reputable brand of bikes; they produce almost every kind of bikes you want, from an ordinary road bike to hybrid ones.

Although the Pure Fix bike that we review here is not a signature or high-end product of the brand, but it performs exceptionally well as a single speed bike.


As the name suggests, Pure reflects product’s features here- Simple and original. The original version is a combination of fixie and single speed bike with the changeable flip-flop hub. Besides the gear, simplicity is the emphasize of this edition.

Simple bikes like this Pure Fix Original ask for low maintenance.

You might think that what is the fuss with maintaining a bike, we have local bike shops to take care of it, correct? But the bike with low maintenance causes us less time and money.

Not all riders are experts of bikes; therefore, they want to have an enjoyable ride without worrying about these problems.


The simpler it is, the faster it goes, and the better it works.

It is a single speed bike but thanks to its structure, the bike is built to ride fast. The steel frame is not the best material for a bicycle because it adds more weight, but in this case, high tensile steel frame appears both sturdy and light enough to make the bike run fast and sustainably.

Easy pedal off

 Because the bike runs very fast, we recommend having a couple of straps or pedal if you ride on fixie style or you might lose the pedal soon.

What we like

  • Thick wheels

The bike runs fast so it’s easier to be flipped over during the ride. Therefore, having thick wheels enhances grips and stability of the running bike. Or, thick wheels reduce possibility of falling off.

  • Good warranty policy

The Pure bike come with very good policy for consumers. They can access the customer service team any time and ask for life-time warranty.

What we don’t like

  • Crazy fast pedal rotation
 You might not change to the fixie very much if you want this bike as a single speed one. However, we want you to keep in mind that the pedal could rotate madly when you change the bike to fixie. And, that’s not safe.

Verdict: we highly recommend this bike to commuters because it’s sturdy and fast, even in single speed mode. You will be surprised to have such a great product at quite a reasonable price.

Larger pedal pads

First of all, we need to mention the pedals immediately because that part of this bike is outstanding from what we are used to. Have you ever got hurt by missing pedaling while riding? We guess it’s quite common, even with speed bikes. Small pads will reduce contact with the feet and then make riders feet slip off more easily.

In 6KU version, they built it large and sturdy so that riders can take control much better without slipping away. These pedals will help with keeping control better. It is a small detail that not many brands pay attention to.

You also have got a flip-flop hub to change from speed bike to fixed gears. But whatever style you choose, this bike is made for aggressive riding. They have drop handlebars and the deep V-neck that cause super chill feeling when you reach high speed.

The bike has no gears to change speed level so its structure is very simple. But it's how a motorcycle becomes powerful – no intricate gears, no heavy accessories, and no speed limitations.

 For this aggressive gesture, the seat might not be comfortable for all riders . For example, if you have a backache, you cannot sit riding on this bike for longer than two hours because it will drain the energy out of you. But it is the only seat model that we find with drop handlebars.

What we like

  • Flip-flop hub

The bike is 2in1, you can change from single speed bicycle into fixie one by a gear hub. The gear is made for everyone to use.

  • Ten different colors

If other models cannot give you a bike in your favorite colors, this Urban track bike might help. The Producer made this edition in 10 different colors so everyone can find their perfect bike inside out.

  • Lightweight 6061 aluminum

The bike is made of superb lightweight 6061 alloys so the riding speed is not a joke at all. The bike can run really fast.

  • F and R brake
 To keep people safe with high riding speed, manufacture made this bike with both front and rear brake. You can stop the bike at anytime you want with either of them.

What we don’t like

  • Uncomfortable seats

It’s not really comfortable to sit on the bike more than 2 hours. The seat is quite hard.

  • Quickly worn rims
The bike runs very fast but it also means the rear brake rub on really hard to stop the bike. It causes serious damage on the rims.

Verdict: This bike is fantastic for all young commuters who fancy speed and adventures. There could be nothing more entertaining than racing with the commuting bike on the way.

#3. ​Retrospec Critical Cycles Classic

Retrospect Critical Cycles is one of the editions that was built for racing and city cruise in this list. And according to what we have searched and tested this product, we are quite sure that biking with this Critical Cycles will give you a blast.

Very simple design

Firstly, it looks elementary. It contains no flip-flop hub, so you have a real single speed bike. Besides, the manufacturer includes only one rear brake which, in our opinion, works more reliably than the front or disc brakes. Having this essential gear means a lot of benefits, including lightweight and low maintenance. These are some first impressions we can conclude after trying out this bike.

Speedy ride

We like the simplicity a lot because it adds speed in our riding. But the bike itself includes impressive features to race. For example, the 700c wheels are apparent support for velocity.

Challenging handlebars

The bullhorn handlebars are the next thing that we want to discuss. Bullhorn is favorable by the young because it accelerates the force forward. Unlike the typical design, bullhorn bars let riders press forward naturally and then, speed up the bike without exhausting themselves.

The entire bike is high-quality inside out, except the pedal. The pedals can go broken at any time.

What we like

  • Affordable price

This bike is one of the best options at this price range. we would highly recommend it to anyone who want a budget saving purchase.

  • Super lightweight
 The frame is super light. It is another plus point to make the whole bike run faster. But don’t think you cannot do anything besides commuting with this bike.

What we don’t like

  • Cheap pedals

This bike come with quite affordable price so some parts are not made of high-quality materials. One of those parts is plastic pedals. It’s easy to come off.

  • Not versatile
 It has no changeable gear hub so the bike is only for commuting and light cruises.

Verdict: Anyone, who needs a great bike to commute around, cruise or race in the city, should not miss this option. It’s affordable for a racing bike with a fancy look.

#4 Retrospec Harper Single-Speed Urban Commuter Bike

To continue with the list, we move on with another edition by Retrospec. Retrospec is a well-known brand that produces excellent single speed bikes, including this Harber urban commuter bicycle.

From the name, you might guess what the producer built the bike for. Yes, it is for commuting around the city back and forth. But, it can do more than just running around every day, and we’ll talk about it later.

Superb brake

To carry out the idea of a commuter bike in the city, Retrospec Harper applies their newest technology in designing an ultra-safe brake system with Promax technology. This brake system promises to help you with stopping the bikes with the minimum shock and in the shortest time.

With Promax, stopping the bike becomes much safer.

Comfortable riding position

This bike, as a daily commuting vehicle, comes with riser handlebars and seat at the lower position. It's upright riding position – the most stable posture on the bike. The steel frame and lightweight bike, plus upright posture, can support riders to ride most safely and comfortably.

 Therefore, everyone at any age can ride the bike with no difficulties.

What we like

  • High-tensile strength steel frame

The bike is made of sturdy metal - high-tensile steel. This material is both sturdy and quite lightweight.

  • Smooth ride

The frame adds weight. Therefore, the bike runs very smoothly. You are supposed to find riding stable.

  • Easy to assemble
The bicycle comes with a detailed instruction for assemble. Even you are not experienced in assembling, you can finish it without difficulties.

What we don’t like

  • Too long cranks arm
It’s not really an disadvantage but the long cranks can cause discomfort while you are riding.

Verdict: For those who have spinal pain, children and the middle age people, this bike is not a suitable option. However, it's stable built, easy to ride, and also lightweight.

#5 Vilnano Rampage Fixed Gear Fixie Single Speed Road Bike

Vilnano Rampage is also another hybrid bike with a flip-flop hub in the list. Having that gear hub attracts many customers because spending on a 2in1 bike like this will save you a fortune.

But an impressive feature of this bike is a steel frame.

Sustainable frame

Aluminum is the top metal material for many bike producers because it is cheap, rust-resistant and lightweight. Steel is more expensive and more cumbersome.

If you did not pay too much attention to the speed, and only need a sustainable vehicle to commute now and then, don’t hesitate to opt for this one.

Lightweight aluminum parts

 To minimize the weight on the bike, Vilano cranks, chainring, rims and brakes are made of aluminum. The metal is rust-resistant so you are free to cycle under the rain.

What we like

  • Reasonable price

This bike is sold at really affordable. And if you wants a bike with 2 functions with comfortable bills, search nothing further than this bike.

  • Heavy duty commuting vehicle

We can ride alone, or haulage. There is almost everything we can do with this bike without deforming the frame. It's a perfect bike that you can hardly find anywhere at this price range.

  • Smooth and stable

The steel frame adds more weight. However, it’s built to be a sturdy and heavy-duty commuting bike. You can ride the bike frequently back and forth for far distance without messing the gear and bike construction.

 The added weight also helps with providing a smooth ride because the bike stays more stable on the road.

What we don’t like

  • Squeaky brakes

Sometimes, brakes make annoying sound when you want to stop the bike urgently during high speed riding.

  • Heavy to maneuver   
 Steel frame adds weight into the whole bike so it’s quite hard to carry the bike manually.

Verdict: If you want a fancy bike, this Rampage might not be the right choice. However, it is precisely what we, commuters, wish for a comfortable  daily ride.

#6 Golden Cycles Single Speed Fixed Gear Bike with Front & Rear Brakes

If you keep reading until here without finding a good bike for yourself, we guess you are seeking a simple bike for beginners. If yes, you found it!

The first five products in the list come with either aggressive position or overdesign for commuting. Some customers are looking for a simple bike to ride for the first time. Don’t look anywhere far since we have the best bike for amateur riders right here!

Very easy to use

Golden Cycles released this bike as a basic road bike for entry level. They published all sizes so you can have one for your children.

Because the producers wanted to reach a large number of users , they made such a simple bike that even beginners can learn to ride and fix it quickly in the first place. You are not supposed to handle bullhorn bars or racing bike when you only started riding for several days. It’s too dangerous.

This bike appears the safest and most suitable product to begin with.

The bike is equipped with front and rear brake –  quite proper gear for beginners.

Comfortable riding position

The design of the handlebars and the whole bike tell us that it supports an upright riding position. The riser bar with the seat position forms a stable riding posture – a posture that kids often pose at their first ride on three-wheeled little bikes.

What we like

  • Durable high-end steel

They made the frame from durable, high-quality steel, but luckily, the metal doesn’t add much weight. It is still on the list of bicycles which are easy to maneuver.

  • Low maintenance for beginners

Because of its simple design, the bike asks for basic maintenance that you perform at home no matter how much experience you had with biking.

  • Healthy riding
 The upright position coming from this bike is very supportive with those who has got spinal issues.

What we don’t like

  • Hard seat
It’s no so comfortable to ride this bike for too long because the seat will hurt your butt quite bad.

Verdict: Golden Cycles has built suitable bicycles for beginners and children. They focus on producing a solid frame with simplicity so that all newbies can handle easily.

#7 Takara Kabuto Single Speed Road Bike

Takara Kabuto – a Japanese brand – has built speed bikes as simple and powerful as the Japanese themselves.

Japan is a country of advances and sustainability. Bicycles here are as popular as motorcycles in South East Asia. And they produced nothing but the best-quality vehicles.

 This Takara Kabuto is not an exception.

High-end steel

First, they use the best materials in production. Such a Japanese style! Instead of cheap and accessible aluminum or fancy carbon fiber, manufacturers use tig-welded steel. This metal is known for its impressive durability and lightweight, and also less expensive than carbon fiber. We can barely find a bike made of this component because regular producers go with the traditions and market’s demand but Japanese researched and developed the best of what they can find. That is how we got this solid high-end frame.

 Takara Kabuto speed bikes do not serve as a racing bike. They are just for ordinary commuting and no emphasis on the speed or fast acceleration.

The new design of this ride is mind blowing. The different colors of the frames and the wheels brings out a colorful contrast that is too attractive to let go. The new design comes with dual caliper brakes at the front and the rear wheel ensuring that your safety is of essence. Pressure retentions is a non-issue in the Copenhagen single speed bike. It has 43mm deep V rims that does the pressure check for you.

Available in different sizes of 52, 56 and 60 cm, the steel made bike is fit for anyone of any height. It is strong and firmly held to the ground by the 700cc x 28 strong ribbed wheels. Speed is nothing to discuss here .It’s pretty obvious when you have such types of wheels.

This bike comes with a flip-flop that allows you to ride your bike on either freewheel single speed or in a fixed gear wheel. Simplicity is another added advantage with this this bike. You don’t need much of mechanical skills to fix the wheels of this bike or tightening up the brake pads. It gives you a very smooth time, an experience that you long to have.

The bike weighs from 23-25 lbs. depending on the size of your frame. Having said that, it is quite unforgivable if you don’t purchase this bike. It’s a bike that you will always dream of every other time you are not riding it, and what about when you are now riding it? Paradise!

What we like

  • Low maintenance

The bike also follows minimalism with a super simple design. We found no gear, even the popular flip-flop hub. It is a pure single speed bicycle. Hence, the whole vehicle is quite easy to maneuver, carry or maintain. Well, such simple bikes need almost no special care.

  • Lightweight alloy rims with alloy hub

They also focus on enhancing the rim with double alloy. That's why we always feel safe when using Japanese products. They built carefully from inside out, even with little parts.

  • Smaller wheels for safer riding
 Usually, Japanese companies create appliances for local demand. The primary reason for how they developed this bike  is to slowly ride around town, into lanes and commute to neighborhood areas safely.

What we don’t like

  • Small wheels
Small wheels promise no racing speed. This bike is not made for racing,either.

Verdict: We recommend this vehicle to homemakers, children and the old commuters. They are riders who do not need to rush on the road.

#8 Vilano Aluminum Road Bike 21 Speed Shimano

21- speed gear

Vilano amazes us by this road bike with 21-speed levels.

No, you heard it right, the bike provides 21 levels of speed which riders can easily adjust on the ride.

 Having 21-speed ranges will turn the bike into a multiple functioned vehicle, or we would say a hybrid bike. This gear allows riders to commute on different terrains, from flat concrete roads to off-road.

With high-speed mode, you can climb the hill and move on slopes much more easily. But on the flat road, low speed can be used for practicing.

No commuters want a heavy and slow bike, but some find these features excellent for work-out.

Intensive handlebars

The bullhorn handlebars, in addition, support training and intense ride. These bars focus on practicing biceps and triceps, especially on the abs. Riding the bike frequently, and then you will soon have a dream body.

Easy stucked chain

A problem with bikes of multilevel is the chain. The bike comes with 21 speed gear, which is built with care and complicacy with all chains and cogs. So, sometimes the string might be out of the trail that causes a jam.

What we like

  • Lightweight 6061 Double Butted Aluminum Aero

This metal is a better processed metal with better sturdiness but more lightweight.

  • Free pedals included

They include an extra couple of pedals so you can replace when the prevous went off.

  • Smooth Shimano gear
 And with the famous Shimano gear, acceleration can work quickly and smoothly.

What we don’t like

  • Complicated gear hub
 Fixing this gear hub is not a common job that any bikers can do. Taking the bike to LBS is recommended instead of self-examining.

Verdict: This bike is not for older people because of the position. However, we highly recommend this one for those who need working out while commuting. It's a very versatile bike.

#9 Big Shot Bikes

Industrial frame

 The plus point of the bike is it includes an industrial frame, which is sturdy but quite slim to add more elegance. Bullhorn bars, once again, are applied on this vehicle, combined with the deep V-shaped frame, promoting an aggressive riding position.

Comfortable seat

This position is quite comfortable for most users because Big Short doesn’t build such a high seat. The medium height of the seat makes you not only lean forward but also feel balanced with speed.

 If something is pulling you away from this bike, it must be no-brand components.

What we like

  • Lightweight but sturdy frame

They made the bike in steel frame but it doesn’t too heavy to handle.the bike is lightweight still because the top is quite thin.

  • Trustworthy brand

The very first impression we had on this bike is it comes from a reputable brand. Big Shot has started to build its empire since 2009, and the name becomes famous in the USA.

  • Fancy look
Big shot created the bike with a touch of simplicity but elegance. It’s the first attraction that people often feel when looking at this model for the first time.

What we don’t like

  • No-brand components

The bike manufacturer has not shown any clues on the parts they used, like Shimano gear or something. But you can rest assured because Big shot – an American name will speak guarantee for it.

  • Limited colors to choose
The bikes is produce with few colors for opting. they are all colors to bring elegant feeling.

Verdict: This bike might be suitable for the young, but with this design, we suggest people with demand for both bicycling work-outs and commuting should choose. It’s an option for daily use and also quick cruises over the city.

#10 Critical Cycles Classic Fixed-Gear Single-Speed Bike

Highly sturdy frame

Critical Cycles uses premium hand-built steel on the frame, so you will have a perfect bike to enjoy speed game.

Challenging position

 They equip the bike with drop-down handlebars. Thanks to its lightweight feature, the bike is supposed to be a speed racer for commuters. With drop bars, we think that you know the position must be aggressive and forward-leaning.

Healthy riding position

The position is perfect for stretching your back. It is quite challenging and you are not supposed to relax with the bars, but at least, you are going to get in shape with this work-out.

What we like

  • High quality metal

Both rims and frame are made of sturdy stainless but lightweight steel. That makes the bike run more smoothly but also speedy.

  • Eye-catching design and colors
 This Critical Cycles Classic brand has just released a collection of neon bikes. Whatever colors you want or you are not a fan of neon, you would change your mind immediately when you pass by this collection. At first sight, it catches your attention by an eye-catching design.

What we don’t like

  • Fast wearing out brake pad
Since some users prefer a ride on high speed, using front and rear brake becomes more frequent. That causes the pad brake wear out very soon. In return, the pad is straightforward to replace.

Verdict: If you are speedy commuters who enjoy racing on the way to work, this bike will help your riding more fun. We would not recommend it to old people because the riding position is not so comfortable.

Wrapping up

For the ten best single speed bikes that we have reviewed above, Pure Fix Original one is our first recommendation for everyone. That bike is well built from high-end metal but comes at a reasonable price. More importantly, it is a 2-in-1 bike, and the simple design fits almost all riders.

Choosing a speed bike for either working out or commuting requires you to pay attention to every details. But there are many bikes available on the market so it’s understandable to feel confused. Understanding the feeling of getting lost in a bike shop, we have come with the top 10 of best single speed bikes at the moment to make your task of finding the best one more comfortable.

You first need to know exactly what you need. Picturing your ideal bicycle will make you one step closer to the best and most suitable speed bikes.

 We have recommended some models that we find the most useful. If you find the article useful, let’s get it liked and shared with attentive readers.

Types of single speed bikes

For your comfort, we have managed to enlist some of the different types of single speed bikes. They may look same at first glance. However, with careful observation, you can easily spot the differences and manage to get a bike that tends to your needs.

1. Freewheel single speed bikes

As the name suggests, this type of single speed bikes are the bikes that are made of a freely rotating clog. This freely rotating clog is located at the rear wheel. This is one of the most common types of single speed bikes. The advantage of riding a freewheel single speed bike is that the freely rotating clog allows the bicycles to keep moving forward without having to push the pedals.

2. Fixed gear bikes

This is another type of single speed bikes. Fixed gear bikes are the bikes that have a cog bolted or threaded directly to the hub of the rear wheel. This way, the rider can’t stop pedaling because as the rear wheel turns, the pedals move in the forward direction. Most experienced riders prefer fixed gear bikes because they can coast, i.e. riding the cycle without actually pedaling, using forward momentum instead.

3. The combination of both Freewheels and Fixed gear with Flip-Flop hub

Now, this is one deadly combo. This combination gives you an extremely powerful bike. One side of the bike is freewheel and the other side is fixed gear. Imagine that! It also has a flip flop hub at the rear. The combination of freewheels and the fixed gear lets you switch between the two modes at your will. All you have to do is just remove the wheel back and change the side.

We have mentioned three of the most amazing types of single speed bikes here. What’s your pick? You should to go choosing the third choice.

It combines the positive aspects of both the bikes. There is a large of number this bike be sold in the market. And there are high number of recommendations and good reviews comes from the total satisfaction that these kind of bikes offer.

Benefits of using Single Speed Bikes

The pros that comes with the use of single speed bikes are enormous. In terms of cost the single speed bikes is cheaper. It cost goes beyond buying but also the maintenance cost is cheap compared to the other types of bikes with additional gears.

Simplicity is another added advantage of using the single speed bikes. It is mechanically simple with no additional gears. The only movable parts are the cranks, wheels and brakes. It allows the beginners to adjust any part of it as it is not complicated and requires just a little effort to understand how and where every part fits into each other.

A light bike is always a desirable asset to own. From the basic fact that the singe speed bikes doesn’t have a lot of complicated parts and gears, the bike is light and versatile. It is able to combine simplicity a good service to the owner.

Now that single speed bikes are simple means that there are less things to worry about in terms of damages and that you have less to worry because you don’t have any complicated machine that can go out of hand.

If you have a bike that will cost you a little coins to repair then please make a point of buying it. A single speed bike spare parts are readily available at any retail at the fairest prices of all.

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How to Choose The Best Single Speed Bikes

With the challenge highlighted above, it can be quite stressful to find a good bike. However, It shouldn’t be a problem any longer because here are some of the things you should consider when buying a single speed bike.

Frame Bike

As you know, the bike frame is the main component of the bicycle. It connects the seats, thepedals and the handlebars. The main thing to consider when it comes to this is the material used to make the frame. Strength is actually the main reason why manufactures may choose different materials for coming up with an appropriate frame.

Of the most common used material is the steel. It is one of the strongest and durable metal that will take you for ages without breaking down.

Aluminum is another favorite material that manufacturers would tend to use in making bike frames. If you want to look for a bike with a good climbing power then an aluminum made bike is the right choice for you. It is light and cheap at the same time. How amazing!

Are you a cross country rider? A titanium bike frame made bike is for your kind of preferred choice! It is light, strong and durable. This gives you a great experience of feather weight and also it is a good shock absorber. Finding the best single speed bikes starts with finding the best materials that can sufficiently support your weight.


This is one part of the single speed bike that most people take for granted yet it is the most important part of your riding experience. What you need as a rider is to consider a handle bar that will be able to keep balance your posture so that you don’t strain your upper part of the body. More so, your upper body part should be in balance with your lower body weight. There should always be a balance if you want to have a good ride.

For that case there are several kind of handle bars that serve this purpose just differently though,

  • To begin with is the flat barhandle. This flat bar has been the used for quite long now. It gives you a total control and the fact that it lies a little lower that the seat streamlines the rider for better cycling experience.
  • Secondly comes the dropbars. These bars are made such that the rider has multiple hand positions. They tend to be narrower than the latter but one disadvantage with it is it doesn’t give you control as much as flat bars would give.
  • A new design in the current market is the butterfly design. As the name suggest it has an irregular coiled shaped butterfly figure. This bar gives you several handle points but it is heavy. Heavy means more energy is needed for control.
  • The cruise bars are another kind of hand bars you would find in some bicycles. This kind of handle bar encourages an upright posture. The grips of this bar faces the rider. It is very comfortable and balances your weight evenly. Itscontrol power is superb and it is just close to perfection.

The saddle

The bike saddle I would say is a determinant of whether you will have your dream cycling experience or you will encounter a night mare on your first ride after a long time. Several things are to be considered when you want to buy a single speed bike saddle, or if you are purchasing a bike please keenly check the following. It’s just about your comfort. Nothing much:

  • Shape has a lot to do with comfortability on the rider. For this, it must be one of the important things to look at when you are window shopping for a bike. If you are a rider, then a narrow and flat saddle will fit you well. This is because of the aggressive posture that racers take. On the other hand would be a wider and a curved profile which is favorable for more upright posture. Now for you and me who cycle for fun, this would be our best option.
  • Don’t always stick in your mind that a heavily padded seat would be the best for you. A thick padded saddle tends to be very uncomfortable especially if you have a long distance to cover. On the other hand the best option is going for a firm bare carbon saddle. Reason is, your body will tend to exert unequal pressure on different parts of the saddle, be it the back or at the center depending on the posture. When your posture changes and the pressure is exerted on a different point, the padded saddle forms irregular shape. This doesn’t give you any comfort at all.
  • Height is another key factor to consider when it comes to optimum position of you saddle. Scientifically, a high placed saddle will require you to spend more energy than when you position it a little lower than the standard position. It therefore tells you that the higher you go the more energy you are required to produce for maximum speed propulsion.

Flip-Flop hub

The kind of activity you are going to engage in depends on the type of flip flop you want to use. If you want to go for a climbing expedition then you need to look for a flip flop that allows your higher gears to let you use the most minimum energy when climbing. This varies with manufactures.

If you are just looking for a bike that willtake you home after a long tiresome day at work then get a bike that it can adjust its freewheel longer than the sprocket. This gives you a lower, strong and firm gear which will get you home in couple of minutes.

Hub Rear

Every one of us wishes to have a cool and colorful contrasting rear hub. But what really does a good rear hub means?

A good rear hub is a hub that all the bearings roll regularly. You don’t want a bike that the other rings are skipped when you are pedaling. This might cause you harm already. A bike that produces a stickling sound every other time you peddle should worry you. You also need to go for a hub that offers superior engagement throughout. This gives you the value of the energy you will be injecting in the pedals.

You also need to know how strong a rear hub is? To what extent can it sustain force?. How do you know about this?The materials used to make it. I would rather go for a steel or diamond made rear hub than an aluminum made hub which may start forming irregular shapes that would otherwise interfere with the smooth movement of my wheels.

The Hadley’s bike gives you the best experience when it comes to a rear hub. It is hard, it is easy to rebuild, and it is easily convertible and a very fast engagement. One thing you will have to forget about when you buy this bike is the problem of weak and un lubed bearings that accidentally falls off during riding which can be catastrophic.

Hub Front

Just as the rear hub, the front hub remains to be one of those components that will greatly determine your riding experience. Needless to say, the weight of your control wheel should be as little as possible and therefore it would be more profitable to buy a bike with a light front hub.

Compatibility with your rims is one other important aspect that you need to check on. Your front hub should be able to fit well with your rim at all times, that is if your riding experience means a thing to you.

Durability also comes in here’s and as a matter of fact you would want to have minimal interruptions for replacements of your from hub so check keenly on that before you purchase a single speed bike.


The overall performance of your bike can be attributed to the bike chain. So its either you have a good bike or you are just struggling with yourcycling. It is perhaps the engine of the bike. When it comes to this aspect, watch out for several things:

  • One is the chains compatibility with your rear and front cassette. It would otherwise be awful if you bought a bike that the teeth on the chain is not inconsistent with both the rear and the frontcassettes. Why do I say this? Particularly because there are certain bikes in the market currently that the width of the teeth is either too wide or too narrow for the cassettes. In either cases,such problems as skipping and inconsistence of the teeth would make you riding experience agonizing and tiring.
  • A chain that gives you an opportunity to service it is desirable. For much then the opposite. A good chain gives you a chance of removing it and cleaning it at the verymost minimum energy. Bikes from the Wipperman manufacturer gives you the ability to remove and re use quite easier than the SRAM chains. However the SRAMs ability to be reusable makes it worth noticing and given a greater preference. Asuper link model is the best chain when servicing and maintenance is concerned. It gives you a replaceable,reusable and a compatible chain that you won’t need to be installing other new chains once you have removed the older chain for maintenance.


The choice of bike pedals that you make depends on several factors among them the kind of biking you want to do. Are you doing mountain biking or just road biking. Whatever answer you give decides what kind of pedals you would need. There are several types of pedals that are worth noticing. This would give you a wide variety to choose from.

Platform bike pedals:

  • If you recall the kind of a bike pedal you had when you were a kid then this is one kind of it. It has a flat platform that gives you a stable and a clip less surface. There have been improvements lately that makes the pedal light, more comfortable with pins on top of its surface to eliminate slipperiness that we used to suffer long ago.
  • Downhill mountain climbing best employs this kind of pedal as it provides the required grip and control when descending. The fact that it is clip less also allows you to escape a crash now that you can support yourself with your legs.
  • The other kind of pedal is a clipped pedal. What I mean by the word clipped pedal is a type of shoe that the sole of your shoe is attached to the plastic or the metal pad of the pedal. This is the best kind of pedals when it comes to fast riding. It gives you a firm control over your bike as much as you may be speeding and you can be assured that you won’t bounce off the pedal even with the highest bump in town. It requires abit of practice to learn how to pedal when your legs are attached to the pedal but since you are done then you are good to go.


Rims plays an important role on the quality of the ride you will have. Apparently many people would least consider the type of rim they would want for their bikes. Several things should be noted when looking for a good rim.

  • Rim Shape
  • How the wheel of your ride will move depends squarely on your rims. If you have a stiff rim, you will have an easier time riding around. A tall triangular rim will give you the hardest time as it is more rigid and this is such a bad idea for you. You better go for a stiff rim which will make you feel the grip on the road than a rim that will consume your calories for a greater value.
  • The weight of the rims matter quite a lot too. Don’t overlook it! Several material are used to make rims so this explains the difference in different bikes. What you need to put into consideration here is the weight of the rim. A light rim made of aluminum is much preferred. As it would be firm, steady and maintain a good tension on the rim cables as well.


The ride quality, reliability, durability ease of pedaling are the main considerations that you would consider before purchasing a bike. A clear line can be drawn from the tubular wheel and the tubeless wheel. How different are they and how can either of them serve you.

A tubeless wheel gives you all that advantage. A tubeless wheel means that you won’t have any additional tube inside your wheel. What you will have is a wheel that the rim and the tire is strongly fitted to provide an airtight seal. This time gives you an added advantage of running on low pressure and also gives a smoother ride. The tubeless tire also offers less rolling resistance as there is no tube inside it. It also takes along that it can carry more tube inside as a storage for any emergency that might occur during your cross country competitions as a rider. It is also a little more comfortable and firm.


This is a hot topic discussion I must accept! What you need to know as a matter of fact is that the static weight of a bike doesn’t really matter. What counts mostly is how well spread is your weight on the bike?

Now depending on your cycling preference, a mountain racer would require a much lighter bike compared to normal road racer. This gives you the ability to cycle fast and use your weight to accelerate on your way down. It happens that many people would prefer a light bike maybe when considering that moment where you want to carry it you upstairs room what would you do if you had to carry a 25kg bike? Don’t think of it.It is traumatizing.

On the other hand the people who want to cut on calories prefer heavy bikes as it acts as an exercise in a way which they need. So the weight of a bike really depends on individual preferences.

Time to Deciding

Single speed bikes are cheap cost of buying and maintenance, it's simplicity, the ability of it to fit any terrain at any given time, it's adjustability, it give you a great cycling experience.

I have provided for you all necessary information to find the best single speed bikes and i also recommended top 10 best for you. What remains of you to do is very simple. Choosing one of them.

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