Takara Kabuto Single Speed Road Bike Reviews

Are you looking for a bike that is stylish, comfortable and affordable? The bike that can be ridden in the streets and on rough terrains and still manage to give you the time of your life? Well, if the answer to those questions is a yes, then we have exactly what you’re looking for Takara kabuto single speed road bike. Takara bikes have always left us awe struck with their brilliant designs and simple to ride bikes. This time, they have come with another amazing single speed bike that will solve all your life’s problems. Read on and find out more about this beast!

How does the Takara kabuto single speed road bike work?

So, what is so special about this bike and how does it work? The bike comes in two very beautiful designs that are soothing to the eyes; yellow with black and green with blue. There are two sizes to choose from; a 54 cm frame and a 57 cm frame. The frame is hand crafted and is built to withstand the most unfavorable conditions out there. The bike is sleek, stylish, strong and robust.

Takara gives a totally new meaning to the word “simplicity”. It’s a single speed bike that comes with a flip flop hub which allows the user to easily interchange between a standard freewheel single speed mode and a fixed gear mode. You can easily ride in your favorite mode with just a click of a switch.

Takara bikes have always been built with keeping the rules of ergonomics in mind so, the overall product has been built to suit the user’s needs in the most efficient way possible.

What are the benefits of using this bike?

Here, are some of the amazing benefits of using this bike:

Easy to setup

As we have already mentioned above that Takara bikes are built with keeping one thing mind; ease of the users. Therefore, this single speed bike is very easy to install or setup. In addition to a detailed user guide, the bike also comes with all the necessary tools required for its assembly. So, users don’t have to search for the parts. It usually comes assembled and the user only needs to tweak things a bit and assemble one two remaining components. That’s it. Unlike other bikes, users don’t have to pay bike technicians to help them install the parts. If you follow the guideline properly, then it is a fairly simple procedure. All you need is a handy wrench, some spare time and your bike’s parts and you can set up the whole thing in a matter of seconds even if you have never set up a bike before.


We can’t stress enough on this bike’s reliability and durability. The bike is strong and is designed to withstand any obstacle thrown at its way (Literally!). Many users have complained about the weight of the bike and that is the very reason why the bike is durable and why it outlasts other similar bikes of different brands. The fact that the Takara single speed bike incorporates a number of steel parts in its design is the proof of its durability. The steel parts that have been tightly welded do add to the overall weight of the bike, but also allows the bike to have such a sturdy frame and an overall reliable option to roam in the city. Unlike other bikes, the Takara bike’s steel frame will not wear and tear any time soon.


The price speaks for itself. Not only the initial cost of the bike is low, but the operational cost is also negligible as compared to other bikes out there. It would be a great idea to invest in Takara bikes, because they will not disappoint you. The cost of assembling the bike, riding the bike and maintaining it is very low and if taken care of, is sometimes zero.

What other to say about it?

Amazon and other websites are full of positive reviews. Many people who have bought this bike have loved it and have recommended it. There are only three complaints that have been issued so far and solutions have also been proposed for fixing them:

Low grade tires

Some users have found the tires to be low grade and not suitable for off road and rough terrain. The bike is perfect for everyday commuting, but if you want to go on rough terrains and you fear the tires are not up to standard, you can always change them with some more sturdy tires.

Weak braking system

People have also complained about weak braking system, but that problem can be easily solved by adjusting the brakes. There is no problem with the brakes, all they need is a little adjustment and the bike is good to go.

Noisy Pedals

This is yet another misconception that has risen only because of poor installation. Some people believe that the pedals make a “clicking” sound every time they are used. The problem is not with the pedals, the problem is with the set up. Just tighten the pedals and everything would be perfect.

What Else is there to Love?

The endless features don’t stop here. If you still want to know more about Takara bikes, then here is a whole list of features to convince you that Takara bikes are what you’re looking for.

The handcrafted steel frame with horizontal dropouts can easily handle the abuse of the city. Alloy cage pedals with toe clips and alloy side pull brakes give you a smooth ride. Yellow Kenda 700 x 32 tires with a rear flip flop hub is used. The tires can easily be changed to match your comfort. Alloy seat collar with loose ball and cone, English threaded bottom brackets and a steel crank are some of the features that are worth it. The bike’s overall weight is 29.5 pounds.

Where to Buy Takara kabuto single speed road bike?

Made up your mind and want to buy it? We would recommend you to buy it online, instead of going through the trouble of visiting different shops and tiring yourself. And what better place can there be than the Amazon itself? You can also see what other customers are buying along with Takara bikes and you can order that additional stuff for yourself too. Check price at Amazon.com

Where Can I Read More Reviews

If you want to read more user reviews, we will recommend you to read the reviews on Amazon. The reviews are real, authentic and can help you out. You can even ask questions there and other users will help you out.


To put it in a nutshell, the Takara kabuto single speed road bike is amazing if you want to invest your money somewhere you won’t regret. The bike is worth more than its initial cost. Yes, there are certain complaints registered, but people have found out their fix. We think that overall it’s a great bike that comes at a very cheap cost.

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